Intuitive Healing Channel

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The Akashic Records. What they are.

Maggie Sarfo

Transformation & Numerology

Suzanne Lane

Earthbody: What is it?

Colette Van Heerden

Introducing Alice Terry, International Psychic Medium

Alice Terry

The Harmony Method

Mandy Horton

Understanding Negative Energies and How They Affect Your Life

Virginia Rounds Griffiths

Meet Our Mythical Friends – Includes a Meditation

Sara Jane

Psychic Energy Healing - Free yourself from 'astral junk'

Alexandra P. Brown

Connecting with Dragons

Sheila Kennedy & Sara Jane

Marci the Multi-dimensional Healer using her high frequency binaural tones

Marci Kosich

What is a Seer?

Ada Marie

The Gift of Clairvoyance

Karen Pryce

'Living your Life Purpose with the Angels"

Sheelagh Maria

"Getting Messages from Your Guides & Angels through Animals Totems"

June Connor