By Karen Jane

The beings who gave me this name for them had been present in my life for some time before I really began working with them. They kept asking me to work with them more than just on a healing basis and I kept directing them towards famous people who would ‘get their word out’ to the world. I am not famous, not even well-known and I could feel that these being were very high level energies so, to do them justice that is what I told them.

They said they would wait!

So, we carried on working together in the healing sessions I was giving at the time until a friend asked me to demonstrate to her group of students just how I worked with energy, as she found it quite different. I sat at my computer, tuned in to The Lords and said, “OK, it looks as if I have to do this now, I have a course to write for the weekend! Are you going to help me out with it?” This was the Thursday afternoon and I was due to leave home the Friday morning to travel south to deliver the course on Saturday.

I typed for what seemed like two minutes, but had to have been much longer, in a semi-trance. I was aware at a subliminal level of what I was typing, but it was only on re-reading, that I realised there were four A4 pages of a course for integrating one’s personal energies in every aspect. It stunned me that I’d waited so long to find this level of work which I could pass on to others and I instantly felt rather guilty for putting it off for so long—by this time, about eight years!

I went to Poole on the Friday and delivered the course as planned; the recipients were ‘blown away’ by the energies of the Lords of Melchizedek and by the actual exercises they had us learning. So was I. They asked me if there would be more courses and the instant answer was that for the near future there would be seven levels of work to be taken in sequence. Everyone booked immediately for the second level, which had not even been written at that time.

This was a great leap of faith for me, but I threw myself whole-heartedly into the writing of the courses each time and asked, after that first course, if there would be perhaps a book. The reply I heard was,”What do you think we have been waiting for you for?”

I wrote the book The Lords of Melchizedek; A Down To Earth Guide To the Ascension Process” with them after that conversation. I had heard of the Ascension, but it really meant very little to me at the time. I learnt very quickly what it meant to humans and how the courses would help people to progress in every aspect; physical, mental/emotional and spiritual.

I asked many questions of the Lords of Melchizedek, one being who are they? Finally, after my insisting, they told me, “We are the stream of consciousness that is God.”

Stunned did not describe my state of mind at the time! There you have my introduction to the work for the Ascension Process with the Lords of Melchizedek, which continues with them and the various Rays around the earth.

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Karen Jane

Karen began in complementary therapies when she was 40, having had a varied work life before that. Energy work is the part which speaks to her most and in which she specialises.

She began with Reiki and Seichem and developed her work with energy into working metaphysically, that is, between dimensions of time and space to facilitate clients in releasing influences from other lifetimes, or other dimensions in this lifetime, to enable them to advance in every way. This is soul-to-soul work.

At the same time, she channelled a series of day courses with some of her guides whom she knows as The Lords of Melchizedek.

Author of:

· The Lords of Melchizedek: A Down-to-Earth Guide to the Ascension

· Twixt Heaven & Earth – Biography of work with spirit

​You can find out more about Karen and her work with The Lords of Melchizedek at her website:

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