Life is changing all the time and for many this can be very challenging, stressful, draining, even traumatic. In these conversations we are going to talk about these challenges, supporting people to heal their lives, to find greater confidence in themselves, their abilities and find joy & happiness, in a more peaceful world.

Wednesday 27th October ~ 11.30am PDT - 2.30pm EDT - 7.30pm BST

The Shadow Side of Love

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Junie Moon Schreiber joins Sara Jane & Enolia for a thought-provoking conversation which will dive into the Shadow Side of Love and what could be holding you back from a truly loving and fulfilling relationship.

Do you find yourself sabotaging relationships by saying things you don’t mean or acting out in ways that just are out of character?

Are you holding yourself back from opening to love?

In this presentation, you'll learn the 4-main love shadows that hold you back and discover how to break through to Next Level Love.