Life is changing all the time and for many this can be very challenging, stressful, draining, even traumatic. In these conversations we are going to talk about these challenges, supporting people to heal their lives, to find greater confidence in themselves, their abilities and find joy & happiness, in a more peaceful world.

About Sara Jane & Enolia Your Hosts of Today's Conversation

Sara Jane

Who is Sara Jane?

Sara is 63 years old and has had a varied background before finding Complementary Therapies in 2002.

She has worked in retail to Area Manager Level, was a consumer services manager for 2 toy manufacturers, ran public houses with her first husband and worked in insurance.

Sara is a Reiki & Vocal Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher and practitioner of Metamorphic Technique, Indian Head Massage, Thai Foot Massage & Ear Candling, as well as running self-development and other workshops, Reiki and Sound Shares.

She is an author, international speaker and channel + the founder of Vocal Reiki and Gift of Healing TV.

To learn more about Sara and her work visit:


Enolia has traveled the world to study with indigenous elders of the Ojibwa Lakota, Yaqui, Hopi and Apache Nations of north America to the Mapuche of Chile and the Toltec of Mexico to the Luhya of Kenya, just to name a few. ENOLIA received the 13 Rites of the Munay-ki from the Q’eros Indians of Peru.

Her 20 plus years navigating the dynamics of the corporate world fortified her with leadership development, performance excellence and empowerment coaching. ENOLIA holds a degree in mathematics and graduated in the top 1% of her MBA class. 

She networked entire IT solutions for global organizations, in the profit and non-profit sectors, served on multiple boards, and is currently co-founder of the non-profit organization Expressions of Humanity Foundation.

ENOLIA harmonizes corporate experience with a broad knowledge base that includes many facets of energetic medicine. By sharing ancient practices and teachings through present day experience, ENOLIA is a Modern-Day Medicine Woman, International Speaker, counsellor and healer; empowering others to reach their goals.

You can learn more about Enoila and her work on her websites: &

Guests Information

Mary Wolken ~ 23rd February

Mary Wolken PhD. Trauma, Memory and Learning Improvement specialist

Who is Mary?

Mary is 76 years young. From 7 years of age, Mary has cared for people in a crisis. It became her passion.

She also trained as a Science teacher, EMT, cell energy researcher and intuitive healer. Mary received formal training in homeopathy, neuro -kinesiology and light wave therapies to bring health, calmness and mental stability to all.

Recently, she developed ways to destress the Covid2 vaccine stress and effects on the body/mind when the vagal nerve and the body is impacted by trauma. She is the director of the Healthy Living Center and founder and of the Complementary Medicine Association. The first worldwide nonprofit association to received Category 1 medical education credit for the teaching of homeopathy to professionals.

Passionate about helping rebalance nature, the environment and harmony and peace to the human family. You can learn more Here 

Previous Guests Information

Mahalia Michael 

Mahalia is the founder and creator of Brain Bliss Technology and Academy offering extraordinary experiential and educational products and services to advance, accelerate and optimize brain and body function.

Her sonic shaman and ‘seeing’ abilities have given countless clients miraculous, life changing results.

Having recovered her own brain from seven concussions and a history of PTSD she leads from personal experience of the superhuman power to restore and renew via light and sound.

Connected since birth with the Lyran sentience, activated by whale and dolphin multi-dimensional consciousness and conduit of solar language by the Great Central Sun, Mahalia produces applied psycho-acoustic light sounds with her voice that mimic ocean love and an ancient, life affirming dialect.

These ‘vocal’ mandalas produce cosmic shapes, colours and mathematical codes known as cymatics which purify old incoherent patterns of vibration held deep in the subconscious. Once dense vibration such as unresolved trauma’s and their emotions are returned to the purest DNA light, the bodies innate intelligence will find pathways to restore health, well-being and harmonic coherence.

The time beyond time and space has come to return to our original divine home temple of our sacred diamond heart. The one that reveals golden light, sound, rainbows, natural harmonics, sacred geometries, purification spaces and dancing, joyful elementals that touch all sentient beings with ancient, original states of musical symphonies for self-regulating ecstasy.

Mother Earth’s body is the sacred breath of this golden light and sound and we Sing as one of her countless bio luminescent ascendants ascending as a heavenly symphony. In our blissful ascendant state, we turn on photons, galaxies, creation itself.

