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Monday 1st June

Day 1: Dangers of 5G to Children’s Health, How Wireless Causes Harm (Part 1), Extensive Biological Effects of EMFs & 5G, Science on 5G & Wireless Radiation,Critical Disruption of Mitochondria by EMFs, Harmful Effects of 5G & Wireless

Tuesday 2nd June

Episode 1: The Root Cause Of All Disease - How To Rise Above Stress, Anxiety and Mood Illnesses

Discover How To Create A Safe, Grounded Space Through Conscious Breathwork

Day 2: 5G: The Agenda for Total Control, Implications of Surveillance Capitalism, Addicted Society: Tech Addiction & 5G, 5G & the War on Consciousness, 5G & the Spiritual Crisis of Humanity, 5G & Total Global Surveillance

Wednesday 3rd June

Life Mastery TV ~ 10am PDT - 1pm EDT - 6pm BST

“As you sow in your subconscious mind, so shall you reap in your body and environment.” ― Joseph Murphy

Much has been written about the amazing power of the subconscious mind. A lot of it can be traced back to Carl Jung, who referred to it as the unconscious. Jung has also been instrumental in formalizing our understanding of Shadow; in fact he famously claimed that the entire unconscious was effectively Shadow.

In this episode of Life Mastery TV, David is joined by certified holistic healing practitioner, Tom Heintz, to share his expertise and wisdom about the subconscious and to inspire us to uncover unseen answers that will help us shift into lives of abundance.

Here are some of the things we will be talking about:

  • Emotion & Body Code
  • The 5½ Parts of You
  • Frequencies 101
  • The Happiness Factor

To sign up for this webinar, click on the link below and scroll down to find the Big Green "Register Now" button

 Gift of Healing TV ~ Meditation - 7.30pm BST

Meditation: Soul Connection

Sara guides you in a Meditation to connect with your Soul, the source of Love and who you are.

Sara hopes that you will join her for this relaxing and empowering meditation and suggests that you are able to make yourself comfortable, lying or sitting down.

That you will be undisturbed and that you have some gentle music of your choice playing in the background.

There is also likely to be a Soul Wisdom Message towards the end of the meditation.

Episode 2: Immunity 101: Strengthening Your Body’s Defense & Rooting Out Hidden Infections

Shamanic Practices to Restore Emotional and Physical Balance & Wellbeing in Times of Chaos

Day 3: Best Protection From EMFs & 5G, Safeguarding Your Home from 5G & EMF, Eliminating Dirty Electricity in Your Home, PEMF Technologies for Healing, Solutions for a Toxic Agenda,  “Smart” Meters & Their Hidden Agenda

Thursday 4th June

Day 4: Local Government & Community Actions, Science About Wireless & 5G Complete Regulatory Failure of 5G, Regional Governments Standing Against 5G, Detoxing & Happiness!,  “Clear Evidence of Cancer:" The $30M NTP Study

Episode 3: How To Restore & Protect Your Brain

Friday 5th June

Episode 4: Gut Health & How To Balance Your Microbiome, Reduce Inflammation, Heal Digestive Issues & Overcome Autoimmune Disorders

Day 5: How 5G Sites are Being Blocked & Removed (Part 1), Emergence of New Energy Technologies, Discerning / Dissolving "Social Engineering" Traps, 5G vs. Your Inner Authority, The Inner Challenge of 5G, Changing the World with Inner Resources

Saturday 6th June

Experience How Energy Medicine Yoga Heals, Calms, And Nurtures You

Day 6: Root Cause of Chronic Disease Epidemics, 5 Most Critical Areas of Harm (Part 2), Wireless Radiation in Autoimmunity, Effects of Wireless on the Human Biofield, Informed Consent: Who Owns Your Body?, EMF & New-Paradigm Physics

Episode 5: Healing Emotional & Physical Trauma

Sunday 7th June

Episode 6: Solutions For Heart & Blood Disorders

Day 7: The Legal Action Process (Part 2), Communities Using Fiber Optics Instead of 5G, Protecting Our Children, Keys in the Fight for Justice, Unlocking Hidden Potential of the 5G Crisis, Building Local Community to Resist 5G

Monday 8th June

DAY 1: Successful COVID-19 Therapy, Avoiding Cancer Cell Growth, Link Between Emotions & Disease, Overcoming Lyme Disease & Co-Infections, Testing Your Immune Strength, Thyroid Disorders & Immune Health

Episode 7: Overcoming Pain

Tuesday 9th June

Episode 8: Preventing & Healing Cancer

DAY 2: Natural COVID-19 Protocols, Vaccines & Immunity: The Untold Story, Biofilm Warnings: Uncovering Toxic Threats, Heal the Gut, Heal the Immune System, Nature’s Pharmacy: Safe Sickness Solutions, The Hidden Value of Fevers

Wednesday 10th June

 Gift of Healing TV ~ Thoughtful Nuggets & Pearls - 7.30pm BST

Self-Worth & Self Confidence

Sara is joined by Heather Prince and they will be sharing their thoughts on ways to build your Self-worth & Self-confidence.

