Meditations ~ Catch-Up

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Are You a Mystery To Yourself? + a Meditative Exercise

Sara Jane

Message from Grandfather Dragon & a Meditative Exercise

Sara Jane


Sara Jane

Soul Meditation

Sara Jane

Your Connection with the Universe

Sara Jane

Becoming Butterfly

Sara Jane

Connection with Mother Earth & All

Sara Jane

Connecting Your Heart & Soul

Sara Jane

A Meditative Song for Mother Earth

June Laffey

Soul Language Sound Bath

Sara Jane & Enolia

Full Moon Meditation  


Holding Hands Meditation  

Sara Jane 

Life Journey Meditation  

Sara Jane 

Sound Bath & Soul Message for your Life & Body

Sara Jane 

Soul Connection

Sara Jane 

Sound Bath for Your Immune System

Sara Jane  & Jill Mattson

Meet Your Guardian Unicorn

Sara Jane 


Sara Jane 

Healing Pool & Soul Wisdom Message

Sara Jane 

Accepting Self

Sara Jane 

Connecting with Your Intuition

Sara Jane 

Awareness ~ your surroundings & Yourself

Sara Jane 

Back to Source

Sara Jane 

Balance your Yin & Yang 

Sara Jane 

Gateway to Wholeness

Amaliah Grace

“Light Language” Sound Bath

Sara Jane 

Recharge from Within 

Sara Jane 

Sound Bath

Sara Jane 

Heart & Mind Meditation 

Sara Jane 

Meditation to Meet your Higher Self

Sara Jane & Your  Higher Self

Discover Your Wings

Sara Jane & Your  Wings

Connecting with your Younger Self

Sara Jane & Your Younger Self

Meet One of Your Guides & Guardians

Sara Jane, Guides & Guardians

Visit the Crystal Cave at the Heart of Mother Earth

Sara Jane & Crystals

Visit the Mythical Realm & Meet a Mythical Friend 

Sara Jane & Mythical Friends

Meditation to Meet One of Your Animal Guides

Sara Jane & Animal Guides

Meditation to Meet Your Guardian Dragon

Sara Jane & The Dragons

Meditation to Meet One of Your Guardian Angels

Sara Jane & The Angels

Insight into the role of Mary Magdalene + Meditation: Divine Self: Divine Mind: I AM

Maria Brooks

Rainbow Meditation

A Gift from the Universe

Sara Jane

Sound & Movement Meditation

Magdalena Atkinson

"Being" a  Meditation

Sara Jane

Sound Meditation “Connecting you to your Sources of Power”

Sika Deer

FreeFalling a Meditation & Energy Transmission

​Jessica Woods

Mental Weight Loss With Yoga

Swami Mukti

Heal Yourself with the Violet Flame of Transmutation

Karen Jane

Crystal Cleansing & Meditation to connect with your Crystal

Holly Hallowell

Being Tree ~ Shamanic Journeying for Health & Healing

Linda Lang

Beyond Stress - self care in challenging times

Lure Wishes

Elementals Meditation + Learn how to create a Healing Ball

Sara Jane

Rising Sun Meditation

Shamanic Willow & Gregg Chapman.

Meditation to your Healing Pool

Sara Jane

Metaphysical Meditation & Release by Affirmation

Karen Jane

 ”Are You Worthy of Love”

Dawn Cummins

Connecting with the Ancestors a Shamanic Meditation

Shamanic Willow

Vibration Raising Meditation

Karen Jane

Meditation "Love"

Sara Jane

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