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Wednesday 8th February

Today's Conversation: 11.30am PST - 2.30pm EST - 7.30pm GMT

The importance of Re-Connecting back to Nature with David Tyrrell

We have over years, decades and more, disconnected from our natural world.

Not only has this created an imbalance within ourselves it has created an imbalance for Gaia, Mother Earth.

So we must wherever we can re connect back to nature through our daily actions and intentions.

Join David, Patricia & Sara as they share their thoughts, experiences and suggestions to support you in a great connection with Nature.

Monday 13th February

Continues this week

Tuesday 14th February

Wednesday 15th February

Gift of Healing TV: 11.30am PST - 2.30pm EST - 7.30pm GMT 

Thoughtful Nuggets & Pearls : Do You Have The Right to Feel Good?

What are your beliefs about you and what it is OK for you to feel, do, experience, accept, expect…

Do you feel worthy, loveable, good enough?

How has your upbringing and experiences to date left you feeling about yourself?

In this conversation Sara Jane & Sheela will explore how life experience can leave you feeling about yourself and share suggestion of how you can move beyond negative feelings about yourself and learn that you are worthy of all the love that you give to others and so much more.

Join them for the live program and feel free to ask questions and share comments in the chat.

Thursday 16th February

Starts Thursday 16th February

Wednesday 22nd February

Today's Conversation: 11.30am PST - 2.30pm EST - 7.30pm GMT

Journey of the Soul ~ Guest Shirley Battie

Shirley learnt about the soul journey through her channelled readings relating to origins of individuals.

She speaks of how we come from Source, that which we call God or the Great Divine Intelligence, and our innate desire to return to Source.

Shirley shares of the many incarnations taken to facilitate this journey and of the Oversoul and explains what this means. She can also speak about soul exchange during one lifetime.

Join Shirley, Sara & Patricia for what promises to be a powerful and enlightening program. Feel free to ask questions and comment in the live chat.

Testimonial: "The soul reading was fascinating. It described my past lives thousand of years ago from Atlantis to America. When the reading was over things began to happen which I thought would be totally impossible. Shirley was still in a trance when spirit said they would try to appear to us. After 20 seconds she started to change into an old oriental man with a long white beard. As the minutes went by he became clearer and clearer until there was a physical Chinese man of about 60-70 years old sitting where Shirley was meant to be. After a few more minutes seeing very clearly this spirit Shirley started to disappear. This happened at least 4-5 times in as many minutes. We were amazed the three of us seeing exactly the same thing. It is difficult to put into words what we saw that day and is something you would have to see to understand." Thank you Shirley for an amazing experience.

Saturday 25th February

Starts Monday 27th February

Wednesday 1st March

Gift of Healing TV: 11.30am PST - 2.30pm EST - 7.30pm GMT 

Heartwork: How To Get What You Really, REALLY Want with Dale Goldstein

Dale will present the fundamental principles of Heartwork

Lead a brief Awareness Meditation

Answer your questions (he loves to answer questions!)

And, if there’s time and interest, do a mini-Heartwork session or two with a volunteer who wants to get to the heart of their matter.

Join them for the live program to ask your questions and possibly be the recipient of a mini session

Wednesday 8th March

Today's Conversation: 11.30am PST - 2.30pm EST - 7.30pm GMT

Reboot Your Cells and Upgrade Your Life with the Power of Sound ~ Guest Joanne Bracken

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why do I always have to…?” Or maybe you have wondered about a particular fear that you carry that does not make sense in your life. Other experiences may involve communication issues, problems with authority, and feelings of disempowerment.

Our DNA holds the record of every experience we have had in all life expressions as well as the experiences of our ancestors. That’s a lot of information! Our body is like a computer which runs on a type of software that governs our beliefs, actions, feelings, etc. We run on old tapes, and now is a wonderful time in our history as humans to upgrade our software. Working with sound and conscious intention is a powerful tool to rewrite our negative programming so that we are not run by outdated programs. Joanne will demonstrate a simple clearing technique that anyone can use.

Join Joanne, Patricia & Sara to learn more about the power of Sound and how it can expand your life.

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