The Opening & Closing Doors of Life

By Sara Jane

It is said “when one door closes another door opens”.

Stop and think for a minute, what does this mean to you? What do you understand by this?

What thoughts run through your head when you perceive this happening to you?

Everyone’s reaction is slightly different; it depends on what has happened in your life and how those things or should we say your reactions to those things, has shaped and moulded you.

Sometimes doors are closed on you, e.g. the end of a relationship, friendship, the loss of a job, an opportunity missed; and sometimes you are the one that closes the door.

Take some time to think of at least one of each that has happened in your life.

Allow the memories, the feelings; on the one hand when the door closed, possibly hurt, sadness, feelings of rejection and on the other hand when you closed the door, relief, feelings of freedom.

Now look back on the time when the door was closed on you; you have moved on, life changed, you grew and new opportunities opened up, new people came into your life.

Looking back now, how does it feel? Have you let go of the disappointment and hurt? Can you see how your life has changed?

Sometimes life closes doors for you, so that new doors can open, so that new things, opportunities and people that are waiting to come into your life can fill the gap.

There are times when each one of you has to close the door, turn round and look for the door that is opening for you.

Throughout this we have been talking about doors and doors suggest that there are walls.

Walls are barriers, yes they protect but they can and often do stop you from growing, from expanding your horizons.

You have a saying “think outside the box”, a box is also a barrier with its sides, top and bottom, you are totally enclosed.

Get rid of the box, knock down the walls and the doors become obsolete.

Next time NO is said to you say “Thank You”, look up and open to all the New Opportunities and possibilities that are opening up in front of you.

Yes it may be a little scary, suddenly what you have thought of as being safe and feeling protected, those barriers you call walls have all disappeared.

You are now open to the elements, all the wonderful elements of life that you would like to experience.

You are free to choose, to make your own choices, to say YES to your heart.

Life is a gift to be unwrapped and the box thrown away.

“Life begins outside your comfort zone”. Your comfort zone is enclosed by the walls and barriers you have created. Don’t wait for them to be knocked down by someone else. Knock them down yourself.

Stepping outside your comfort zone, knocking down the barriers, chucking the box away, doesn’t have to mean the end of friendships, relationships, your job etc, it just means you start listening to your heart, your intuition, your gut instincts.

You learn to say YES to yourself. Those that truly love you will honour your choices and it is right that you should honour theirs.

Let go of the “nay sayers”, the voice in your head that says “you can’t do that because .....”, “what about .....”, “what if .....” etc

These are the barriers that hold you back from following your heart, from living your life, from trying something new.

You are special and unique, and it is time to share these gifts that you bring with those around you and the world.

Take one step at a time, remove one brick at a time or demolish a whole wall; now is the time to start living YOUR Life and experience the richness of truly living.

Copyright © Sara Jane 2015

You can watch the wonderful discussion I had with David McLeod & Tommy Stoffel, The Soul Talk Guys below.

David & Tommy are The Soul Talk Guys & presenters of

Life Mastery TV

David McLeod

David McLeod is an international speaker/facilitator on the subjects of conscious self-creation and shadow mastery. As a coach who works with individuals and groups, David shares his passion in supporting the creation and maintenance of powerful, spiritually-rewarding relationships for everyone. David is the founder and co-host of "Life Mastery TV"; he is also the founder of the "Magic of 'I Am'" and the creator of the popular "Daily Affirmation Program"

Website ~ Magic of “I AM” ~

Tommy Stoffel ~ Founder of The Chatter Relaxer

As a rocket scientist, military officer, and high-tech manager, Tommy was doing his best living life.

As with all of us, he had his ups, and he had his downs.​

A few of these ‘downs’ sent Tom looking for a change, and after years of searching he found the awesome power of a calm mind and clear thinking.

Tom now shares what he’s gathered from great teachers across time with those seeking true and lasting peace of mind — A gift with amazing benefits.

He simply and logically shows what makes up the noise in our head and offers fun, practical tools for relaxing and reducing that troublesome inner chatter — For GOOD!


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