You can learn more about Caroline and her work HERE

Kadee Hollis 

Kadee is a professional yoga/meditation teacher, actor and writer.

Originally from Canberra, the capitol of Australia, Kadee moved to Sydney alone, at the age of 18, to become a fulltime acting student.

In 2018 Kadee moved overseas where she faced a time of deep questioning regarding her choices and values. She battled with the use of drugs and an unhealthy circle of friends and associates before packing up and moving to America alone.

Whilst in America, Kadee discovered yoga and began a long journey of personal healing as a yoga student.

She now spends her time mentoring and teaching the power of yoga to students of her own.

Caroline Carr 

Caroline Carr, founder of Find Your Oomph is the author of several books on woman’s health and mental health.

She started out in theatre and television, taught drama in schools and prisons, and then became a life coach and hypnotherapist with a practice in Harley Street.

She has over 30 years’ experience helping people to feel better, make changes and cope confidently in challenging situations. Her new book 'THINK, FEEL, ROAR - liberate your inner lion and get your life back on track' will be available in December 2021.

You can learn more about Caroline and her work HERE

Anu relishes in pushing the boundaries via her unique style of creating art with a Leaf, a Toothbrush & a Camera!

You can learn more about Anu and her work HERE

Anu Nadimpalli 

Anu Nadimpalli is an artist and creative entrepreneur. Her artistic journey started in the field of design. With an education as an interior and architectural designer, her career would have continued as such, just as so many other professionals of her kind. However, life had other plans!

Thanks to life-threatening episode at age 35 where she ¨fell into the abyss¨ and started her steady climb up, Anu started expressing her calling through a unique art style that she created and coined:

¨An Intuitive, Imaginative and Interactive Art Experience¨.

She started working with Interior designers and architects as an artist, creating artful and experiential spaces. For the first time in her life, she created her designs on silk scarves, which almost immediately received international success with buyers from around Europe, USA, India, etc.

Her young Company, 3am Inspirations, is a rebranded effort in reflecting this inspiring journey, where she helps her clients with:

  • Physical & online marketing content, through her artwork & poetry
  • Healing & artful interior & exterior spaces;
  • Fashion products & accessories.

Junie Moon Schreiber 

Junie Moon, The Love Coach, teaches people in midlife how to magnetize their ideal partner and experience Next Level Love. Using her unique heart-centred dating strategies, coupled with some powerful mindset tools that helped her magnetize the love of her own life, people learn to embrace this precious stage of life with confidence, playfulness and ease.

Junie’s an award-winning international speaker, #1 Amazon Best-selling author of Loving the Whole Package: Shed the Shame and Live Life Out Loud, director/producer of the film Shed the Shame, host of the podcast Midlife Love Out Loud and a Certified Shadow Work® Facilitator. You can find her at

Zaneta Wooden

Zaneta Wooden is a Bestselling Author of Unleashing the Power of Forgiveness, Mastermind and Business Strategist Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and an Author Coach/Mentor who partners with CEOs and aspiring authors to grow their personal and professional brands, achieve success and peace of mind. Zaneta knows what truly drives passion, conversations, creates sold-out launches and how to master interviews and successfully navigate social media platforms.

Her extensive counseling experience in the corporate world has equipped her with tools to transform others into world-class leaders! As a professional speaker, Zaneta has experienced firsthand the world of sex trafficking and what it takes to not only survive but to take back control of one’s life and ultimately emerge as a conqueror. As an ambassador, she is a proud member of the Speakers Bureau of Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN).

Denika Carothers 

Founder, and CEO, of Live With Purpose Coaching LLC, Denika Carothers is one of the most dynamic speakers, life coaches, and thought leaders in the world. A powerful intuitive and soul healer, with an innate and exceptional ability to connect with people in the space of heart and soul, she is genuine, powerful, authentic, and REAL.

She possesses a great talent for understanding how to reach people in the place of their pain, along with an innate ability to help them access the place of their power and experience soul healing on the other side of rejection, abandonment, grief, loss, and mental and emotional abuse.

Her focus is Mental and Emotional Wellness as she teaches you how to let the S.H.I.T. (Shame Hurt Insecurities & Triggers) Go and become a M.E.W. (Mentally and Emotionally Well) YOU.

