By Carol Kretschmer

Carol's Healthy Choices tip #1: BREATHE DEEPLY

You may be shallow breathing most of the time and not even know it.
Consider the benefits of drawing air deeply into your lungs .....

Carol's Healthy Choices tip #2: DRINK LOTS of WATER

The benefits are numerous. Many people who feel unwell are chronically dehydrated, which majorly impacts health. All body systems function better with adequate water intake - you will notice improvement in skin, digestion, energy levels etc

Carol's Healthy Choices tip #3: WALK EVERY DAY

Put on your comfy shoes and get moving! A 30 minute brisk walk is best and yes 10,000 steps per day is ideal, but any movement you can do is helpful. Some of those winter aches and pains may be due to inactivity . . our joints are lubricated by fluid but need motion to facilitate this.

Carol's Healthy Choices tip #4: EAT REAL FOOD

All too often today, we are eating for all the wrong reasons - taste, convenience, cost, comfort. Modern food is high in sugar, salt and fat and very addictive, and there is no denying a strong link to the epidemic of chronic diseases we now face. We are over fed and under nourished!

Carol's Healthy Choices tip #5: QUIET THE MIND

Our thoughts can cause us a lot of stress . . they keep us in the past or the future. The mind can run away, one thought becomes another, and another!

Carol's Healthy Choices tip #6: FORGIVE EVERYONE EVERYTHING

I like to call this Radical Forgiveness!

Carol's Healthy Choices tip #7: REDUCE your TOXIC LOAD

What does DETOX mean to you? There are many toxic aspects to modern life and we can approach it from different angles.

Carol's Healthy Choices tip #8: MANAGE YOUR STRESS

We all experience stress in different ways every day. A little bit can keep us motivated and on the ball, but in today's world we are often on overload which is exhausting!

Carol's Healthy Choices tip #9: HEAL YOUR GUT

Have you heard of Leaky Gut Syndrome? This funny term is the common name for a very common problem, increased intestinal permeability, which is now known to underpin many modern day health issues like allergies, eczema, asthma and autoimmune disorders.

Carol's Healthy Choices tip #10: HONOUR YOUR EMOTIONS

Your feelings are valid just because they are yours!

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About Carol

Carol Kretschmer.JPG"Carol is a health professional with over thirty years' experience as a physiotherapist in her own private practice.

She is a mother and grandmother, living in sunny South Australia, and she has just turned 60!​

Experience with her own health challenges has led her to broaden her health focus to a more integrative approach.​

In addition to her formal qualifications in physiotherapy, Carol is also a Reiki Master/Teacher, Seichim Master, Oneness Blessing Giver and Certified Angel Card Reader.​

She runs regular meditation groups and Healthy Choices support groups. Her focus is now on addressing the underlying cause of problems rather than simply 'treating' a set of symptoms.

She is excited by Wellness Education, spreading the word about how to maximise nutrition and minimise toxic load on the body.​

Carol is passionate about helping people, particularly those who are stuck in a chronic illness.​

She seeks to restore their hope, and to steer them towards health and happiness with simple, sustainable strategies."​

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