Meditations - Catch-Up

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Solstice Meditation

Sara Jane

Finding & Activating Your Hidden Divine Feminine Powers  Meditation

Patricia Iris Kerins

Violet Flame Dragon Meditation

Sara Jane

Toning Sound Bath & Light Language Message

Sara Jane

Meditation: Forest Bathing

Sara Jane

Wrap Your Wings Around The World

Sara Jane

The Golden Sound of Silence

Sara Jane

Thought Provoking Poems & Meditation Session

Sara Jane

Are You a Mystery To Yourself? + a Meditative Exercise

Sara Jane

Message from Grandfather Dragon & a Meditation

Sara Jane

Stepping Stones

Sara Jane

Soul Meditation

Sara Jane

Your Connection with the Universe

Sara Jane

Becoming Butterfly

Sara Jane

Connection with Mother Earth & All

Sara Jane

Connecting Your Heart & Soul

Sara Jane

A Meditative Song for Mother Earth

June Laffey

Soul Language Sound Bath

Sara Jane & Enolia

Full Moon Meditation 


Holding Hands Meditation  

Sara Jane

Life Journey Meditation

Sara Jane

Sound Bath & Soul Message for your Life & Body

Sara Jane

Soul Connection

Sara Jane

Sound Bath for Your Immune System

Sara Jane & Jill Mattson

Meet Your Guardian Unicorn

Sara Jane


Sara Jane

Healing Pool & Soul Wisdom Message

Sara Jane

Accepting Self

Sara Jane

Connecting with Your Intuition

Sara Jane

Awareness ~ your surroundings & Yourself

Sara Jane

Back to Source

Sara Jane

Balance your Yin & Yang 

Sara Jane

Gateway to Wholeness

Amaliah Grace

“Light Language” Sound Bath

Sara Jane

Recharge from Within 

Sara Jane

Sound Bath

Sara Jane

Heart & Mind Meditation 

Sara Jane

Meditation to Meet your Higher Self

Sara Jane & Your  Higher Self

Discover Your Wings

Sara Jane & Your Wings

Connecting with your Younger Self

Sara Jane & Your Younger Self

Meet One of Your Guides & Guardians

Sara Jane, Guides & Guardians

Visit the Crystal Cave at the Heart of Mother Earth

Sara Jane & Crystals

Visit the Mythical Realm & Meet a Mythical Friend 

Sara Jane & Mythical Friends

Meditation to Meet One of Your Animal Guides

Sara Jane & Animal Guides

Meditation to Meet Your Guardian Dragon

Sara Jane & The Dragons

Meditation to Meet One of Your Guardian Angels

Sara Jane & The Angels

Insight into the role of Mary Magdalene + Meditation: Divine Self: Divine Mind: I AM

Maria Brooks

Rainbow Meditation A Gift from the Universe

Sara Jane

Sound & Movement Meditation

Magdalena Atkinson

"Being" a Meditation

Sara Jane

Sound Meditation “Connecting you to your Sources of Power”

Sika Deer

FreeFalling a Meditation & Energy Transmission

Jessica Woods

Mental Weight Loss With Yoga

Swami Mukti

Heal Yourself with the Violet Flame of Transmutation

Karen Jane

Crystal Cleansing & Meditation to connect with your Crystal

Holly Hallowell

Being Tree ~ Shamanic Journeying for Health & Healing

Linda Lang

Beyond Stress - self care in challenging times

Lure Wishes

Elementals Meditation + Learn how to create a Healing Ball

Sara Jane

Rising Sun Meditation

Shamanic Willow & Gregg Chapman

Meditation to your Healing Pool

Sara Jane

Metaphysical Meditation & Release by Affirmation

Karen Jane

 ”Are You Worthy of Love”

Dawn Cummins

Connecting with the Ancestors a Shamanic Meditation

Shamanic Willow

Vibration Raising Meditation

Karen Jane

Meditation "Love"

Sara Jane

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4 Responses

  1. , it’s sunny here, notice the watheer outside of your room. I love when collective consciousness takes over!The meditation was delightful and deep. I felt the absolute stillness of the sturdy bare trees and rolling mounds of snow. The sun was reflecting bright, filling both the outdoor space and my interior with light. All was still. All was light. Perfect.Even the cat joined in!

    1. Hi Robson
      Thank you for sharing.
      I am assuming you did the Shamanic meditation “Being Tree” and I am so pleased you enjoyed it.
      Please feel free to share and also to let us know if there is anything you would like to see us share on our programs.
      Love, Peace & Light

  2. Magdalena that was stunning and so so beautiful. I embraced the true essence of your soul which touched my soul deeply. Thank you I will listen to you again later today and look at your website. Many blessings.

    Dawn xx

    Thank you Sara wasnt that beautiful.xx

    1. Hi Dawn
      Thank you, I will let Magdalena know and Thank you for your continuing support.
      All my guests have so much to offer and that deffinately includes you :)
      Love, Peace & Light Sweet Soul

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