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Tuesday 7th December

DAY 1: Counteracting EMF Toxicity With Peptides / Hack Your DNA To Slow Down Aging / Unlock Your Code To Thrive - The Epigentics Of Longevity / Research In Neurodegenerative Diseases, Senolytics & Aging, 3-5 Neurohacking Go-Tos To Slow Down The Aging Process / Combatting The Effects Of Stress & Intense Physical Activity: How Peptides Can Help Keep Your Body In Peak Condition / Peptide Therapy For Mitochondrial Health, Energy, Body Composition & Immunity / How To Provide Custom Private Label Supplements To Your Patients (For Practitioners)

Episode 6: The Microbiome Solution: Thyroid, Obesity, And Diabetes

DAY 2: Environmental Toxic Overwhelm / 4 Ways to Charge Up Energy / Recover from Mold Illness / Root Cause of Illness / 5 Causes of Chronic Illness

Wednesday 8th December

Gift of Healing TV ~ 11.30am PST - 2.30pm EST - 7.30pm GMT 

My Spiritual Journey, Onward & Upward: Pyramid Healing & ME Guy Taylor

Guy Taylor joins Sara Jane for this episode of Gift of Healing TV

I’ve just had my first encounter with an Etheric Crystal Weaver… WOW!!!

This was the start of another amazing journey for me. Firstly Learning how to use a Weaver courtesy of one our family dogs “Barney” a Labrador/Rottweiler.

I was so amazed by the working of the Etheric Crystal Weaver that I had bought, I got in touch with where they came from well the UK arm of it.

I visited them in early 2009 solely to find out more about the weavers. On arriving I was lead to a room of meditation and there it was, again… WOW. A Pyramid frame structure big enough to lie in.

I jumped at the chance to try it out. In it for an hour, it was an experience I will NEVER forget. My whole body felt like it had gone through a complete rejuvenation Spiritually, Physically, Mentally and Emotionally.
For me a white light SO bright it would make our Sun look like candle power.

I believe the Pyramid rebalances you, realigns you, recalibrates you and acts like a portal for your soul to reconnect to the Universe.

DAY 3: Dietary Approaches for Chronic Illness / Exploring Terrain Theory / Invisible Chronic Illness / Gut Health & Immunity / Microbiome Control of Immune Response

DAY 2: Peptide Introduction / Unlock Your Code To Thrive - The Epigentics Of Longevity / When Your Gut Is Killing You: The Danger Of Non-Digestive Symptoms In Patients With GI Disorders / Using Peptides To Help Master Love, Sex & Intimacy / Peptides To Combat Stress & Overwhelm / Peptides To Combat Stress & Overwhelm / Cell Yourself – Finding The Root Cause Of Illness And Options For Treatment

Episode 7: The Microbiome Solution: Cancer, Immunity, And Heart Disease  

Thursday 9th December

DAY 3: Peptides 101 / The Underpinnings Of Aging & What To Do About It / When It Sucks To Be A Woman: The Treatment Of Pelvic Problems, Incontinence & Other Taboo Topics / Can Peptides Be Utilized To Combat Viruses? / A Journey Through Inflammatory Illness / Creating A New You: The Use Of Peptides, Hormones & Regenerative Medicine Techniques To Look Your Best For Life Without Surgery / Peptides & Neurohacking / Secrets To Fatigue, Brain Fog, Mood Disorders & Pain

DAY 4: EMFs & Chronic Illness / Essential Oils for Vibrational Healing / Interference Fields / Our Natural World: Microbes / Common Infections

Episode 8: Ancient Wisdom & Modern Technology: The Keys To Personalized, Individualized, Made-For-You

Friday 10th December

Today's Conversation ~ ​8am GMT - 9am WAT - 6pm AEST

Defining My Sovereign Self

Kadee Hollis joins Enolia & Sara Jane for this episode of Today’s Conversation as they talk about Defining My Sovereign Self

They share how to navigate stepping into your own personal power.

By discovering and defining her personal values Kadee now has the supreme power and authority required to make everyday choices with clarity.

When we learn to make choices that are in line with our core values, we will feel less friction and resistance and are met with ease and fullness of heart.

You can join them for the live program to ask questions and share your thoughts in the live chat.

Happy??? Holiday: Tips for Thriving through Holiday Grief

Friday 10th December~ 12.30pm PST – 8.30pm GMT

Holidays. Supposedly the merriest time but if you have had a loss, whether tangible or intangible, recent or long ago, holidays might an even more painful time.

In this Free Workshop, you will learn effective tips and tools to navigate & THRIVE through holiday grief and beyond using simple, practical the 5-Fingers Method.

You'll have a better understanding of hidden grief, tangible and intangible loss (i.e., memory loss of a loved one), and how to easier move through your grief or help someone move through it.

Please Register Here

DAY 5: Psychoenergetics of Illness / Role of Adrenals in Chronic Illness / Lyme Disease: Diagnosis & Treatment / What's Keeping You Sick? / Epigenetics: Are You Afraid of Your Genes?

DAY 4: How Peptides Saved My Life / How Hydrogen Gas Affects Peptides / Making The Connection - Looking At Unconventional Patterns To Solve Autoimmune Disorders / The Ultimate Peptide Overview To Help Master Your Health / Making Your Golden Years Sparkle: How To Look & Feel Great After 50 / Combatting Environmental Toxins With Peptides Part 1 / Peptides & Fertility

Episode 9: Healing Yourself: A Bright Future  

Saturday 11th December

DAY 5: Why Doesnt My Doctor Know About Peptide / The Metabolic Code, Drug Induced Microbiome Disruption, Aging & More! / How To Recover From Post-Election Blues / An Intro To Biohacking And Psychedelics / Mitochondrial Peptides: Have We Found The Path To Optimal Health & Longevity? /Innovative Treatments For Autoimmune Thyroid Disorders / Peptides For Optimal Fitness & Athletics / Solutions To Orthopedic & Musculoskeletal Conditions

DAY 6: Red Light & Energy / EECO & Energy Medicine / Trauma & the Immune System / Healing Gratitude / The Brain-Immune-Gut Connection

Discover How The Somatic Pandiculation Technique Reduces Chronic Pain & Tension

Sunday 12th December

DAY 7: Self-Care & Mindset / Restoring Health with Infrared / Improving Results for Chronic Illness / Sound Medicine: A New Frontier / Beyond Energy Medicine

DAY 6: Peptides To Maximize Your Metabolic Code / Biohacking Complex Chronic Illnesses / Living Libido Loca! Supercharge Your Libido At Any Age / Size Matters - The Latest Medical Technologies To Increase Penile Size & Maximize Sexual Enhancement & Healtha / The Brain & Gut Connection / Innovative Cancer Therapies / How To Make A Living (& A Life) As A Functional Medicine Expert

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