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Starts Monday 1st March

Discover How To Determine Your Food Sensitivities

Wednesday 3rd March

Life Mastery TV ~ 10am PST - 1pm EST - 6pm GMT

If you were a child of the 50s or 60s, there's a good chance you were told on multiple occasions that "children should be seen and not heard." Maybe your memories include being told to be quiet, or not to ask so many questions! Or maybe you were even told that your questions were stupid!

The net result of experiences like these is that many of us became afraid to speak up, worried about what others might think or say. The truth is that many of us gave up, and as a result we lost our voice.

For this episode of Life Mastery TV, David has invited back his  good friend Sara Jane, The Master of Voice & Sound Energy, whose early life experiences and personal healing journey help her to support others to find their voice. They'll take a deep dive into this topic and discuss things like the following:

  • Conditioning in Early Childhood
  • The Teenage Years
  • Leaving Home and Relationships
  • Finding Your Voice

Please come join us for the live presentation and share your perspective with us!

Gift of Healing TV ~ 11.30am PST - 2.30pm EST - 7.30pm GMT

Exercise: Getting Creative

“All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a space of no-mind, from Inner Stillness” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Creativity is very individual because we are all unique. It comes in many different forms, woodwork, metalwork, flower arranging, crochet and knitting, gardening, writing and poetry, drawing and painting, collages, mosaics and so much more.

This exercise is about having some fun, a way of tapping into your own creativity & growing it.

If you feel drawn to have to hand pen, paper, crayons, scissors, glue, whatever speaks to you, then do or you may wish to just sit and see what thoughts and ideas come into your mind (pen and paper could be handy to make notes before the ideas slip away).

“Life is about Creativity”

Saturday 6th March

Discover Improvisational Flute-Playing As A Gateway To Healing & Playfulness

Starts Monday 8th March

The Time To Engage In Your Journey Of Transformation Is NOW

Wednesday 10th March

Gift of Healing TV ~ 11.30am PST - 2.30pm EST - 7.30pm GMT

What is the Korason Method (for Authentic Voice & Dialogue)?

"Connecting Heart & Throat Chakras for Healing Communication"

The Korason Method for Authentic Voice and Dialogue is an elegant system - easy to learn, easy to practice, easy to apply - containing great depth and potential for life-changing benefits such as insights & breakthroughs, a more easeful physical voice, emotional equanimity, enhanced communication and relationship, reversal of the aging process.

Hugh, a pianist and flamenco singer & dancer, brings elements of music, shamanism and Agni (fire/heart) yoga into KM and teaches in many countries and on Zoom.

A 4-part Training in the Korason Method on Zoom will start in May, 2021.

Wednesday 17th March

Gift of Healing TV ~ Thoughtful Nuggets & Pearls

12.30pm PDT - 3.30pm EDT - 7.30pm GMT

Healing the Luminous Energy Field (LEF) from Trauma

Leslie Rowans joins Sara to discuss the Luminous Energy Field (LEF) and share from a Shamanic and energy body perspective why healing the Luminous Energy Field is important, releasing and liberating it from emotional and physical Trauma.

Sara & Leslie have both worked on themselves to help heal the trauma in their lives and will share some suggestions as well.

Background Information: Healing deals with the cause of the disease (which is usually an emotional trauma), and the resulting toxic feelings that separate the person from his or her joy and health. To shamans, disease is the manifestation of trauma stored in the person’s Luminous Energy Field (LEF).

The energy field is left with the marks of trauma that are repeatedly triggered and become the story of one’s life.

Healing happens when we clear these imprints from the LEF. True healing leads us to an experience of infinity, to discover a self that exists outside of time that can never experience illness and never be touched by disease.

Friday 12th March

Today's Conversation ~ 12.30pm PDT - 3.30pm EDT - 7.30pm GMT

We Are Worthy with Guests Bukeka Blackmore

Enolia & Sara are joined by Bukeka Blackmore, the creator of Travel BukekaStyle and co-owner of FABUtainment TV.

We are worthy!

Not because of what we know, not because of what we do, it's simple because we are.

Our worth is inherent, invaluable and embedded in our DNA. We are born to be great and are fully equipped to create not just things or entities but experiences that are an extension of the power that created each and every individual.

Romans 8:12 Be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the power of your mind.

The world in its physical nature is temporary and if we focus on the physical it reminds you of limits, short lived, and there is an expiration.

When we understand that we are not of the world, we are unlimited and eternal. We are worthy. unlimited, and eternal.

Starts Monday 22nd March

Learn To Cultivate The Optimum Environment For Health And Well-Being

Wednesday 24th March

Today's Conversation ~ 12.30pm PDT - 3.30pm EDT - 7.30pm GMT

Grief & Loss

What is it & ways to support you through it?

With Guest Dr. Birgitte Tan

When you think of Grief/Loss, what are your first thoughts?

There are many things that happen in our lives that can cause grief and feelings of loss.

Different things affect people in different ways, what is hurtful to a child may be more easily coped with as an adult.

Have you known anyone who has experienced a loss, have you? How did you deal with it?

Grief is natural and normal; would you benefit from being able to navigate your challenges and find joy with more ease and confidence?

Sharing from their own experiences to help and support you, Sara Jane, Enolia & Dr. Birgitte discuss how you & your loved ones can effortlessly thrive, even in face of adversities; we all deserve to thrive.

Starts Monday 29th March

Discover Tools To Build Better Brain Health

Wednesday 31st March

Gift of Healing TV ~ 7.30am BST

A Meditative Song for Mother Earth & All that Live on Her

Sara is joined by June Laffey who will be sharing beautiful Energies for Mother Earth from her retreat Topi Topi

We hope you will join us and if you would like to join in with drums, rattles, singing bowls, etc, feel free to have them to hand.

Letting the energy of what June is sharing flow through you and guide you with the Sound you add to its energies in your own personal space and offered for the Highest Good for All.

June is a channel and it is possible that she may bring in galactic and indigenous energies together.

She will be sharing from her beautiful Retreat in Australia, Topi Topi, feel the energies of what she brings and the land she is sharing from.

Starts Monday 5th April

Learn About The Critical Role The Mitochondria Plays In Nearly Every Disease!

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