WHAT IS DNA LIGHT UP? - the sense and the science behind it.

By Melanie Pledger

An experiential coaching system that makes a profound difference in just three simple sessions? That’s a big claim to make!

So exactly how does DNA Light Up make such a lasting difference in such a short space of time? And with the current and growing challenges to mental health and wellbeing, what kind of a difference does it actually make?

The ‘how’ is all to do with our intelligence centres - our IQ, EQ and SQ.

We all know about IQ - the measure of our mental capabilities, our brain intelligence. We also know that all that stuff that goes on in our heads - analysis, comparison, measurement, process, procedure … thinking, which can quickly turn into over-thinking.

Most people have also heard of EQ - our emotional intelligence. Empathy, connection, engagement with others ... feeling, which can be a source of suffering as much as of joy.

And then there’s SQ - the part of us that’s so often overlooked or ignored. Our whole-being intelligence, centred in our very core - what people call gut instinct, intuition, an inner nudge, that sensing of people and situations that goes beyond logic … knowing.

This is our central powerhouse, the source from which we access our creativity, imagination and confidence. When we consciously engage with this, all of our other capabilities automatically increase.

Most personal development focuses on IQ and EQ - optimising our mindset, purifying our heart set. DNA Light Up helps us reconnect and communicate with our SQ, as easily and reliably as we already do with our other senses - touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell.

Light Up harnesses the absolute knowing that we all have the answers within - and helps us to remember how simply and easily we can access them. It nudges us to remember that we are enough - always have been, always will be. It shows us how to tune into our intuition, our imagination, our inner knowing ... gently guiding us back to the essence of who we are, to that place of deep wisdom within that has the solutions we’ve been seeking outside of ourselves. It reignites our inner spark!

And as a result, self doubt gives way to certainty and an inner confidence. Stress makes room for a sense of grounded resilience and strength. Anxiety turns into optimism and peace.

And this all happens quickly and easily, over three key stages (delivered via videolink). Three sessions over three days. A 12-week follow-up programme delivered via email. And an ever expanding support network, an active online community and on-going connection with the team.

For millennia people have talked of our untapped human potential and acknowledged intuition as our super-intelligence. Yoga talks about connecting with our central point of power. There’s new research exploring the gut as our ‘second brain’. The conversation is building. DNA Light Up simply provides a very practical ‘how’. The programme guides everyone, whatever their age, background, experience or beliefs, to make sense of each step, in their own way, for use in their own world.

The tools are practical, reliable, useful and measurable.
The methodology is quick, easy, playful and profound.
The results are immediate - and the effects are long-term and lasting.
The possibilities to grow and develop are limitless.

Light Up - whole being intelligence - whole connection - for your whole life.

Melanie Pledger is the founder of DNA Light Up which was born in 2009, during the toughest time of her life.!

For the previous ten years, Melanie been running a very successful training company, coaching leaders and their teams to break through limiting beliefs and be the very best they could be, as individuals and as teams.

Now her life was in tatters and even though she didn’t realise it, everything (yes everything) was about to change forever.

Melanie has shared her story in her autobiography I’m Still Standing.

Bringing DNA Light Up to life has also been (still is) very much about bringing herself back to life. It’s been about shedding the armour. Becoming naked. Embracing curiosity. Revelling in vulnerability. And it’s a ruthlessly constant and wonderfully rewarding journey.

Today she is more at peace with herself and the world around her than ever before.

 You can Learn more about Melanie and her work HERE

Watch Melanie's Interview from 2016 in the video above, although a lot has changed since then, if this resonates with you and you feel drawn to connect with her, know that it is perfect timing for you

Intuition & SQ: Whole Being Intelligence with Melanie Pledger & Sara Jane

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