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The Food Matters Total Wellness Summit Online Schedule

Day 1

  • Ocean Robbins: Benefits Of An Anti-Inflammatory Diet Plus 7 Foods To Combat Inflammation
  • Food Matters Recipe: Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Coconut Milk Latte

Day 2

  • Daniel Vitalis: Nature’s Weapons Against Disease: Healing Foods, Herbal Remedies & Ancient Nutrition
  • Food Matters Recipe: Immune Boosting Wild Berry Smoothie

Day 3

  • Donna Gates: How To Heal Your Gut Naturally & Kick Candida For Good
  • Food Matters Recipe: Gut Healing Autumn Nourish Bowl

Day 4

  • Jon Gabriel: Transform Your Mind & Body Through Visualization
  • Food Matters Bonus: 10-Minute Visualization For Weightloss

Day 5

  • Chara Caruthers: Healing Herbs And Spices Plus How To Rebalance Digestion
  • Food Matters Recipe: Creamy Coconut Lentil Curry

Day 6

  • Dawson Church: Coping With Stress, Anxiety & Maintaining A Positive Energy In Times Of Crisis
  • Food Matters Bonus: 10-Minute Meditation To Calm Anxiety

Day 7

  • John Robbins: How To Eat More Consciously & Make Veganism Achievable In The Modern World
  • Food Matters Recipe: Ginger Cashew Vegan Stir-Fry

Day 8

  • Dr. Eric Zielinski: Aromatherapy For Reducing Inflammation & Boosting Immunity
  • Food Matters Recipe: The Ultimate Skin Beauty Salad

Day 9

  • Robby Barbaro & Cyrus Khambatta: Mastering Blood Sugar Spikes, Obesity & Diabetes Naturally
  • Food Matters Recipe: Chocolate Lovers Smoothie Bowl

Day 10

  • Andrew Saul: Vitamin C For Immunity, Disease Prevention & Covid-19
  • Food Matters Recipe: Immunity-Boosting Elixir Shot

Are you feeling stressed-out and lacking energy? Or maybe you’ve been suffering from gut health and skin issues?

The great news is that the Food Matters Total Wellness Summit is coming, and you are invited!

Save your spot to the Food Matters Total Wellness Summit

The Food Matters Total Wellness Summit is hosted by James Colquhoun. He’s the filmmaker behind some familiar titles - Transcendence Season 1 & 2, Food Matters, and Hungry for Change - and he’s the founder of the thriving online wellness hub Food Matters.

In this transformational new Summit, you’ll discover:

  • The latest immune defence against viruses.
  • How you can master diabetes naturally.
  • The secret weapons to manage blood sugar.
  • The benefits of vitamin C & D to boost your immunity.
  • Natural foods and therapies to fight inflammation & disease.
  • Effective strategies to manage stress, overwhelm & anxiety.
  • How to heal your gut naturally and treat candida once and for all.
  • The science and power of visualization & why you need to use it for transformation.

Plus, you’ll get access to never before seen interviews with expert health and wellness leaders including, John Robbins, Dawson Church, Donna Gates, Daniel Vitalis, Ocean Robbins, Elizabeth Rider, Dr. Eric Z and more.

The Total Wellness Summit is kicking off for FREE on Saturday, March 20! Save your spot Here

This event will be transformational, so don’t miss it. You never know what might be your own turning point.

When you save your spot today, you’ll get instant access to the 7 Scientifically-Proven Morning Habits to Transform Your Health, Happiness & Life eBook. Register Here

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