Life is a Rainbow ~ Value Your Story

By Sara Jane

On 4th January 2017 I interviewed Janine Savient, one of the founders of The Global Rising Summit, about the summit and how it had come about.

While she was sharing a little of her story (something I ask all my guests to do), Janine talked about feeling that she didn’t fit into the black and white world but existed in the grey.

Although I listened to all that she said, as soon as she mentioned living in the grey it hit me, if we don’t live in the black and white world, we live in a world full of beautiful colour.

When you no longer feel you fit into the “normal”, you open yourself to so much more; you throw away the box, knock down the walls, throw open the windows and let the light in.

Conforming to the accepted norm, to standards, following the pack, is living in black and white.

When you challenge life, that is when you truly start to live and experience in full colour, all that it has to offer you.

If you aren’t sure about this look at nature, all the different colours – the sunset and sunrise, the blue of the sky, the different shades of blues and greens of the sea, lakes and rivers, the varying greens of grasses and leaves, all the colours of the flowers and don’t forget the Rainbow.

Look at all the different shapes and sizes, everything is different, unique, it doesn’t conform to a standard (unless it is messed with by man).

Start to see your life in colour, both past and present, opening into a myriad of colours in the future.

Your story, your life is not black and white; there are many things that in your younger years, you were unaware of or didn’t understand.

Look back on your life with love, with an open mind and an open heart, to all the people that shared those times. To the strength, the learning, the courage, the determination that has resulted from all those experiences; all those things that have made you the amazing being that you are today.

If you are still uncertain of the value of your story, check out The Global Rising Summit:

You can also watch our Gift of Healing TV program “The Value of Your Story” in which Patricia Iris Kerins and Sheelagh Maria join me to share for you (see below).

Since I stepped away from the black and white world, so much has become clearer, life has taken on new meaning and my healing journey although tough at times has helped me to love the whole of my life, everything that has happened to me and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I love living the Rainbow and I hope you find your own

Love, Peace & Light Sweet Souls

Sara Jane

Copyright © Sara Jane 2017

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