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Finding Your Joyful Heart: A Method to Mitigate Chronic Pain

Finding Your Joyful Heart: A Method to Mitigate Chronic PainBy Dr. Wayne Phimister Dr. Wayne Phimister discusses how by focusing on your joyful heart, whether it’s expression to someone else, affirmation in your head, or writing in a joyful journal, can help with chronic pain. Phimister urges educators of chronic pain to remind patients that the heart […]

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WHAT IS DNA LIGHT UP? – the sense and the science behind it.By Melanie Pledger An experiential coaching system that makes a profound difference in just three simple sessions? That’s a big claim to make! So exactly how does DNA Light Up make such a lasting difference in such a short space of time? And with the […]

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Learn how Ancestral Healing can change your life

Learn How Ancestral Healing Can Change Your LifeBy Heather PrinceDo you feel under pressure to find a partner?Society, family and friends set expectations on us to follow certain patterns. Meet someone by a certain age, marry and have children.But what if this doesn’t happen for you?In the case of Hazel, the pressure to find a […]

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Unrecognized Grief

Unrecognized Grief: its impact on our life and the solution for itBy Birgitte TanIn the video interview (shared below) with Sara Jane from Gift of Healing TV, Dr. Birgitte Tan explains that grief is not just something that we experience when faced with “The Three D’s: Death, Divorce, and Dire Diagnosis.” Grief is actually defined […]

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Whose Responsibility is it?

Whose Responsibility is it?Your Life, Your Health, Your SuccessThe Universe Responds to the Energies You put outBy Sara Jane What were you thinking as you read the title and then sub-titles of this article? Where did your thoughts take you? Who do you think is responsible for your life, health & success? What energies about yourself are you putting […]

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Life is a Rainbow ~ Value Your Story

Life is a Rainbow ~ Value Your Story By Sara Jane On 4th January 2017 I interviewed Janine Savient, one of the founders of The Global Rising Summit, about the summit and how it had come about. While she was sharing a little of her story (something I ask all my guests to do), Janine […]

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Healthy Tips & Hints

Healthy Tips & Hints  On 20th July Sara Jane was joined by Jo Ann Rotermund, Patricia Iris Kerins & Richard Ellis for a serious but fun share of healthy tips and hints. A few of them are mentioned below along with some we didn’t have time for and at the foot of this blog you […]

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Awaken the Rainbow Within

The colours of the Rainbow, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.The colours of your Chakras, your 7 main energy centres:​ Crown Chakra – Violet​Third Eye – Indigo​Throat Chakra – Blue​​Heart Chakra – Green and Pink​Solar Plexus – Yellow​Sacral Plexus – OrangeBase Chakra – Red Your Base Chakra, situated at the base of your […]

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