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Monday 1st June

Day 1: Dangers of 5G to Children’s Health, How Wireless Causes Harm (Part 1), Extensive Biological Effects of EMFs & 5G, Science on 5G & Wireless Radiation,Critical Disruption of Mitochondria by EMFs, Harmful Effects of 5G & Wireless

Tuesday 2nd June

Episode 1: The Root Cause Of All Disease - How To Rise Above Stress, Anxiety and Mood Illnesses

Discover How To Create A Safe, Grounded Space Through Conscious Breathwork

Day 2: 5G: The Agenda for Total Control, Implications of Surveillance Capitalism, Addicted Society: Tech Addiction & 5G, 5G & the War on Consciousness, 5G & the Spiritual Crisis of Humanity, 5G & Total Global Surveillance

Wednesday 3rd June

Life Mastery TV ~ 10am PDT - 1pm EDT - 6pm BST

“As you sow in your subconscious mind, so shall you reap in your body and environment.” ― Joseph Murphy

Much has been written about the amazing power of the subconscious mind. A lot of it can be traced back to Carl Jung, who referred to it as the unconscious. Jung has also been instrumental in formalizing our understanding of Shadow; in fact he famously claimed that the entire unconscious was effectively Shadow.

In this episode of Life Mastery TV, David is joined by certified holistic healing practitioner, Tom Heintz, to share his expertise and wisdom about the subconscious and to inspire us to uncover unseen answers that will help us shift into lives of abundance.

Here are some of the things we will be talking about:

  • Emotion & Body Code
  • The 5½ Parts of You
  • Frequencies 101
  • The Happiness Factor

To sign up for this webinar, click on the link below and scroll down to find the Big Green "Register Now" button

Gift of Healing TV ~ Meditation - 7.30pm BST

Meditation: Soul Connection

Sara guides you in a Meditation to connect with your Soul, the source of Love and who you are.

Sara hopes that you will join her for this relaxing and empowering meditation and suggests that you are able to make yourself comfortable, lying or sitting down.

That you will be undisturbed and that you have some gentle music of your choice playing in the background.

There is also likely to be a Soul Wisdom Message towards the end of the meditation.

Episode 2: Immunity 101: Strengthening Your Body’s Defense & Rooting Out Hidden Infections

Shamanic Practices to Restore Emotional and Physical Balance & Wellbeing in Times of Chaos

Day 3: Best Protection From EMFs & 5G, Safeguarding Your Home from 5G & EMF, Eliminating Dirty Electricity in Your Home, PEMF Technologies for Healing, Solutions for a Toxic Agenda,  “Smart” Meters & Their Hidden Agenda

Thursday 4th June

Day 4: Local Government & Community Actions, Science About Wireless & 5G Complete Regulatory Failure of 5G, Regional Governments Standing Against 5G, Detoxing & Happiness!,  “Clear Evidence of Cancer:" The $30M NTP Study

Episode 3: How To Restore & Protect Your Brain

Friday 5th June

Episode 4: Gut Health & How To Balance Your Microbiome, Reduce Inflammation, Heal Digestive Issues & Overcome Autoimmune Disorders

Day 5: How 5G Sites are Being Blocked & Removed (Part 1), Emergence of New Energy Technologies, Discerning / Dissolving "Social Engineering" Traps, 5G vs. Your Inner Authority, The Inner Challenge of 5G, Changing the World with Inner Resources

Saturday 6th June

Episode 5: Healing Emotional & Physical Trauma

Experience How Energy Medicine Yoga Heals, Calms, And Nurtures You

Day 6: Root Cause of Chronic Disease Epidemics, 5 Most Critical Areas of Harm (Part 2), Wireless Radiation in Autoimmunity, Effects of Wireless on the Human Biofield, Informed Consent: Who Owns Your Body?, EMF & New-Paradigm Physics

Sunday 7th June

Episode 6: Solutions For Heart & Blood Disorders

Day 7: The Legal Action Process (Part 2), Communities Using Fiber Optics Instead of 5G, Protecting Our Children, Keys in the Fight for Justice, Unlocking Hidden Potential of the 5G Crisis, Building Local Community to Resist 5G

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