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  1. Hi Sara and Richard, better late than never. Just like yourselves I loved the discussion on Reiki, was awesome. Being a Reiki Master myself as you can imagine I so resonated with everything you both said. I am very much in the same camp as Sara regards feeling and knowing, but I did seem to get clients that expected me to virtually give them a reading of sorts,which was interesting, because that was one of my lessons, KNOWING that I gave value for money.I KNEW what they would have got from the experience/session, so initially this was a challenge for me.

    REIKI really did change my life, so so grateful. Reiki to me is a channel of pure LOVE. The best Personal and Spiritual development tool. I have always been a person who helps myself, so to have been guided to Reiki was a true gift, AND having been able to help others help themselves too has also been a gift.

    I felt same as you Sara could have talked more and more about REIKI, it is a true PASSION.

    Love and Grattitude to you both


    1. Hi Dawn
      Firstly Thank you for joining us for the live program, it was such a lovely group of people but then that is Reiki for you :)
      I always love hearing from folks their expereince of our programs, yes it is validating but it is so much more, it helps me realise that whether you ar a beginner just starting on your path or have been on your journey a while, they can help and support everyone.
      Thank you Dawn for your continuing support
      Love, Peace & Light

  2. Good morning Sara it still amaze’s me that you are interviewing such wonderful people on “Gift of Healing TV” a credit to you.xx Jili thank you for sharing your wisdom, you’re a very special soul. So resonate with some of your stories about clients, bless them. I have personally experienced the healing of the candles, another powerful tool. I feel especially it is your gift to channel. I understand about the Hopi part,but see the Native Indian connection that you possibly channel.

    Your trip to Africa sounds wonderful too, keep on doing your special work’ God bless Dawn.xx

    1. Hi Dawn
      Thank you for your wonderful words and continuing support, I am so pleased you enjoyed the program and I will let Jili know and hopefully she will also respond to you.
      Have a wonderful week
      Love, Peace & Light Sweet Soul ~ Sara

    2. Hi Dawn,

      what a lovely message. Thank you so much and, yes, Sara is a super person as an interviewer. One of my friends loved ‘all the laughing’. Actually if you want to read the channelled messages, this is the link: I used to put them in my books but left them out of my latest one as I wondered if people would find them a bit woo woo.
      thank you so much for your interest in the talk – candling is my passion and if you’d like any info at any time, just don’t hesitate to give me a shout.


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