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Changing Health Care for Changing Times

Mary Bolingbrook

Heartwork: How To Get What You Really, REALLY Want

Dale Goldstein

Crave More Life

Dianna Leeder

Weathering Seasons of Storms

Nicole Farrell

Healing Shame, Silence and Invisibility

Gayle Nowak

Transforming Conflict into Deeper Connections

Marisa Ferrera

Laughter Really Is the Best Medicine

Sarah Routman

The Importance of Loving Yourself

Krisztina Konya

Expand Your Horizon With Power Of Powers: The Limitless Healing Science

Vandana & Ajay Sharma

My Spiritual Journey, Onward & Upward: Pyramid Healing & ME

Guy Taylor

Mind-Body Trauma: Destressing the Connections to Find Health & Happiness

Mary Wolken

Learn about Past Life Regression & Energy Healing

Leora Leon

Energy Healing For The Masses - A New Paradigm

Niall Gerrard

What is the Korason Method (for Authentic Voice & Dialogue)?

Hugh Smiley

What are Implants and Portals?

Julia Stubbe

Finding Your Voice

Renee Reisch

Yoga for Peace & Harmony

Dr. Beniram Koche

Pathway To Oneness

Susan Brown

What does it mean to "Share Ancient Wisdom to Enrich People’s Lives


Healing Chronic Pain

Dr. Wayne Phimister

What is Happinezz Energy

Cornelle Sterk

Accunect Energy Medicine: What It Is

Sarah Chave

Unrecognized Grief: its impact on our life and the solution for it

Birgitte Tan

Living Your Intentions - In Joy & Abundance

Brendah Ndebele

Life Mastery Series: Finding Order in Chaos

David McLeod

Self-Healing: Nine Steps into the Wealth of Health

Alexandra Kleeberg

Life Mastery Series: Bringing our Dreams to Reality

David McLeod

Life Mastery Series: The Two Infuriating Questions

David McLeod

Life Mastery Series: The Life Mastery Path

David McLeod

Shadow Work: Reclaiming Your Lost Life Force & Spiritual Sovereignty

Lisa Vunk

Super Conscious Humanity

Dr. Vie

What is Ancestral Healing?

Heather Prince

"I Am An Angelic Walk-in"

Claire Candy Hough

What is Holistic Psychotherapy?

Inga White

How to change learned behaviours with Flower Essences

Dirk Albrodt

How Modern Technology Is Your Answer For Emotional Stress

Balbir Dharar

Holistic Functional Medicine for Women

Bridgit Danner

Introducing the Art of Dowsing for Yourself

Sara Jane

Introducing The Global Rising Summit

Janine Savient

Curing Illness with Integrated Natural Therapy

Darryl D'Souza

1001 Mights – the Power of Self-Healing

Alexandra Kleeberg

Brain-Bliss - Turn On Your Brilliance

Mahalia Michael

Fitness – A Good Health Story

Trevor van de Velde-Smith

Affirmations ~ The Magic of I Am

David McLeod

Vocal Reiki ~ What is it?

Sara Jane

Thoughts are Things

Ada Marie

Life: An Adventure for Your Spirit

Sara Jane

Healing your Animal's Stress issues with Flower Essences

Caroline Thomas

Sound & Sacred Geometry as a Healing Tool

Beverley Iffla

What makes an Effective Healer?

Richard Ellis

What is DeNA Light-Up?

Melanie Pledger

The Amazing Power of Breath

Pennie Quaile-Pearce

The Path to Joyful & Authentic Expression

Pat Armitstead

Freefalling to Freedom

Jessica Woods

How to get your Inner Critic on Your Side!

Junie Moon Schreiber

Sound Healing Throughout the Ages

Jill Mattson

How to Create Loving Relationships

Susan J. D'Amico

Herbs for Spiritual Healing

Heather Eaton

Top Tips for Gut Health

Carol Kretschmer

Stress Management Made Easy using Faster EFT

​Judy Timperon

The Emotional Baggage Diet

Jaki King

Homoeopathy for the 21st Century

Vanessa Honeybourne

Ear & Body Candling

Jili Hamilton

Music to Enlighten

​Jill Mattson

Living with a loved one who’s depressed

Caroline Carr

The Heart of Reiki

Richard Ellis

Let's R.A.P.P (Rise Above Personal Perceptions)

Denika Carothers

The Awesome Healing Power of Forgiveness

Jo Ann Rotermund

The Sound Journey Experience

Sika Deer

The Sound Of Wealth & Freedom

Marguerita Vorobioff

Theta Healing - Intuitive Anatomy Talk

Kimberley Lovell

Benefits of Massage - Techniques & Tools

 Jennifer Barnes-Hill

Healing & The Lords of Melchizedek

Karen Jane

Life Retuning

​Ildiko Scurr

The Chatter Relaxer

Tommy Stoffel

The Metamorphic Technique – Simple & Vast

Marianne Neuhaus

The Energy of Sound Part 2

Sara Jane

The Energy of Sound Part 1

Sara Jane

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    1. Thank you Dawn for watching and sharing with us, I’m really pleased you enjoyed the program
      Love, Peace & Light

  1. Hi Sara, hope your well. I am back, had lots going on, moving etc. BUT so love connecting to Sheelagh Maria, and thank you Sheelagh. I also love working with the Archangels and so grateful to you and Archangel Michael for all the insights, blue flame and his channelled message, PERFECT and I AM so grateful. Looking forward to Archangel Gabriel as she is one of my guardian angels, no coinicidence that my path/purpose is communication/writng/speaking.

    Thanks also to you Sara and this wonderful Gift of Healing TV that you created.

    Love and many blessings
    Dawn xx

    1. Hi Dawn
      Lovely to have you back with us ~ Thank you
      I will make sure Sheelagh knows you have commented.
      Love, Peace & Light Sweet Soul ~ Sara

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