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Thursday 8th June

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Todays Conversation

The Importance of Your Story

Guest Cindy Marie
Time:     PDT – 13.30pm     ~     EDT – 2.30pm     ~     GMT – 7.30pm

We often hear people say, “leave your past in the past”, “let go of your story” and other such sayings. To be able to “let go”, for many of us, it is also important to acknowledge our past, even reconnect with our inner child so that they feel heard, loved and can heal.

You may have heard people say “children are resilient” but are they or do they just bury what they don’t know how to deal with and is it not why so many of us feel drawn to heal our younger self. For many of us this is known as our “healing journey” and it is not only a gift to ourselves but when we share it, it can be a gift to others, and can support us to become more resilient as adults.

In this episode Cindy Marie joins Sara Jane to explore ways your story can not only support you but others as well. If you have questions to ask, experiences to share or you would just like to learn more, join them live and you can share in the live chat.

Thursday 15th June

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Wednesday 21st June

Gift of Healing TV

How To Use Your Human Design To Express Your Life Purpose

with Guest Nicky Mendham
Time:     PDT – 11.30am     ~     EDT – 2.30pm     ~     BST – 7.30pm

You are invited to join Nicky Mendham, Human Design Specialist, to discover the power of the unique Self.


Human Design teaches you how and where to direct your energy in all aspects of your life according to your energetic blueprint. 


You will learn how Human Design can help you in your relationships, parenting, business and self-development. Discover how to make powerful decisions based on your energetic blueprint; how to guide your energy to find a more peaceful state of being; and how you can use your unique expression to live out your life purpose.  


Intrigued? ~ Register for her program NOW and experience it for yourself.

Thursday 22nd June

Starts Monday 26th June

Wednesday 28th June

Todays Conversation

Shamanic Healing

Guest Ali Taylor
Time:     PDT – 13.30pm     ~     EDT – 2.30pm     ~     GMT – 7.30pm

Shamanism is the oldest and most prolific body & mind healing system known to humanity. Archaeological and ethnological evidence suggests that shamanic methods are at least twenty or thirty thousand years old, possibly older. That this ancient healing system – which operates in harmony with the natural world and with the true nature of human beings – is still flourishing today, is testament to its efficacy and necessity. And in the unfolding and increasing chaos of these current times, feels more relevant and more needed than ever.

Ali Taylor of Rainbow Warrior Wellbeing joins the Today’s Conversation Team to share and discuss Shamanism, how it can improve your mental & physical health and wellbeing.

Learn about various elements of a Shamanic healing, such as shamanic drum journey, soul retrieval, sound healing, feather & stone and more.

If you have questions to ask, experiences to share or you would just like to learn more, join the team live and you can share in the live chat.

Saturday 1st July

Wednesday 12th July

Todays Conversation


Guest Jack Miller
Time:     PDT – 13.30pm     ~     EDT – 2.30pm     ~     GMT – 7.30pm

Holiness to me (Jack) means living with a pure heart as Christ Jesus exemplified. It also means a retention of our innocence which we seem to dismiss, throw away or hide as we move along in life.

In addition, it means a committed devotion to serving God from the inside-out for the highest good of one and all with a deep humility and reverence. As well, to praise and honour God through our divine thoughts, words, deeds and actions thus glorifying His Name.  

And to assist God in bringing us all back to our Home to Heaven, our Source within, through ministering to the hurt, wounded, traumatized, pained, broken and lost hearts and souls, helping them to return to their own wholeness, joy and Oneness.

Join Jack & the Today’s Conversation Team to learn more about the meaning of Holiness.

59 Responses

  1. Hi Sara and Gisa another fab webinar. Ho’oponopono is awesome been in my spiritual tool box for a few years now. I have shared it with my clients, family and friends, yes amazing results for many. I love the story and simplicity of Ho’oponopono, I have the book also Zero Limits, fully recommend it too.

    Gisa thank you for reminding me and sharing your experience’s as it surely is POWERFUL. I LOVE YOU ! I AM SORRY ! PLEASE FORGIVE ME ! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!

    Many blessings
    Dawn xx

    1. Hi Dawn
      Thank you as always for your wonderful feedback and support. You, people like you and those just starting their journey are exactly why we are here doing this and sharing.
      I am so pleased the program serves as a reminder, we all need that sometimes.
      Love, Peace & Light Sweet Soul

  2. My thoughts on last weeks webinar with Caroline Carr. Hi Caroline it was great listening to your practical ways and understanding of depression, which will be very helpful to many. Depression I feel has different levels, especially when sometimes you may hear someone say I am feeling depressed, and it could be that they were having maybe a down day for whatever reason. So there are definetly those levels to how people perceive depression. A word that labels so much I feel. I loved your own personal story and again will help others cope with their own situations.

