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By Judy Timperon

Finding Freedom

When I asked Andrew if I might share his story this is what he wrote……..

“Absolutely, no worries at all

It certainly highlights just how dire my situation was and just how blind I was to it. The person I am today is so far removed from the person I used to be, so much so that I feel like I’m a different person and for that I am so grateful. I’m just so confident, proud, happy and positive about me today, and my future. Thank you so much for all of your help.”

I am acknowledging a very brave young man – Andrew. He came to me in 2012 with the list below – now 4 years later he is a happy man, who can no longer write the dark depressive poetry that once consumed him.

Andrew has moved on from his Alcohol problem (which wasn’t even mentioned on his list). He can now drink occasionally, socially and manages this really well. He has lost 27 Kilos and is looking and feeling fit and terrific.​

Our last session was on healing his neck – as a result of the positive results he received on his back – which is no longer painful. He is now in a positive relationship with his wife and son, for which he is very grateful.​

Why is Andrew so Courageous? – because he no longer runs from his problems. He faced each one of them for the last time, and has set himself free. He is an amazing man – and he genuinely likes himself now.​

Thank you Andrew, for giving me permission to write your story​

Andrew’s journey was not a one-minute wonder, but rather a persistent effort. He didn’t put on his ‘fast running shoes’ and run away.​

How often have I seen Andrew?​

Every few months – although this year as he is doing so well, he has only had 2 sessions to successfully work on his back and neck.​

Andrew’s List of what is wrong with him:

Grossly overweight Long term lower back pain

Insatiable appetite​

Compulsive overeater​

Constant severe hunger pains​

Hungry all day every day​

Slow metabolism​









Hyperhydrosis – excessive sweating​

Folliculitis – infected hair follicles​


Bad memory​

Really bad snoring (I don’t have sleep apnoea)​

Worry uncontrollably​

Self loathing​

Self hatred​

Overwhelming compulsion to crack every joint in my body​

Long term lower back pain

Long term neck pain​

Long term spinal pain in general​


Full body tension​

Severe indigestion even when eating healthy foods​

No energy​

No energy​

No willpower​

Self sabotaging​

Performance anxiety​

Worry about what other people think of me​

I’m below average sexually​

I don’t take pride in my appearance​

I don’t take pride in my appearance​

Overcome by shame​

No drive​

No desire​

No dedication​

No determination​

No fight​

No spirit​

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