Accunect SelfCare Energy Healing

By Sarah Chave

I love teaching Self Care! It is a beautiful routine to learn that is effective in improving health and only takes a few minutes to do each day once you know how. It incorporates the organs and their energy pathways from a Chinese Medicine point of view and as the meridians span the whole body, we are literally balancing ourselves from head to toe in 3 minutes. Not bad!

After completing the SelfCare class I encourage students to take a 28-day challenge and commit to doing the routine at least once a day during that period. One of the students reported that only a couple of days after taking the class, she was experiencing less pain in her hips. Other participants noticed they were feeling calmer, with improved sleep, increased energy levels and a deeper sense of wellbeing.

One student is seriously impressed at how the routine increases his mobility. He did an experiment one morning when upon trying to touch his toes he was only able to reach halfway down his shins. He did the Selfcare routine and again tried to touch his toes and was able to reach his ankles! He noticed that he was still feeling stiff in his lumbar and hamstrings and so he decided to try the KISS technique, which we also learn during the Selfcare day. It is a technique that can be used in any emergencies big or small, where we focus on the area concerned and then help to encourage the whole brain to focus on this area so that it can heal. So, he focused on the lumbar spine, and rubbed down the hamstrings and would you believe it…fingertips to the floor! He now refuses to leave his bedroom in the mornings until he can touch his toes.

One lady took the class so that she could help her daughter who has eczema. After a month of receiving SelfCare her daughter’s skin is looking much better and she says, “even a few of my friends have noticed the progress.” She wants to continue with the routine for the next few months to really turn her daughters’ condition around. Indeed, this is the beauty of SelfCare that we can be empowered in our own healthcare and support our family on a daily basis.

Another lady forgot to do the routine part way through the challenge and felt upset and overwhelmed for most the day before realizing what she was missing. So, she did it in the evening instead and says that now she cannot get out of bed in the morning without doing SelfCare as “It’s such a lovely way to wake up each day”.

 Someone who has attended a SelfCare class was due to give a presentation when his colleague had a coughing fit. She has apparently had this problem for several years and has seen various practitioners to try and get some relief but with little success. She could barely draw breath let alone give a presentation and so he took her to one side and did the SelfCare routine with her. Within 10 minutes the coughing had completely stopped and when she came to do her presentation later, she spoke for the 30 minutes without coughing.

Sarah Chave has fifteen years clinical experience in energy medicine. She is an Accunect Practitioner, Accunect Self Care Instructor, Associate Instructor Universal Healing Tao and a BodyTalk Practitioner.

Sarah loves empowering others to access their natural healing ability and realize their full potential. She enjoys supporting you on a journey back to health, vitality and living life to the full.

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