    Love and Joy

    1. Hi Dawn
      Thank you as always for your support and feedback.
      To me you have raised a valid point here and what Caroline shares, to me, could be very helpful to those who are having a down day or week or even month but aren’t classed as having depression.
      What we concentrate on is what we get more of, so if you are feeling down and give your thoughts over to that, that is what you get but if you follow Caroline’s tips your thoughts go to the fun and positive bringing more of that into your life.
      Well raised
      Love, Peace & Light

  3. This is an in depth discussion and on going in my understanding of our well being.Having been a Premenstrual Syndrome sufferer I experienced most symptoms talked about. Without all the alternative practioners I was guided to Im sure my story now would have been so so different. The GRATTITUDE I have for homeopaths,nutritionist,sound healing, Reiki,Psychotherapy, Shamanism,meditation, Angels,my Faith and so much more is now my way of life. I am a highly sensitive person and I have learnt also that symptoms are only labels and back to mindset I do not allow myself to take it personally. I AM blessed with huge Trust, Faith and Courage. Keep on honouring yourselves beautiful ladies your doing amazing work

    Many blessings
    Dawn x

    1. Hi Dawn (Our Top Commenter & Friend of Gift of Healing TV)
      Thank you for your shared wisdom. As you have said and was said on the program, there are several conditions that have similar symptoms and yes we do reccommend that people go to the Doctor.
      They however are restricted to treating the symptoms and noy the cause, therefore both working together is really the way we should go, as many, if not all complementary/alternative practises work on the cause not the symptoms.
      Love, Peace & Light

  4. Thank you Sara and Vanessa, similar to yourselves Homeopathy has helped me on my healing journey. It was a Homeopath who at the time helped me and my sanity, with so much hope too, approx. 1990’s. I was a PMS sufferer. PRE MENSTRUAL SYNDROME,so debilating, to the extent that I didnt feel I had a life, just existed. So Homeopathy really did guide me to use Complementary and Alternative medicine.

    1. Hi Dawn
      So pleased you enjoyed the program and Thank you for sharing.
      I think like me you would reccommend folks to try Homoeopathy, it is amazing what it can help people with.
      Love, Peace & Light

  5. I LOVE the violet flame, so thank you once again Karen for the meditation, I so needed it after my day. I felt the love, bliss, peace and relaxation. Thank you again to Saint Germain, Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Michael and all the angels it was beautiful, feel so blessed. As I mentioned I do the Violet Flame Decree most days, a very important tool.

    Blessings to you too Sara, It did freeze after meditation, so thats what I meant about coming out , then back in, thought info would help Maithie. No problem cos that happens occasionally for any of us.

    Look forward to next week.xx

    1. Hi Dawn
      It was so lovely that you were able to join us live for the program and I am so pleased that you enjoyed it.
      I know you were a little late so please do visit the replay or YouTube video as Karen shared some brand new information, which she didn’t know till she shared it :) I love live TV.
      Take care, be good to yourself
      Love, Peace & Light

  6. Hi Jaki, bit late with my comment. Thank you for sharing your story. I hear you, I feel you, I admire you and I love you. So inspirational and well done for embracing CHANGE into your life. I love the bit about how becoming so positive does challenge those around us, but like you I can not be anything else. It has become so natural hasnt it and I feel when I get a comment from my family especially, it shows me how far I have come. We would not go back would we. Emotional Baggage Diet has certainly been a huge part of my healing journey. Keep up your wonderful work. God Bless. Dawn Cummins.

    Sara so glad you had your lovely sister on Gift of Healing TV, Thank you.

