Life is changing all the time and for many this can be very challenging, stressful, draining, even traumatic. In these conversations we are going to talk about these challenges, supporting people to heal their lives, to find greater confidence in themselves, their abilities and find joy & happiness, in a more peaceful world.


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Living Life in the Unknown 

What is Holding You Back 

How to Support Others Whilst Being True to Yourself 

Exploring Sound as a Vibration with Guest Jill Mattson

Allowing the Knowingness with Sara Troy

Befriending Your Shadow Side with David McLeod

What is Light Language?  with Guests Janine Savient & June Laffey

Light Language & More with Guests Chessie Roberts & Julia Stubbe

Lifting the Veil: A Personal Journey to Freedom

Are You Standing in Your Truth? Why Life is No Longer an Unconscious Journey

What is the Colour of Life? ~ with Guest Satyavani

Working with the Spiral with guest Linda Tello

Supporting & Working with Indigenous Youth with Dr Donna DeGennaro

Listen: Let Yourself Hear 

Open to Who You Are

A Dream Catcher Adventure with Guests Mandy McMillan & Carli Kahl