Patricia Iris Kerins Show ~ Catch-Up

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Messages From The Heart

Patricia & Her Guest Janine Savient

Balancing the Elements Within

Heart Meditation + Mystical Messages form the Christed Ones

Resurrection with Mary Magdalene Presence

Harmonising and Aligning your 4 Body System with Sound

Spiritual Question Time with Patricia, Bill Kerins & Sara Jane

Power Purpose & Passion

Spiritual Question Time with Patricia, Bill Kerins & Sara Jane

How to Power the Planet up with Love

Improving the relationship you have with your significant other - in your life or not - mystical tips

Improving the Relationship you have with Finances - Miraculous Tips

Improving the Relationship you have with Yourself - Magical Tips

Mindful to Heart Full Meditation

How To Announce Your Invocations with VIVA Love Healing

Back to Basics with VIVA Love Healing

Series 2

Manifest an Abundant Life! Including a powerful hypno/visualisation to help you

Learn how to cleanse & clear your DNA of dysfunctional aspects using the power of your own voice.

Meditation and Visualisation are they really good for you and what is the difference????

Wanting to be the best speaker and performer you can be???

Patricia interviews Laura Topper, musician, singer/songwriter and inspirational speaker

Broadcast 8th March 2016

Creating peace in our world. Peace is an inside job!!

Chris Thorn ~ Didgeridoo Healing

Learn how to balance your chakras with your own sound with Patricia

4 Top Tips to De-stress with Patricia

An Interview with Patricia Iris Kerins

An Interview with Helen Wilson

An Interview with Musician/Artist David from Samadhi Soundscapes

Series 1