ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Following on from our Panel Discussion about ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Jennifer and Vanessa agreed to share some of the information and tips here for you.

​For those of you who missed the live program and would like to watch the replay you will find the link below the information.

From Jennifer Barnes-Hill

Visit your GP / doctor to gain a diagnosis and also eliminate other similar conditions. You may be able to access additional support and social services as a result of the diagnosis.

Access local support groups, national agencies and charities for ME. Online forums are useful for those who are house bound or struggle at certain times of day. A social network online or in person can facilitate a positive outlook through shared experiences.

Coping strategies;

   * ​talk to friends, your workplace and relations - tell them about CFS and how it particularly is affecting you, what they can do to help and support you in helping yourself

    * consider if there was any traumatic experience such as an illness, bereavement or car accident in the past which may have triggered the onset

    * writing a reflective diary or journal of feelings, thoughts and symptoms may help you to work out stressful triggers and coping mechanisms, some people can experience a confusing brain fog so making lists and notes can ease frustration

    * CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and analgesics (pain killers) may be freely available from you GP

    * graded exercise therapy, gentle exercise such as swimming, stretching, walking the dog or walking around the garden little and often

    * pain management - distraction techniques, visualisation, meditation, Reiki, EFT, kinesiology, hypnotherapy, laughter yoga, positive mindset, short achievable goals

    * a balanced diet, allergy testing, reducing caffeine, alcohol, sweeteners, increasing water intake will enable your body to function more effectively. Some people find a multivitamin or supplement useful particularly if they are not gaining a balanced diet

    * check your private health insurance - complementary therapies such as massage and reflexology may be freely available on your plan

From Vanessa Honeybourne

Support Homeopathic Remedies

​   * Pain relief Mag- Phos tissue salts - put a couple in mug/cup of warm water sip and stir. Repeat as required.

   * Arnica 30c before and after- any exercise or prolonged movement i.e. gardening

    * Support nerves, exhaustion - Kali- Phos tissue salts repeat 3-4 times daily.

    * Flu like aches and pains and tiredness with weakness Gelsemium 30c (yellow jasmine) - can be used as often as required.

    * Remedies can be bought by homeopathic pharmacies - Galen Dorchester, Helios Tunbridge wells, nelsons, London uk.u

Nutrition Support

    * Eat breakfast and regularly during the day

    * Magnesium 200- 400 mg daily - reduces inflammation in body, calmative effect.

    * add sea salt in diet, if have removed it from diet- to balance potassium and sodium levels

    * VITAMIN B6 support nerves

    * COQ10 enzyme - delivers energy

    * vitamin A &D

    * grapes

    * millet

    * oats

    * buckwheat

    * wheat germ

    * brewer’s yeast

    * molasses

    * super foods- sea greens , wheatgrass , watercress

    * anti candida diet - sheets online

Self Help

    * lightening process

    * Ti- chi

    * Australian flower essences- Macrocarpa, Sunshine wattle, Old man banksia.

These are support suggestions and do not replace seeking professional medical help.

Jennifer Barnes-Hill

Jennifer Barnes-Hill is a University therapy lecturer and founder of JBH Training: which is a training academy for those who wish to become therapists. Based in rural Worcestershire they also offer holistic treatments and events.

​Jennifer is interested in all aspects of health and well-being but is particularly fascinated by touch therapies.

​She loves the amazing way in which the body works, the reactions and feedback she receives from clients and the enthusiasm of her students.

​She has grown up with complementary health therapies; her mum always used essential oils and holistic therapies in the home from when she was a baby.

​Jennifer has always been fascinated by the way the body works, which led her to study various diplomas and a degree in complementary medicine. She then followed the family tradition and became a teacher.

​Jennifer also runs Worcester business mums network, Worcestershire therapists support network and delivers skincare master classes with ladies with cancer through a charity.


Vanessa Honeybourne

Vanessa first experienced homeopathy in 1990, when she was suffering with many health issues & had been offered little help & support from the local GP.

​Her mother had heard on radio 4 about the benefits of Homeopathy & suggested she tried it which she did and has never looked back.

​So keen to discover how this medicine worked, Vanessa trained at the Practical College of Homeopathy in London.

​At the time she worked in a large perfumery dept. in a well known store and had many colleagues who were willing volunteers, amazingly everyone she was helping was either getting better or improving and her passion for treating patients was born!

​Vanessa qualified in 1997 & worked with two Indian doctors in East London and at Neal’s Yard Covent Garden where she gained a wealth of knowledge.

​In 2000 she moved to Bournemouth and continued to practise Homeopathy in a doctors surgery in Poole, and a charity based clinic in Southbourne.

​Vanessa is currently based in Ferndown and lives there with her husband, teenage daughter and a hamster called Diggie!

Website is:

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