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Wednesday 24th July

Time:     PDT – 11.30am     ~     EDT – 2.30pm     ~     BST – 7.30pm

Today’s Conversation invites you to the world through the lens of Neurodiversity with our guest, Jaki King. With first-hand experience in harnessing her neurodiverse abilities, Jaki brings a wealth of knowledge on integrating into today’s workforce or taking the bold step into self-employment.

In a society quick to label, we ponder—Is Neurodiversity a term we shun, or should we celebrate our distinctive wiring, recognizing that some of us are indeed wired more differently than others? Each of us bears unique talents, contributing to the rich tapestry of human capability. Normalcy is not one-size-fits-all; it’s a spectrum as diverse as humanity itself.

Join us as Jaki King engages in a heartening dialogue that challenges the status quo, urging us to redefine ‘normal’ and embrace the beautiful complexity that each mind brings to the world. Let’s unravel these questions together and herald in an era where every individual is valued for the distinct gifts they offer.

Are you ready to be part of Today’s Conversation? Tune in and transform your perspective.

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Thursday 25th July

Day 3: Why Can't I Get Pregnant? - Unlock Fertility with Creativity & Maca's Power - Empowering Your Fertility Journey After Cancer - Revitalize Fertility with Autoimmune Health - How To Rewind Your Biological Clock - The Crucial Role of Thyroid Health In Fertility - A Holistic Approach to Conception - The Nine Pillars of Resilience For Fertility

Friday 26th July

Day 4: Understand Miscarriage: Prevention & Care - 5 Things to Improve Your Fertility - Optimize Thyroid Function for Fertility Success - Unlock Fertility Through Nervous System Healing - Unlock The Mysteries of Unexplained Infertility - How EMFs Impact Reproductive Health - Enhance Pregnancy with Fascia & Breathing Techniques

Saturday 27th July

Day 5: Is It Too Late to Have A Baby? - How To Nurture Your Health for Your Child's Future - Empower Your Fertility: The Microbiome Connection - How To Enhance Fertility at Home - How Mental Health Impacts Fertility - Discover Gentle Sleep Training for Happy Family

Sunday 28th July

Day 6: Enhance Egg Quality for Pregnancy Success - Mindset Shifts for Your Dream Birth - Natural Fertility: A Holistic Journey to Motherhood - Optimize Fertility With AI: Smart Reproductive Choices - How To Improve Your Egg Quality - How To Use Femininity for Fertility - Master Menstrual Cycle for Fertility - Daily Self-Care for Enhanced Fertility

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Monday 29th July

Day 7: How to Improve the Quantity Of Your Eggs - Boost Fertility with Ozone & Mitochondrial Therapy - Optimize Your Fertility with Nano-Mineral Technology - Optimize Your Fertility at Any Age - How Emotional Strength & Self-Worth Drive Success

Tuesday 30th July

Wednesday 31st July

Time:     PDT – 11.30am     ~     EDT – 2.30pm     ~     BST – 7.30pm

We all rely on healthy cells for a healthy body, life and feeling well.

In this program David, Joanne, Patricia & Sara Jane are going to be sharing healing vibrations of Sound, supporting your cells to clear what’s ready to go and bring in higher energies to upgrade your cellular structure.

A Cosmic Reboot.

Join them live and you can share your thoughts & questions in the chat or enjoy the replay.

We hope to see you there.

Thursday 1st August

Starts Monday 5th August

Tuesday 6th August

Wednesday 7th August

Time:     BST – 7.30am     ~     AWST – 2.30pm     ~    AEST – 4.30pm

What is QHHT?

How can it support someone to heal on multiple levels as a multidimensional human being?

i.e., inner child, other lives, off planet, as energy frequency beings, tapping into future timelines, galactic lifetimes, understanding a bigger picture view of creation, reconnecting with the light of Source, Connecting to Your Guides and Angels.

She will share some fascinating stories from her client sessions over the last decade.

Wednesday 14th August

Time:     PDT – 11.30am     ~     EDT – 2.30pm     ~     BST – 7.30pm

Homeopathy is a holistic system of health and vitality that uses the energetic profile or “imprint” of a natural resource such as a plant, mineral or animal to stimulate a healing response within the body.

We each have our own unique energy, as do the plants and natural substances around us. Match the profile-imprint of the person, animal or plant that is experiencing dis-ease to a homeopathic remedy with the same energetic profile or imprint and a healing response will occur.

“Like cures Like,” one of the three core principles of Homeopathy reflects this time and time again when working with homeopathy whether it is a person, animal or plant in need of harmony. Homeopathy is truly a universal solution and one that can be used safely to restore balance and increase the vitality of all of us and nature.

Kristina joins the team to share and discuss Homoeopathy, how it works and its benefits. Join them live to learn more, comment and ask questions.

Wednesday 21st August

Time:   PDT – 11.30am     ~     EDT – 2.30pm     ~     BST – 7.30pm

The Sacred Flames are powerful esoteric energies that bring focused, specific, high vibrational healing energy to our planet, powering the Divine Rays. They are the inheritance of mankind, we can all draw upon their power and deploy them for ourselves, others and our beautiful planet. 

Join Angela Orora for insights into the power and potential of working with these energies; learn about some of the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Angelic Collectives that guard and guide them.

Angela will lead a meditation to help you experience the power of The Violet Flame; the most powerful force for transformation, transmutation, illumination and inspiration available to mankind.

Learn about its Patron, The Ascended Master St Germain who guides Angela in her work and experience this powerful frequency for yourself.