    1. Hi Dawn
      Thank you for your comments as always and for your continuing support of our programs.
      As you are aware I love our guests to share their story to support everyone out there to realise they are not alone and there are many who do understand from their own experiences.
      Love, Peace & Light Sweet Soul

    2. Hi Dawn,
      Thank you so very much for your lovely words. I agree with you totally about not being able to go back (re being positive). It is a strange thing now – I can talk about and go ‘back into’ those negative times in the past (to share with others hopefully for their benefit) and yet the second I stop talking about them they are no longer with me. They truly are just a lesson that I would not change.
      I love the way that life gives us what we need and sometimes (or maybe a lot of the time) those things are perfect to enable us to be there for others at a point where they need it – does that make sense?
      Much Gratitude to you – wishing you an amazing day – every day – Jaki :)

  7. Thank you Sara for the early webinar with Judy. Again brilliant info.shared.The way I interpret fast EFT or maybe any healing tool that I believe in, is always with intent and keeping it simple. Example.when I teach anything and my clients or students feel overwhelmed that they wont be able to do something, learning symbols etc.I remind them that with their intention all is well. This takes pressure off them allowing them to align to their higher selves and receive the love and wisdom as all techniques are powerful. So this proves it can be simple,fast, effective and yes powerful. Judy thanks for sharing. God bless. Dawn.xx

    1. Hi Dawn
      :) Yes I appreciate it is an early start for us here in the UK and Thank you as always for your continuing support and watching the replay at a more convenient time for you :)
      There is so much we can learn from each other and there is still so much out there to learn ~ Thank you for sharing your wisdom, I love receiving the feed back.
      Love, Peace & Light Sweet Soul

  8. Wow Sara another brilliant interview, Gift of Healing TV is certainly giving so much support and insights into helping people. I feel there is so much that can help everyone on this programme, TUNE in everyone !!! So thank you once again.x

    Carol thank you too, a subject so very close to my heart.I have followed virtually same path as I am a highly sensitive person and my gut really has shown me how I can help myself.As an insight my blood type is A.
    A good part of my life has been debilated by extreme sensitivity. Food mainly, but also energies too. My most recent guidance has been elimanating sugar, because that has been the most destructive toxin/poison making me very poorly. Have to say considering I had a very sweet tooth, I am proud to have mastered it with so much help from the universe. Always work in progress though. It really saddens me about your report of new born babys being born with toxins already in them. You have given so many tips that I relate to and use, so hope others will be too. I salute you Carol for making your life richer and healthier, helping yourself. Sara and I so encourage people who help themselves.


    Dawn xx

    1. Hi Dawn
      Thank you, I love to hear that what we are sharing is useful and beneficial.
      I will let Carol know
      Love, Peace & Light

    2. Hi Dawn,

      Thank you for your feedback, I’m glad you found some of my information helpful :)
      Good on you for cutting out processed sugars – this is where I always suggest people begin when tackling gut health and other related conditions.
      Wheat and dairy are other common food allergens and as a type A blood group you may wish to at least eliminate dairy and monitor your response.
      A good quality probiotic is also very beneficial in this day and age.
      Keep up the good work and I’d love to hear your progress so please keep in touch. I am happy to assist with any queries you have along the way.

      Health and happinees, Carol. X

      PS I agree with you that Sara’s program is a wonderful initiative. Thank you again Sara for inviting me to be a part of it,

    3. I also meant to mention that type A bloods generally do better when limiting their intake of red meat. All the best, Carol

  9. Thank you Carol not ate red meat for long time my awareness of my blood group was 10/15 years ago.l am conscious of dairy at mo. BUT sugar been the most challenging.Again i rarely eat cheese and most times have almond milk. Always work in progress.
    Love and blessings. Dawn xx

  10. Felicity good day to you and thank you so much for this gift. My first bit of magic of the day. I have been asking for guidance regards exercise as this is one area that is missing in my life and daily rituals of maintaining my well-being. Gosh once again I am so blessed, this routine is so going to help me. Thank you for sharing your story of inspiration.

    Love, Light and huge gratitude to you.

    Many blessings
    Dawn xx

    Thank you Sara.xx

    1. Hi Dawn
      Thank you for your on going feed back it is so appreciated, knowing that what we are sharing is beneficial is wonderful.
      I will let Felicity know you have commented.
      Enjoy the rest of the week
      Love, Peace & Light

  11. Hi Dawn

    Thank you so much for your positive feedback and encouraging words. I am so very glad that what we presented today will help fill in the gaps for your fitness and overall healthy lifestyle.
    I am so blessed and honored to of been a part of The Gift of Healing TV today and I am truly so happy that it has been of benefit to you Dawn.

