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Friday 16th April

DAY 5: Why Women Need Progesterone to Sleep - Healing Fibromyalgia, Low Moods & IBS - Sleep Secrets for Women with PCOS - Sleep Solutions for Endometriosis - Sleep for Women with PCOS, PMS & Fatigue

Saturday 17th April

DAY 6: Simple Steps to Reset Your Body Clock - How Sleep Affects Performance & Relationships - Are You Wired for Sleep Deprivation?

Sunday 18th April

DAY 7: Is Your Mattress Keeping You Awake at Night? - Impact of EMFs on Your Sleep - How Inhaling Toxic Chemicals Disrupts Sleep

Wednesday 21st April

Gift of Healing TV ~ 7.30pm BST - 11.30am PDT - 2.30pm EDT

Celebrations: What Are You Celebrating Every Day?

We all love a good celebration but are we celebrating everything that we can? Just think how much more fun life would be if you celebrated even more things that are going on in our lives and around us.

Sara Jane is joined by David McLeod, Enolia, Jaki, King, Junie Moon & Sara Troy for an enlightening and light-hearted conversation.

Sara Jane

Sara Troy


Junie Moon

David McLeod

Jaki King

As someone once said to me “you never know when you are being lucky”

They will be taking a deep dive into life, all the things that happen and are going on around us, opening up our hearts and minds to the beauty, even in those things that can appear difficult initially.

Sara Jane ~ We are a gift to the world, when we unwrap ourselves we can bring that gift out into the open, touching the lives we are here to touch

Junie Moon Schreiber ~ "When you embrace all of yourself- shadow and light- you will celebrate life beyond your wildest dreams

Sara Troy ~ "Allow the soul to speak to an open heart to lift your spirit and direct your mind."

David McLeod ~ Life in its infinite variety is worthy of honor & celebration! But in your enthusiasm about life, don’t forget to honor & celebrate the magnificent wonder of who you are, for you too are a unique expression of life.

Enolia ~ Celebration of life means freedom of my thoughts, keeping my health and my connection to source

Jaki King ~ Celebration is a choice, a feeling, an experience - there can be a freedom in celebration, there can be joy or even sadness in celebration, we are all individuals and how we experience celebration and the things we want to celebrate are personal to each of us in a unique way.

Our Shows

We share a weekly show and welcome Guests to join us on our live & interactive program, to share at least one of the following:

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  • An Exercise which will include things like fitness, yoga, mental agility and much more
  • An Interactive Panel Discussion on Health, Healing & Your Questions  
  • Inspiration

We invite & encourage you to join in and experience as much as possible from each program, therefore we ask all our guests where possible, to demonstrate their technique.

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* Junie Moon Schreiber
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, transformational shadow work coach
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