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Saturday 9th December

Day 6: Kinship, Honor & Tribe: What Men Can Learn from Wolves - Man Box Culture & the Crisis of Loneliness - Among Men: A Way Forward for the Isolated Man - The Disconnection Between Fathers & Sons - The State of Isolation & Loneliness in Men - Addiction: The Hunger for Real Connection - Slowing Down & Escaping the “Unstoppable” Trap
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Sunday 10th December

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Replay Weekend: All Episodes Free to Watch
Day 7: The Crisis of Rising Anxiety, Stress & Chronic Distraction - The Way of the Evolutionary Man - Mid-Life Crisis: A Call to Adventure & a Time for Sabbatical - Nature & Brothers: From Disconnection to Deep Connection - Awakening Your Aliveness & Desire - The Crisis of Burnout & the Call to Adventure! - The Crisis of Burnout & Stress in Successful Men -The Crisis of Falling Testosterone, Sperm Counts & Virility - Boredom & the Call to Adventure

Upcoming Shows

Starts Tuesday 12th December

Wednesday 13th December

Time:     PST – 11.30am     ~     EST – 2.30pm     ~     GMT – 7.30pm

Join the team and their guest classical singer Nicola Mills who having worked in the opera house system, decided to leave it to sing opera on the streets.

Sharing music and song touches lives on many levels.

It can change people’s lives in so many different ways.

Music and song comes in multiple forms, opera, classical, pop, jazz, blues, country and more.

They can all speak to us in their own unique way, touching mind, body and spirit.

Each will share their thoughts and experiences, and they’d love you to join them and share your thoughts, comments and ask questions in the chat.

Starts Monday 18th December

Wednesday 20th December

Time:     PST – 11.30am     ~     EST – 2.30pm     ~     GMT – 7.30pm

Munay Ki is described as the next step in Human Evolution, codes for the new human, Homo Luminous.

Munay Ki means ‘I Love You’ or ‘Be as thou Art’. They can transform your life to help you manifest and create the life you are destined to be. At One with All.

You will learn how to set up a safe ceremonial space, how to connect to each rite as well as building up a relationship with your inner self, connecting deeply to Earth and to the Galaxy.

Under Sally’s expert guidance you are guided to deeply connect with your chakra’s, your subtle energy centres, where you start to embody a practice of connecting to the authentic you.

No experience required, if you are already experienced in ‘energy’ then this can enhance what you already do.

Register NOW and experience the Munay for yourself.

Wednesday 27th December

Time:     PST – 11.30am     ~     EST – 2.30pm     ~     GMT – 7.30pm

Is it time to challenge yourself?

Is it time to throw away the box of limitation that you live in?

Do you feel it is time to start fully living your life and to experience new and different things?

Join Sara Jane, David Tyrrell, Scott Holmes & their guest David McLeod as they share from their own experiences of living life “safely” and the difference it has made to them when they took their courage by the hand and let themselves live & love their life.

How following their heart, their intuition has supported them to live a happier more fulfilled life.

Join them live for this heart felt conversation and you can ask question and share in the chat.