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Dhamma & Yoga Practices For All

Insert Image Dhamma & Yoga Practices for All with Dr. Beniram Koche Dr. Beni shared some Yoga practices that we can all do when he joined us for a live program, the link to the video is below.He also shares with us this beautiful presentation about Yoga & Dhamma ~ Enjoy You can watch Dr, […]

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Retreat: “Be In Balance”

Retreat: “Be In Balance”By Cornelle Sterk I know retreating makes sense and I’d like to share my feelings about it: First of all, and very important, you can do this all by yourself. You really don’t have to be an adventurer (star). You go to a beautiful, natural and safe environment, with a fixed program, food, drinks […]

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WHAT IS DNA LIGHT UP? – the sense and the science behind it.By Melanie Pledger An experiential coaching system that makes a profound difference in just three simple sessions? That’s a big claim to make! So exactly how does DNA Light Up make such a lasting difference in such a short space of time? And with the […]

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Accunect SelfCare Energy Healing

Accunect SelfCare Energy HealingBy Sarah Chave I love teaching Self Care! It is a beautiful routine to learn that is effective in improving health and only takes a few minutes to do each day once you know how. It incorporates the organs and their energy pathways from a Chinese Medicine point of view and as the […]

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Learn how Ancestral Healing can change your life

Learn How Ancestral Healing Can Change Your LifeBy Heather PrinceDo you feel under pressure to find a partner?Society, family and friends set expectations on us to follow certain patterns. Meet someone by a certain age, marry and have children.But what if this doesn’t happen for you?In the case of Hazel, the pressure to find a […]

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Unrecognized Grief

Unrecognized Grief: its impact on our life and the solution for itBy Birgitte TanIn the video interview (shared below) with Sara Jane from Gift of Healing TV, Dr. Birgitte Tan explains that grief is not just something that we experience when faced with “The Three D’s: Death, Divorce, and Dire Diagnosis.” Grief is actually defined […]

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