With twenty-five years of coaching and counseling experience to her claim, she has helped thousands of clients overcome their fears, heal mental and emotional traumas, and learn how to create better relationships as they connect to the greater power and purpose of their own life.

Committed to helping people create their own authentic happiness in a way that feels empowering and amazing, Denika Carothers has been dubbed a "Life Changer" by her clients.

Learn more about Denika & her work Here

Patricia Watson 

Patricia Watson believes freedom is being your authentic self. No filters, no illusions, no facades. Just showing up and being you every single day. Being love every single day.

Because of her own journey, she is able to guide others, offering coaching and coursework while providing actionable steps that help clients move forward. Patricia hosts her own podcast called "Welcome to L.I.F.E. (Living In Freedom Everyday).

She also hosts programs, retreats and events that address key areas of concern for women. Patricia helps women develop strong networks and support systems. Patricia M. Watson, is a heartfelt business professional who owns her own consulting & mentoring firm. She believes in living life on your own terms & teaches the power of freedom. Freedom is being you.

Chloe Cordero 

Chloe Cordero is an Addiction Therapist Coach, Ho'oponopono Practitioner and Holistic Healer living in Paris.

Born in NYC raised in Belgium, after her communication and psychology studies Chloe decided to leave to solo travel and build her business as a Certified Transformational Coach. A few turning points, and spiritual experiences led Chloe to study the power of the subconscious mind, self-development and energy healing like leaving a 6 year abusive relationship, discovering meditation in a Buddhist Centre, going on her own healing journey, experiencing a kundalini awakening and learning from amazing medicine women & shamans from different parts of the world.

Today Chloe aspires to guide women through breaking free from TRAUMA & regaining their FREEDOM.

Learn more about Chloe and her work HERE

Jaki King 

Jaki King is the creator of The Emotional Baggage Diet and Verbal Reiki - both of which are tools that will help you to gain, regain or improve control of your own life and emotions. She says It is about finding the skills to let go - live free and love life.

She is also the founder of a UK based non-profit, If Everyone Cares, that is working on creating an Interactive Community Map that will pin-point the nearly 200,000 charities across the UK. She set it up because she had met too many people who struggled to find the help and support that is available to them in times of crisis.

Learn more about Jaki and her work HERE  & If Everyone Cares

Ana Marinho

Ana Marinho is a physical therapist, mind-body coach, and intuitive healer. For over 13 years, she has been empowering clients to transform emotional/physical pain into overall well-being by using self-healing techniques, mind-body connection, and neuroscience.

She hosts monthly workshops in her membership program, Be Healthy Academy, to support her clients in becoming the master of their body and mind while learning how to rewire the brain and reconnect with the body to make changes that last.

Ana also teaches multiple courses and hosts workshops, webinars, and even a retreat. She has written a best-selling book, Ignite Your Inner Healer, in which she teaches readers how to tap into their self-healing abilities. She has been featured on NBC, multiple podcasts, and radio shows.

Learn more about Ana and her work HERE

Supriya Prasad 

Supriya (sue-pre-yah) has spent 10 years in the digital marketing and branding industry. She worked in the corporate world for seven years working with some of the biggest brands in the country including Rentokil North America, Homebridge Financial Services, and VDart Inc.

She does it all; social media, SEO, email marketing, copywriting, online reputation and more.

Supriya is also highly spiritual, and a psychic medium. She understands your spiritual and conscious-minded brand.

Supriya has been around the metaphysical world since she was 11, her mom is a Reiki healer.

Learn more about Supriya and her work HERE

Michelle Reinhardt 

Michelle is a Spiritual Life Coach and Mentor, Intuitive Spiritual Healer, Personal Trainer, a Mindset Energy Master Coach and the creator of Self and Soul Mastery for Abundance Seekers, The 4 Steps to Freedom and Awakening the Energy Within, Podcast Host, Wellpoint Hypnosis Practitioner™ and creator of the gorgeous online community Freedom the Quantum Way and Entrepreneurs Globally Unite.

She is an Abundance Activator and Quantum Tour Guide. Helping you become the most peaceful, confident and powerful person you know.

Learn more about Michelle and her work HERE

Sue Stone 

Human Potential and Transformational Leader of the Sue Stone Foundation, Sue is recognised as the UK's happiest and most positive person... a far cry from many years ago when she had forgotten what it felt like to be happy.

