Unrecognized Grief

Unrecognized Grief: its impact on our life and the solution for itBy Birgitte TanIn the video interview (shared below) with Sara Jane from Gift of Healing TV, Dr. Birgitte Tan explains that grief is not just something that we experience when faced with “The Three D’s: Death, Divorce, and Dire Diagnosis.” Grief is actually defined […]

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Whose Responsibility is it?

Whose Responsibility is it?Your Life, Your Health, Your SuccessThe Universe Responds to the Energies You put outBy Sara Jane What were you thinking as you read the title and then sub-titles of this article? Where did your thoughts take you? Who do you think is responsible for your life, health & success? What energies about yourself are you putting […]

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Affirmations ~ The Magic of “I Am”

Affirmations ~ The Magic of “I Am”“I Am” two of the most powerful words that exist, for anything that you place after them is what you are telling yourself and the Universe you are. Remember both are always listening.It was a real pleasure to have David McLeod, the founder of The Magic of “I Am” […]

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