Today's Conversation

Life is changing all the time and for many this can be very challenging, stressful, draining, even traumatic. In these conversations we are going to talk about these challenges, supporting people to heal their lives, to find greater confidence in themselves, their abilities and find joy & happiness, in a more peaceful world.

From January 2023 Sara will be joined by Patricia Kerins as co-host and from March they will be joined by David Tyrrell, we look forward to sharing more conversations with you all.

Wednesday 12th April

Todays Conversation

“Changing Eyes - Understanding Animals & Nature"

Guest Cecilia Götherström
Time:   PDT – 11.30am   ~   EDDT – 2.30pm   ~   BST – 7.30pm

We all have animals and nature in our life.

Whether we live with pets or not. There are birds paving our way as soon as we leave the house. Insects in our gardens, livestock along the roads we travel, fish and crabs and jellyfish and much more in the water we swim in.

And of course, there are the pets in our lives, be they a small budgie or a large horse or anyone in between.

They speak and communicate with us all the time.

With no filters. How can we understand them? How can we hear them? What do they want to tell us?

How to “change eyes”. So let’s dive in to this deeper! Find out from the animal kingdom how they are teaching us how to do this.

Join Animal Communicator Cecilia & the Today’s Conversation Team to hear more about learning from animals.

Wednesday 26th April

Todays Conversation

Becoming a Clear Channel

Guest Susan Brown
Time:   PDT – 11.30am   ~   EDT – 2.30pm   ~   BST – 7.30pm

When you are a Clear Channel you can have a stronger connection to your spirit guides, feel grounded and less effected by external emotions.

The 3 steps you will hear about are simple techniques that can be incorporated in your daily life.

The most important part of this process is also inner work. You will learn how to:

  • Let go of the feeling of being stuck
  • Receive inner guidance
  • Feel empowered

In turn you can Align to the life you desire and feel more passionate happier and energized.

Join Susan & the Today’s Conversation Team to learn more about gaining a stronger connection to your Spirit Guides.