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Starts Monday 22nd August

Continues this week

Tuesday 23rd August

Wednesday 24th August

Today's Conversation ~ 11.30am PDT - 2.30pm EDT - 7.30pm BST

In This NOW: Harnessing Your Power While You Await Your Purpose with Kristi Borst

Many of us feel a sense of disconnect when we ponder our soul’s purpose or Higher Path. We may wait patiently, focus on reinventing ourselves, or merely give up.

Kristi Borst is an Earth Intuitive and Channel for Empowerment and Healing Energies. She’ll be sharing perspectives and insights for finding and connecting with our Inner Guidance and the soul power we can miss in each NOW.

Often the only things holding us back are stories from our families, karma, soul challenges … with awareness we can prevail. From the perspective of our soul self (eternal being having a human experience), the challenges and struggle which have seemed insurmountable in the past actually hold opportunity, hope, POWER!

You’ll leave the conversation with some tips and more clarity on what to do while you’re waiting for your purpose to appear.

Join them live and you can share your thoughts and questions in the live chat.

Thursday 25th August

Saturday 27th August

Starts Monday 29th August

Tuesday 30th August

Wednesday 31st August

Gift of Healing TV ~ 11.30am PDT - 2.30pm EDT - 7.30pm BST

Transforming Conflict Into Deeper Connections with Marisa Ferrera

We all want to have healthy relationships, especially with our families, but figuring out how to get there is often challenging. Many of us don’t know how to set boundaries or communicate our feelings in healthy ways, and we end up feeling torn, overwhelmed, and sometimes resentful. This often leads to conflict.

Are you afraid of conflict? Do you avoid it by not speaking your truth in an attempt to “keep the peace” believing that speaking up will cause more problems and make the situation worse?

Find out how you can use conflict as a gateway for creating deeper connections and more meaningful relationships with the people you care about.

Marisa will share with you what’s REALLY going on beneath the surface during a conflict along with some tips and practical steps you can take to not only stop conflict from escalating but also how to peacefully resolve them.

Wednesday 7th September

Gift of Healing TV ~ 11.30am PDT - 2.30pm EDT - 7.30pm BST

Healing Shame, Silence and Invisibility with Gayle Nowak

Common fears around speaking up, claiming space and sharing our true self challenges many people. Add unhealed traumatic experiences into the mix and it's no wonder our past pains interfere with, and sometimes sabotage, the present. Gayle Nowak is a transformational visibility coach, retreat leader and speaker who guides New Earth leaders to stop hiding their true self, unmask their magic and expand their impact. She'll be sharing her own journey around healing visibility wounds -- learning first to take a powerful stand for herself, then for others.

Hiding out, holding back and hustling may be signs that childhood wounds and subconscious patterns are standing in the way of your dreams, relationships and personal fulfillment. Everyone has past experiences that create patterns we bring into new situations, even when we no longer need them. The good news is that you have the power to transform that past hurt into new energy and fresh results.

You'll leave the conversation with takeaways that will help you free your energy from the past so you can open up to what you desire and deserve now.

Starts Monday 12th September

Wednesday 14th September

Today's Conversation ~ 11.30am PDT - 2.30pm EDT - 7.30pm BST

Creativity: Magic in the Mistakes with Jenny Hahn

Creative expression requires risk. It is through our willingness to release attachments to results and see things anew that allows creativity to flourish.

In this episode, professional artist/workshop facilitator and recovering perfectionist Jenny Hahn joins Enolia & Sara Jane to discuss ways she has learned to unblock her own creative flow by loosening expectations, finding beauty in imperfection and discovering magic in the mistakes.

Whether or not you identify as an “artist” or creative person, you will hear stories and receive tips and guidance to empower your own freedom through creative discovery.

Join them for the live program to ask question and comment in the chat

Starts Monday 26th September

Wednesday 28th September

Today's Conversation ~ 11.30am PDT - 2.30pm EDT - 7.30pm BST

Creating a New Earth, a New Life with Sarah Chave

It is time to birth a new future!

So how do we do this? Where do we start?

Sara Jane & Enolia are joined by Sarah Chave and they will be sharing their thoughts and inspiration on how we can transform our external world by starting with each of us as individuals.

How we can work together to make this change, to be the change we want to see in the world!

We have the choice to step away from the old world of competition and exploitation, which is failing and do things differently. We can choose to birth a future that is a reflection of our souls acquired wisdom and our deep connection with Mother Earth.

Will we make a shift to:

  • being more heart centred and aligned with our souls' desires?
  • considering whether what we are doing is for the highest good?
  • building community "by the people for the people" and how can we contribute to that?

Join them as they explore the possibilities of a new and better future for us all and feel free to join in, in the live chat.

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