    Peace and Joy be yours
    Infinite love and gratitude

    Felicity Parker xo

    1. Hi Dawn
      So pleased you enjoyed, I’ll pass on to Jessica that you have left a comment
      Thank you as always
      Love, Peace & Light Sweet Soul

  12. Brilliant, thanks Sara and panel. all very relevant. Of course resonate with everything shared. The light bulb moment for me was coming from my heart, saying NO and feeling so empowered, being true to myself and knowing with clarity that I was experiencing the Love of self, feeling so worthy.

    Dawn x

    1. Hi Dawn
      Thank you.
      Even when we know these things it is great to be reminded and when something is said that helps us to put real persepective in to the knowing that we can truly believe it, it is a light bulb moment.
      Love, Peace & Light Sweet Soul

  13. Thank you Susan, a Powerful Story and Message. I hear you, feel you and relate to most of your story. LOVE is the way.

    Love and blessings to you Sara.


    1. Hi Dawn,

      Your welcome Dawn! Thank you for listening to the radio show. I appreciate that you resonated with most of my story. A lot of us have similar stories and can relate. Love truly is the answer and soul of our being. Have a blessed day.

      With love,

  14. Sika Deer, I am feeling very blessed, thank you for your gift of a superb healing journey. I experienced huge expansion,I really felt the healing from the inside out. I felt warmth, tingling, itching, then hot, to journing to my Indian Cherokee camp. Wow amazing, so grateful, it felt good to go home.

    Thank you Sara for having Sika back, very special.

    Love and blessings

    1. Hi Dawn
      Thank you for sharing and I am so pleased you had such a wonderful experience.
      The journeys Sika’s music take you on are so amazing, healing & supportive. I don’t know which tribe but I also felt I went back to Native American roots.
      Love, Peace & Light ~ Sara

    1. Thank you Betty
      I hope you continue to enjoy and please feel free to let me know if there is anything you would like to see us share.
      Love, Peace & Light

  15. Hi Sara that was perfect, thank you. Get well soon Eileen.x. So true meditation is and does teach us to just be, there is no wrong or right way. Allowing ourselves to have time out resting our minds is key to our well being, being kind to ourselves. So as you say Sara meditation can be how you choose it to be.

    Love and blessings
    Dawn xx

    1. Hi Dawn
      Thank you and I will pass your good wishes on to Eileen.
      I love it when the Universe throws you a curved ball, I just had to offer up for their guidence and that was what they bought me, I am so pleased you enjoyed it ~ I have changed the name of the program to “Being” a Meditation if you wish to do it again at some time.
      Thank you for your continuing support
      Love, Peace & Light Sweet Soul

  16. Many blessings to you Dear Pat. We use the word inspirational a lot, BUT the level of inspiration that you emanate is profound to my own experiences and understanding of personal healing. Thank you for sharing, your amazing.

    Love,Joy and Laughter is good medicine. xxxx

    Thank you Sara your input is priceless.

    God bless
    Dawn xx

    1. Hi Dawn
      Thank you so much for your comments and support. I will let Pat know.
      Wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas
      Love, Peace & Light

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  18. Pennie thank you for your powerful share on breathwork and so much more. 100% confirmation that we help thousands, by self healing, helping ourselves, whether we are visible or invisible. If its our life’s work,being in service and making a difference in the world. Many blessimgs. xx

  19. Everyone loves what you guys are up too. This sort of clever work and coverage!

    Keep up the very good works guys I’ve included you guys to my personal blogroll.

    1. Hi Dawn
      Thank you I am so pleased. Good Luck with the move and Happy New Year and New Home
      Love, Peace & Light

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  21. Greetings! I’ve been following you for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Kingwood Texas!
    Just wanted to say keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you Christal
      Please feel free to let me know if there is anything you would like to hear/learn about
      Love, Peace & Light

  22. Glad tto be one of many visitors on this amazing site :

    1. Thank you Terry
      I hope you have found lots to interest you and that you will continue to visit and share this free resource with others
      Love, Peace & Light

  23. Hi Sara and friends,
    This is really a wonderful platform for the exchange of energy.
    This is really helpful to the people.
    I am glad that I am here with you.
    Best wishes to all of you.
    Warm regards,

    1. Thank you Ashish
      I hope you continue to enjoy experiencing what we share
      Love, Peace & Light

  24. Sara,
    What you are doing is exestencial, its the demand of time ever,existence is happy to be a flower like you, you spread the fragrance of all over and enlighten millions.

    1. Thank Adepu
      Sharing is very important to me, after all “The more we share, the more we care, the more Love there is in the World” and Love is the greatest healer.
      Love, Peace & light Sweet Soul

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