From £10 left in her purse, depressed, desperate and full of fear to becoming totally at peace, happy, financially free and a TV Secret Millionaire, Sue has gone through an incredible life transformation.

Author of her latest book "The Power Within You Now!" and "Love Life, Live Life", Sue dedicates her life to helping others. She is regularly in the media, a TV presenter and thrives on helping people from all walks of life across the world to create a life they love with personal empowerment, inspirational business mentoring and motivational speaking.

  • The Sue Stone Foundation
  • Author of Love Life, Live Life
  • Secret Millionaire
  • Personal Empowerment, Happiness and Confidence Coach
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Business Mentor

Learn more about Sue and her work HERE  and her Foundation Here

Stefania Puleo 

Stefania Puleo is The World’s #1 Men’s Love/ Relationship Coach and Hypnotherapist. She is also a Personal Trainer, an Author and an unstoppable optimist.

She is the Founder/CEO of The Gentlemen Square, a socially digital space that reaches thousands of men from all over the world. Stefania coaches driven men on how to attract a valued matched woman, understand her psychology, how she thinks and keep her ignited in a sexy, passionate, loving relationship.

Without Going Crazy!

She is also a Personal Trainer, an Author, Speaker and an unstoppable visionary dedicated in helping men to find fulfilment by living their fullest potential in relationships.

Stefania was born and raised in the suburbs of Melbourne Australia, with nothing more than a passion for people, love and life.

Working with Stefania is an experience like no other.

Why? “Because she simply gets real and raw with her clients and speaks from a woman’s perspective”

Learn more about Stefania and her work HERE

Leslie Rowans

Leslie Rowans is a Holistic Health Practitioner who specializes in helping her clients to not only heal physical ailments of the body, but also supporting her client’s mental and spiritual well-being while on their journey to change their lives.

The owner of Sole Healing Reflexology in Arizona, she specialises in Hypnotherapy, Reflexology, Life Coach/Online Coaching, Stress Management, Reiki, Yoga Nidra & Sound Healing.

She is the creator of a combined technique approach known as the “ReflexHypno” method using both Reflexology and Hypnotherapy to experience deeper states of complete mental, physical and emotional relaxation.

Leslie is also a Yoga Nidra practitioner and has studied with renowned Yoga Nidra expert Kamini Desai from the IAM Yoga Nidra TM at the Amrit Institute.

Leslie is a professor at Arizona State University where she teaches Health Science undergraduate courses in the College of Health Solutions.

Learn more about Leslie and her work HERE

Ben Caron

BEN CARON is a Los Angeles-based transformational experience creator, singer-songwriter, and spiritual practitioner/facilitator who aspires to inspire joy, invite hope, incite peace, and invoke love.

An Iowa native, Ben attributes his eclectic musical style to his diverse life experiences, blending elements of pop, New Age, soul, folk and gospel.

 He has released two community-funded albums, available everywhere music is found online.

He began studying Yoga, Buddhism, ritual, mindfulness and movement in college, and over the past 15 years, these powerful spiritual practices and healing modalities have come to greatly influence his creative work.

You can learn more about ben and his work HERE

Dr. Birgitte Tan

Dr. Birgitte Tan is a global speaker, #1 international best-selling author, certified Grief Recovery Specialist, Certified Life Success coach, and veterinarian oncologist.

Her passion is in empowering you and your loved ones that you THRIVE even in the face of adversities and Win with more ease and fun.

She learned to do this from her own experience as well as her training. Growing up, Dr. Tan was told she was “a stiff clumsy, ugly duckling who should never dance” & “too stupid to become a veterinarian” after failing her exams.

She defied the odds and became a successful board-certified veterinarian specialist and founder of Dance Away Sadness: Move Beyond Your Grief™ support system.

In 2011, when a multitude of grievous events destroyed the life she knew, Birgitte started her journey into grief recovery and life transformation. Upon successfully recovering from her grief and creating an even better life, Dr. Tan then pursued additional training in grief transformation to be able to help people transform their tears into treasures.

Birgitte looks forward to helping you effortlessly let go of your difficulties and become everything you are meant to be.

You can learn more about Birgitte and her work HERE

Bukeka Blakemore

Born Gretchen Elizabeth but changed name to Bukeka Bosede when she was 6 years old with her parents' blessing!

Bukeka is known for inspirational speaking and singing to audiences all around the world.

