Metamorphic Technique® is not giving you another approach to believe in or not believe in. It puts at your disposal a very simple physical practice, connected with the inner attitude by the practitioner of acknowledging the facts of life (being a headache or a joy…) and letting them be.

In the practice of the Metamorphic Technique the practitioner uses a light touch on the feet, hands and head. Metamorphic Technique practitioners do not impose their will or seek to direct the recipient’s life in any way.

In his last years of teaching, Gaston Saint-Pierre, the founder of this simple and profound approach, used the word ritual for what is done in a session of Metamorphic Technique. A ritual, in my understanding, is not performed in order for something to be achieved or changed. A ritual is practiced in order to point towards something that words may not be sufficient for and the ‘something’ is existing irrespective of the ritual being performed or not. That raises the question: what is the ritual of Metamorphic Technique pointing to? It is pointing to the fact that it is life itself that will transform the seed into a flower or tree and it is that same life that also guides human beings to be and to express more and more of their uniqueness. ‘…Your children are not your children, they are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself…’ Kahlin Gibran is stating in one of his poems.

For the last 17 years, through giving and receiving sessions, I have lived with the Metamorphic Technique. Over a period of 10 years, I have helped organise and also attended Gaston Saint-Pierre’s workshops in Switzerland. From 2003 I have been teaching seminars and twice attend Gaston’s intense and very inspiring Teacher Training Course. After Gaston had passed in 2011, I was appointed as a Trustee for the educational charity The Metamorphic Association and also appointed to the role of training new teachers.

Why have I always been doing this work? Because I wanted to help or heal others? No, it is, because in the first seminar I attended with Gaston Saint-Pierre in 1997, I felt deeply touched and drawn to find out more about this simple practice. With every session I give, with every session I receive, and in every seminar I teach, I give myself an opportunity to dive deeper into the mystery of life and its incredible potential and creativity, without the need to believe anything or follow any ideal. To share my ongoing explorations with others is what I feel my challenge, my task and my passion – my way of expressing the wonder of life that we are.

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Marianne Tuor

Marianne grew up and still lives in the beautiful multilingual country of Switzerland. 17 years ago, while still working part time as a physiotherapist and doing art work, She attended her first Metamorphic Technique weekend seminar with the founder of this unique approach, Gaston Saint-Pierre.

The following year Marianne again attended Gaston’s seminar with her partner.

This inspired them so much that over the following 10 years they organised at least one weekend with Gaston every year in Switzerland.

In 2003 She attended an eleven day Teacher Training with Gaston and was so impacted by this that in 2008 she attended this Teacher Training a second time.

Their two sons, Samuel and Xander (now 15 and 13) grew up looking forward to having Gaston as their guest in their house every year, when he came to Switzerland to teach the seminars.

Thier two sons, Samuel and Xander (now 15 and 13) grew up looking forward to having Gaston as their guest in their house every year, when he came to Switzerland to teach the seminars.

Marianne started teaching weekend seminars in 2003 and still remains passionate about it.

When Gaston Saint-Pierre got ill in 2010, she started to get invitations to give workshops in other countries, where she has taught in both English and German.

In 2011 she was asked to join the board of Trustees of the Metamorphic Association, a registered educational charity, founded by Gaston in the late 1970’s.

In 2012 she was officially appointed, along with Maureen Muschamp from England, to organise and run the Teacher Training for new Teachers of the Metamorphic Technique. (Up to then all teacher trainings had been run by Gaston Saint-Pierre)

After an intense and wonderful process of preparation for this teacher training, involving a lot of learning and deepening of her understanding, they had a very successful 11 day residential course of Teacher Training which took place in Manchester.

It is her passion to serve the dissemination of this wonderful approach, while she is also a passionate mother of two young free spirits who are in the process of discovering more and more of their own uniqueness.

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