They'll touch on:

  • Ways to help you create a new mindset, helping you feel good about yourself
  • Different ideas to support you to conquer anxiety, shame & guilt
  • Suggested steps to boost your self-understanding, self-acceptance, self-love and more

“Just because someone threw you into Lake Inferior, doesn’t mean you have to keep swimming in it. Get out, you’re better than that” ~ Bruce Van Horn

Visit Places Of Sanctuary & Healing In Your Dreamtime

Episode 9: Reproductive Health

DAY 3: Suppressed COVID-19 Treatment, Winning Immune Health Strategies, Killing Viruses Naturally, Supplements for Immune Strength, Family Health: Where Immunity Begins, How Chronic Infections Block Detox

Thursday 11th June

DAY 4: How to Avoid the Threat of COVID-19, Pandemic Preparedness: A Survival Guide, Home Remedies for Infections, Dental Dangers: The Roots of Disease, Health Impact of Wireless Technology, Cellular Stress: The Link to Disease, Candida & Immunity Solutions

Friday 12th June

DAY 5: How to Stop the COVID-19 Cytokine Storm, How to Naturally Boost Immunity, Vital Tools to Correct Immune Problems, Testing Immune Strength: A Functional Approach, Energy Medicine: Miracle Cures Exposed

Saturday 13th June

DAY 6: Toxic Metals That Damage Immunity, Major Immunity ThreatsThe Toxin Solution: Avoiding Disease, Liver Health: Your Guide to Super Immunity, Protecting Immunity: Effective Herbal Remedies

Sunday 14th June

DAY 7: Science Behind Strong Immunity, Recovery Story: Saved from Death, Autoimmune Disease Solutions Revealed, Immune System Recovery Plan, Repairing & Defending Immune Function

Starts Monday 15th June

Improve your nervous system function to boost immunity

Wednesday 17th June

 Gift of Healing TV ~ Thoughtful Nuggets & Pearls - 7.30pm BST

Trauma Release with Whale Sounds 

Did you know that the Blue Whale has the largest heart of any animal known to our planet, weighing in at close to 1,000 pounds and that their sounds are subsonic?

What does the Blue Whale with its 1,000-pound heart and subsonic sounds have to do with releasing trauma?

Did you know that Sperm Whales are the loudest animal on our planet and their clicks can blow out ear drums?

What does the Sperm Whale with is loudest clicks and songs and production of ‘floating gold’, have to do with releasing trauma?

When communicating they produce difference songs, grunts, moans, blasts and shrieks. Each tone of their song is made up of sound waves and these sonic tones can travel hundreds to thousands of miles through the ocean and resonate the core of the earth.

It also recycles more carbon by their consumption and elimination of plankton then all of the trees on earth. What does the Humpback Whale with its kind, angelic heart, signature sound waves and oxygenation of the earth have to do with releasing trauma?

We will take a deep dive into all of this and more with Mahalia Michael, a mystical earth mermaid who is the founder of the Academy of Brain Bliss.

Friday 19th June

Today's Conversation ~ 9am PDT - 5pm BST

Living Life in the Unknown

In this new mini-series Sara & Enolia are going to talk about some of the subjects that people have difficulty talking about.

They start with “Living Life in the Unknown” ~ there are always changes going on in our lives, new jobs, new home, new relationships, the end of relationships, health issues, family, friends, feelings, anxiety, worry, fear and so much more.

How do you deal with the changes? Do you “just get on with it”? Do you allow yourself to “feel the fear and do it anyway”? Do you bury your feelings, which just increases your Stress levels? Do you have someone you can talk to and support you?

Many of us have been taught to suppress our feelings, “Big Boys/Girls don’t cry” and many have been told it is not OK to think about themselves and what they would like.

In this 30-minute conversation Sara & Enolia will touch on some if not all of these and more, we hope you will join them.

Wednesday 24th June

 Gift of Healing TV ~ 7.30pm BST

What is Happinezz Energy Coaching with Cornelle Sterk

Through fears, beliefs and emotions you can lose sight of yourself or reality. With all its consequences.

You become ill, you get a divorce, you have problems with your family, you get a burnout or you are just unhappy and don't understand what you are doing here on earth!

Those of you who are engaged in this process of awareness, sometimes need courage to take the next steps in your development and evolutionary process.

Energy coaching and Healing brings you all the way back to yourself, back to the person you originally were. You grow towards unity and love and it reconnects you with Oneness, so that mind, soul and body integrate, become one.

As Happinezz Energy Coach Cornelle helps and supports people who are stuck in their process towards a happier life.

She works on the problems behind the problems, helping people start to feel themselves, accept and become healthy on every level. The inner child is healed, the chakras are back in balance, the physical works the way it should.

Starts Monday 29th June

Do you know someone struggling with brain health issues?

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