You are Very Special

Are you struggling with that concept?

​Well it is True and no one is more or less special than you..... let that sink in “No One is More or Less Special than You”.

​Yes Everyone is Special in their own unique way.

You were born perfect, it is outside influences that have changed you, especially if you feel insecure in your uniqueness and feel you have to change to be loved.

​Here on Gift of Healing TV we encourage our guests to share a little of their own stories, so that you can realise you are not alone and that we do understand, we have all been through lots of different experiences, and our own journeys now enable us to offer suggestions and support to help you become who you truly are.

​Since the program started a year ago we have shared 3 Panel Discussions around this topic and we hope that you will find them helpful.

If you have any questions for Sara Jane or any of our guests please feel to email Sara at with your question and who it is for.

​You will also find the links to our guests’ websites under each of the YouTube videos; feel free to contact them directly.

“Empowering Self”

Guests ~ Eileen Burns, Manuela Goeb & Rhys Morton-Ross

“Valuing & Honouring Yourself”

Guests ~ Sue Stone, Gavid McLoed & Tony Brown

How do you choose who to go to & which Therapies

Guests ~ Karen Tinker, Gayatri Lindsey & Clara Apollo

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