Yes, This Is About The Current Crisis We Find Ourselves In Worldwide

Personally I don’t like scare tactics, which is how I (Sara Jane, founder of Gift of Healing TV) feel this whole thing has been dealt with by the powers that be and press.

However, there is a lot more information out there, that is not being reported in the news and Jonathan Otto, founder of Health Secrets has put this series together so that you can have more of the facts to make up your own mind.

This is a 10 episode Documentary and the replay is happening Now, you can Register Here​​​ for Free

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Here’s What’s Inside Each Episode

January 10 ~ Starting 8PM EST / 5PM PST

  • Why are unapproved experimental vaccines being pushed on us?
  • What’s really in the COVID-19 injections? Why are they unlike any other vaccines? And how do they actually work? Dr. Larry Palevsky reveals the 5 crucial points why they’re not vaccines (as taught in medical schools).
  • Top doctors explain how messenger RNA can change the expression of your genes (permanently).
  • How ingredients in the COVID shot can trigger a cytokine storm, cause inflammation in the brain and spinal cord and result in autoimmune diseases like Multiple Sclerosis and Guillain Barre

January 11 ~ Starting 8PM EST / 5PM PST

  • How the unapproved, experimental COVID vaccines have turned millions of people into human guinea pigs
  • Why does VAERS, the “official” government database for vaccine deaths and adverse reactions, reflect only 1% of the true numbers?
  • Why the COVID vaccine prompts the development of so many variants, which are then immune to the vaccine
  • Why have other vaccines been banned after dozens of deaths, while the COVID vaccine is promoted as “completely safe” after thousands of deaths?

January 12 ~ Starting 8PM EST / 5PM PST

  • Why are so many double-vaccinated people dying from COVID if the vaccines are so effective?
  • How the “Trusted News Initiative” was set up by corporate media giants to crush any information about COVID vaccines that doesn’t conform to their narrative
  • Why the “government experts” and the mainstream media keep pushing masks when so many scientific studies have proven they’re ineffective
  • How government officials and bureaucrats have socially weaponized the COVID vaccine, shaming, bribing and coercing vulnerable people into getting vaxxed

January 13 ~ Starting 8PM EST / 5PM PST

  • How can the “experts” claim that the COVID vaccines are safe when they’re not FDA approved (Emergency Use Authorization only)
  • Why all the major COVID vaccines hijack the body’s genetic machinery (RNA and DNA) for the body to produce the dangerous spike protein, unlike any other vaccines ever produced
  • Why women are advised to postpone mammograms after getting the “completely safe” COVID vax, which causes swelling in the lymph nodes
  • Why have billions of people around the world been forced into life-changing lockdowns through media-generated fear and panic, for a condition that has a 99% survival rate for people under 70?

January 14 ~ Starting 8PM EST / 5PM PST

  • Why are pregnant women being told that the COVID vaccines are “completely safe” when Big Pharma and the FDA deliberately excluded pregnant women from randomizing testing to avoid injuring them and their unborn babies?
  • How COVID vaccines are affecting fertility and menstruation
  • Why the “experts” are ignoring the increased the risk of miscarriages
  • Why are nursing mothers being told it’s “completely safe” to take the COVID vaccines, which are passed on to their babies through breast milk?

January 15 ~ Starting 8PM EST / 5PM PST

  • Why do the “experts” dismiss Hydroxychloroquine when there are 259 supportive trials on 385,000 individuals demonstrating its safety and effectiveness?
  • Why are you not hearing that studies show 30% fewer deaths and 87% fewer hospitalizations resulting from this family of commonly prescribed meds?
  • Why has Ivermectin, which offers some protection against the spike protein and been proven safe and effective in 60 trials, been dismissed by the “experts”?
  • Which commonly prescribed drug showed a 25% reduction in hospitalization and deaths in 4,000 outpatients with symptomatic COVID?

January 16 ~ Starting 8PM EST / 5PM PST

  • How the same governments and “experts” that created a climate of fear, panic and isolation are pushing the COVID vaccines as the “solution”
  • Why are US state and federal governments bribing vulnerable people into getting vaxxed?
  • How employers can fire unvaxxed employees
  • How governments and schools can forcibly vaccinate children without parental knowledge and consent

January 17 ~ Starting 8PM EST / 5PM PST

  • How to stand up for your rights against a powerful government-forced and media-backed vaccine tyranny
  • Why the COVID vaccine is creating a two-tiered society (vaxxed and non-vaxxed)
  • How to fight back against vaccine discrimination
  • How to strengthen yourself physically, mentally and spiritually to resist being bullied into getting vaxxed

January 18 ~ Starting 8PM EST / 5PM PST

  • How the world’s richest and most powerful people are driving the vaccine agenda, including “philanthropic” billionaire Bill Gates who is entrenched with every aspect of the COVID vaccine
  • Why global governments are promising the world will be “transformed” by 2030
  • How the COVID vaccines could lead to transhumanism, where everything is digital and humans are connected to the Internet
  • Why the nanotechnology inside the COVID vaccines could be the first step towards transhumanism

January 19 ~ Starting 8PM EST / 5PM PST

  • The number one thing NOT to do
  • Steps to help your body “eat up” abnormal proteins and abnormal cells in your body
  • How the mind can help or hinder reversing the vaccine effects
  • What NOT to eat and why
  • The two emotions to avoid because they suppress the immune system
  • How to boost the immune system naturally and maximize good health
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