For 20 years she has travelled the world creating conferences, music, workshops, and group discussions on the importance of Self worth.

Bukeka is an entrepreneur in the travel industry her company is Travel BukekaStyle and she is part owner in the media company FABUtainment TV (Worthy of Wonderful) on Roku, Android and Amazon Fire Stick. She describes herself as a powerful creator in the Universe!

Julia Stubbe 

Julia Stubbe is a gifted energy intuitive, channeler and teacher, specializing in assisting others to wholeness through self-empowerment.

Using a holistic approach, she interweaves many healing modalities to find a deeper understanding of physical and emotional dis-ease. By peeling away the layers of surface challenges and blockages, an understanding and realization of issues through this healing enlightenment are exposed, allowing deeper issues to come to light. This approach facilitates healing transformation through hands-on healing and holistic counselling.

She channels multiple Galactic and Multi-Dimensional Beings sharing energetic transmissions that clear old programming and activate creative DNA coding, elevating your vibration and frequency, to support you on your journey of unfoldment. An extraordinary spirit, her journey began more than 25 years ago. It was through her own powerful personal transformation through energy healing that brought her to share this profound work with others.

Learn more about Julia and her work HERE   ~   Radio Show – A Call to Heal Here   ~   Julia Stubbe – The Galactic Channel (You Tube) Here

Chessie Roberts 

Chessie Roberts is an innovative thinker and author who has created programs and classes to help people to regain their balance of body, mind, spirit.

She has worked for over 20 years to assist others to find and grow their Spiritual Path.

Reiki, meditation and energy readings are part of what she offers.

Chessie’s Radio Station “Get on the Grid with Chessie Roberts” and , Her book "Evolving into Self, From the Puppet to the Master; My Evolution from the Cradle to the Grid" can be found on and her radio station HERE

Mandy McMillan and Carli Kahl 

Mandy McMillan and Carli Kahl are two soul sisters that met in Nashville, TN. They started a podcast together in 2019 called Dream Catcher Pod that highlights those catching their dreams in hopes to inspire others to do the same.

The podcast has allowed them to meet and reach dreamers from all over the world. They hope to continue to spread their light to many more people and places!

Learn more about them and their work HERE 

You will also find them on Instagram: dreamcatcherpod - Personal Instagram: mandymcmillanmusic & ck_bootsy + Facebook: Dream Catcher Pod

Janine Savient 

Janine Savient brings many gifts to our world, however, being an Intuitive Visionary, and Messenger for Love, are her focus and purpose at this time!

Through her awareness of life as a multi layered reality, Janine knows that there is magnificence to be found within every human being on this planet, and that no one is exempt in their connection to the flow of Love that is found at the highest and deepest level of all.

This magnificent loving presence within every human being awaits discovery, and once reconnection is made, life transforms in the most incredibly beautiful ways. This is the journey of ‘Heart Centredness’… the truth as to who and what you are is found within this journey and connection!

Teacher, mentor, support person, friend … Janine is here for those ready to awaken to themselves beyond the stories of the mind. ‘Truth of Self’ is found within the ‘Love for Self’ that awaits discovery within each human being.

Janine has an intimate relationship with Love!

Learn more about Janine and her work HERE ~ You can connect with Janine on her Facebook Page

June Laffey 

June is one of the world’s most respected leaders in healthcare advertising communications. She has headed up the most prestigious of award juries, ran a creative department of more than 100, and led her team to phenomenal success. But that is only part of the story. June is also a lightworker.

 She channels light language, sign and song, lifting the vibration, connecting with others at a higher self level. She started opening to this gift seven years ago, and now it is very much a part of who she is. When the language first came through, she had no idea what it was. She didn’t seek it. Light language – the language of love – allows her to bring love, compassion, authenticity, empathy and empowerment into her every day. June would love to explore these gifts more and more at her soon to be opened retreat in Australia.

David McLeod 

Fighter pilot. Author. Software engineer. Mentor. Aerobics instructor. Poet. Janitor. Lifeguard. Musician. Graphics designer. Father. Student. Teacher. Photographer. Ordained minister. Yogi.

These roles—and many others—add up to a LOT of life experience, which David McLeod brings to bear in his capacity as a transformational speaker, life-mastery coach, experiential facilitator and writer/storyteller.

