Today's Conversation - Catch-Up

Life is changing all the time and for many this can be very challenging, stressful, draining, even traumatic. In these conversations we are going to talk about these challenges, supporting people to heal their lives, to find greater confidence in themselves, their abilities and find joy & happiness, in a more peaceful world.


Presence without Chatter

Patricia, David & Sara Jane are joined by Tommy Stoffel & Bryan Bernard

Reboot Your Cells & Upgrade Your Life with the Power of Sound

Reboot Your Cells & Upgrade Your Life with the Power of Sound

Journey of the Soul

Sara Jane, Shirley Battie & Bill Kerins

The importance of Re-Connecting back to Nature

Patricia, David Tyrrell & Sara Jane

Cultivating The Soil Of Your Sacred Self

Sara Jane, Nancy Stevens & Patricia

Is there Evidence of Spiritual Evolution?

Patricia Kerins & Sara Jane

Right Around the Corner

Sara Jane, David McLeod, Scott Holmes & Enolia

Serving the Elderly

Enolia, Deborah Crowley & Sara Jane

Healing The Body While Healing From Abuse

Enolia, Lela Greenough & Sara Jane

Are We Ready for a Transformational Era in Education?

Sara Jane, Dr. Shauli Mukherjee & Enolia

Love is an Inside Job

Enolia, Star Thomas-Wyse & Sara Jane

Creating a New Earth, a New Life

Sara Jane, Sarah Chave & Enolia

Creativity: Magic in the Mistakes

Enolia, Jenny Hahn & Sara Jane

Living & Leading Sourced in the New Earth

Sara Jane, Gayle Nowak & Enolia

Life Worth Living: CPR

Enolia, Tammie Watson & Sara Jane

In This NOW: Harnessing Your Power While You Await Your Purpose

Sara Jane, Kristi Borst, PhD & Enolia

Letting Go of the Past

Enolia, Infinity Anahata Love & Sara Jane

Arcturian Affirmations

Sara Jane, Patricia Iris Kerins & Enolia

The Systems of I Am

Enolia, Divesh Sreekeessoon & Sara Jane

Love & Compassion: Moving Toward the Light

Sara Jane, Linda Marsanico & Enolia

Art Is More Than What You See

Enolia, Anna Konya & Sara Jane

Trauma: The Hidden Dragon

Sara Jane, Mary Wolken & Enolia

Spaces To Move Though The Story Of Stress

Enolia, Ivy Barreto & Sara Jane

The New Now ~ Change, Loss & Grief: Coping with a New Normal by Accepting the Truth of The New Now

Enolia, Chaz Wesley & Sara Jane

Overcoming Diminishing Mindset

Enolia & Sara Jane

Connection Between Self-Love & Success

Enolia, Krisztina Konya & Sara Jane

It Is Always Your Choice

Sara Jane & Enolia

Don't Handle Grief Let It Heal

Enolia & Sara Jane

Climbing Out Of The Abyss With A Positive Attitude

Enolia, Anu Nadimpalli & Sara Jane

Forgiveness - A Journey of Courage to a Place of Freedom & Power

Sara Jane, Kellan Fluckiger & Enolia

Defining My Sovereign Self

Enolia, Kadee Hollis & Sara Jane

The Power of Positivity

Sara Jane, Caroline Carr & Enolia

Unleashing the Power of Forgiveness

Enolia, Zaneta Wooden & Sara Jane

Trust Your Intuition

Sara Jane, Mahalia Michael & Enolia

Self-Responsibility: From Powerlessness To Sovereignty

Enolia, Chloe Cordero & Sara Jane

The Shadow Side of Love

Sara Jane, Junie Moon & Enolia

The Power of Making a Decision

Enolia, Patricia Watson & Sara Jane

Working Together: Benefits, Strengths & Weaknesses

Sara Jane, Jaki King & Enolia

Self-Healing: Ignite Our Inner Healing Abilities

Enolia, Ana Marinho & Sara Jane

Transcending Your Pain Into Power

Sara Jane, Denika Carothers & Enolia

Signs You are Dating a Toxic Woman

Enolia, Stefania Puleo & Sara Jane

Empaths & Highly Sensitive People Navigating around an Entrepreneurship World

Sara Jane, Supriya Prasad & Enolia

The Quantum Shift Alignment Party & ‘4 Steps to Freedom

Enolia, Michelle Reinhardt & Sara Jane

Trauma, What Is It? Have you been affected by it?

Sara Jane, Leslie Rowans & Enolia

Another World Awaits- Inviting Hope, Compassion & Possibility in Times of Conflict & Change

Enolia, Ben Caron & Sara Jane

We are all powerful beings. Believe it!

Sara Jane, Sue Stone & Enolia

A Dream Catcher Adventure

Enolia, Sara Jane, Mandy McMillan & Carli Kahl

Grief & Loss: What is it & ways to support you through it?

Sara Jane, Enolia & Dr. Birgitte Tan

We Are Worthy

Enolia, Bukeka Blakemore & Sara Jane

What is Light Language?

Sara Jane, Enolia, Janine Savient & June Laffey

Light Language & More

Sara Jane, Enolia, Chessie Roberts & Julia Stubbe

Listen: Let Yourself Hear 

Enolia & Sara Jane

Open to Who You Are

Enolia & Sara Jane

Allowing the Knowingness

Sara Jane , Enolia & Sara Troy

Supporting & Working with Indigenous Youth

Enolia, Sara Jane & Dr Donna DeGennaro

Befriending Your Shadow Side

Sara Jane, Enolia & David McLeod

What is the Colour of Life?

Enolia, Sara Jane & Satyavani

Exploring Sound as a Vibration

Sara Jane, Enolia & Jill Mattson

Working with the Spiral

Enolia, Linda Tello & Sara Jane

How to Support Others Whilst Being True to Yourself 

Sara Jane & Enolia

Are You Standing in Your truth? Why Life is No Longer an Unconscious Journey

Enolia & Sara Jane

Living Life in the Unknown

Sara Jane & Enolia

​Lifting the Veil: A Personal Journey to Freedom

Enolia & Sara Jane

What is Holding You Back 

Enolia & Sara Jane