Affirmations ~ The Magic of “I Am”

“I Am” two of the most powerful words that exist, for anything that you place after them is what you are telling yourself and the Universe you are. Remember both are always listening.

It was a real pleasure to have David McLeod, the founder of The Magic of “I Am” join me to share the power of Affirmations and if you missed the program you can watch it below:

David McLeod

David McLeod is an international speaker/facilitator on the subjects of conscious self-creation and shadow mastery.

As a coach who works with individuals and groups, David shares his passion in supporting the creation and maintenance of powerful, spiritually-rewarding relationships for everyone.

David is the founder the founder of the "Magic of 'I Am'" and the creator of the popular "Daily Affirmation Program".

Website ~

Magic of “I AM” ~

Here are some Affirmations that David has shared with us

And here is a taste of some of the Affirmations I use daily

I Am living a fully supported and funded mission

I Am open to all the help and guidance offered to me

I Am the Love of My Life

I Am Special, I Love Me

I Am perfect just the way I Am


I wash away negativity; I wash away fear and anxiety

I wash away negativity; I wash away hurt and pain

I wash away negativity; I wash away anger, frustration and judgement


As I acknowledge and release my past, old wounds heal at last

Now I live for today and know it is special in every way


I Am free of anger pain and fear

I take Gods hand She/He is here

Love, Peace and Harmony are mine

I let the love within me shine


I Am Love, Peace & Harmony

I attract success and wealthy to me

My life is full of joy, happiness and success 

I Am the purest essence of me​


Please feel free to use and/or reword anything that we have shared here and in the program to suit you.

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