With a PhD in Metaphysical Sciences and a DD in Holistic Personal Coaching, David shares his wisdom, insights, personal lessons, and expertise in countless ways that help people all over the world to become true Masters of their lives.

Learn more about David and his work HERE

Sara Troy 

Sara Troy and The Community of Self Discovery are knowledge promoters who share the wisdom given by those who have gone through the process of life, and who now share their wise knowledge with Sara on her “Self Discovery” Orchard of Wisdom podcast shows.

With an accumulated 2700 shows and expansion in place with Mentors memberships, podcast books and educational platforms, Sara Loves the inspiration that begets invitation in embracing our meaningful purpose into awesomeness and productivity.

Learn more about Sara and her work on her websites: ~ ~

Linda Tello

Linda is a first generation American with indigenous ancestry of the Pijaos from the Andes of Colombia. She holds a Ph.D. in engineering and is a licensed professional engineer. She is also a spiritual intuitive initiated into the Q’ero tradition of the Andes of Peru and founder of the nonprofit, Whole Earth Engineering, Inc.

For her doctorate in Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering at Arizona State University (ASU), by using the fourfold thought structure of the Native American Medicine Wheel to analyze her research data, she demonstrated it is possible to successfully integrate ancient (Indigenous/Earth-based) and modern (Western) perspectives, often thought to be at odds, for the development of more robust, sustainable, feasible, cost-effective and holistic engineering outcomes.

Her environmental and engineering work with private, Federal and military entities for approximately 15 years, enabled her to recognize that in order to sustainably, regeneratively, and holistically meet the continuing needs of humanity, it is imperative to begin to more consciously integrate Indigenous wisdom and modern science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) for the creation of feasible, cost-effective, and culturally appropriate outcomes.

This realization inspired her to found Whole Earth Engineering, Inc. – Improving Lives via Nature-Inspired Solutions. You can learn more about Linda’s work HERE

Dr Donna DeGennaro 

Donna obtained her Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania. Her passion for creating socially just learning designs that are technology-mediated and youth-driven fuelled her work with youth in informal learning environments in the US and abroad for the past 10 years.

She is the Founder of Unlocking Silent Histories, a program that equips Indigenous youth in rural communities to capture, produce and share their traditions and cultures through documentary films.

This work has been featured at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian in New York and Washington, D.C. and the International Indigenous Research Conference in New Zealand.

Learn more about Donna and her work HERE

Jill Mattson

Jill Mattson is a prolific Artist, Musician and Author. Jill is a widely recognised expert and composer in the field of Sound & Colour Healing!

She has also produced nine musical CDs with intriguing, magical tracks using ancient & modern techniques, & special healing frequencies to achieve profound benefits.

Jill is a four - time author. (Crystal Realms CD – Best Sound Healing CD of 2017, Best Overall Music (popular Vote and Industry Leader’s Choice – Gold Awards), The Lost Waves of Time – Best Book of 2016 and Best Alternative Science book of 2016, Deep Wave Body Healing CD– Best Sound Healing CD of 2016, Contacting Angels & Masters CD – Best CD of 2015 and Deep Wave Beauty CD – Best New Age CD – Silver Award).

Jill has participating in many hundreds of teleseminars, radios shows and magazines!

She offers an online Sound (& Colour) Healing School. Jill presents new ways of approaching health and everyday issues using the benefits of sound and colour! Free music & Learn more about Jill, her work & the School of Sound Healing HERE


Satyavani Pippalla Akula (affectionately known as Vani) is a self-taught artist who several years ago made a dramatic career shift from Software Engineering to the Arts. Her penchant for capturing likeness and the essence of a person has earned her many portrait commissions. She was the first court artist in the upstate New York area capturing trials through her quick sketching of the events. She is currently teaching a course on sketching as a spiritual tool of connecting, where she incorporates her extensive knowledge of literature, philosophy and humanities to enrich your understanding and presence while alleviating stress through the meditative practice of sketching.

Satyavani has transformed her style into award-winning paintings. She is published in the Fine Art Connoisseur magazine of Contemporary Realism in the USA and has won the popular People’s Choice Awards in fine art exhibitions at the Arnot Art Museum (Elmira) and West End Gallery (Corning). In addition, Satyavani won “Best in Show” at the Elmira Street Painting Festival. Satyavani has also taught as a guest educator in classes at Mansfield University (PA) and the Elmira City School District.

You can learn more about her & her work HERE