Tuesday 29th September ~ 12pm PDT – 3pm EDT – 8pm GMT

Discover Powerful Ancient Dream Practices For Healing Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Did you know that your night-time dreams can provide powerful insights for healing your body, mind and spirit, overcoming your life challenges and evolving into wholeness and fulfilment?

The 5,000-year-old Toltec tradition of Mesoamerica, originally the secret knowledge of the Mexican Chichimeca (masters of the dream state) used this power of perception to manifest desired realities, and even transform matter itself.

 Their ancient knowledge, passed down to the Aztecs, is rooted in Nahualism, spiritual teachings that use the altered states of the dreamtime, while asleep and awake, to explore other energetic dimensions, connect with ancestral guides, initiate self-healing and masterfully create the future.

On Tuesday 29th September, Mexican mystic, healer, dream teacher and author Sergio Magaña will share the power of Toltec Dreaming to help you release heavy energies of the past, clear the way for more transformative dream states, use ancient dreaming to manifest your desires and even change the trajectory of your life.

You can register for Toltec Dreaming & the Prophecies of the Suns: Ancient Dreaming Practices to Release the Past, Heighten Intuition, Heal & Manifest, HERE

In this powerful hour, you’ll:

  • Discover Nahualism, ancient Mexican dream wisdom that uses the “blossom dream” or lucid dream for dreaming at will and for manifestation while asleep or awake
  • Learn how the night is split into different dreaming cycles to assess your optimal times for lucid dreaming and creating in your dreams
  • Discover the wisdom in the Prophecies of the Suns to help you better understand these transformational times and the ways dreaming can help you navigate them
  • Discover Toltec Yoga for Dreaming and learn the foundational postures of animals and Gods, as well as a breathing exercise to release heavy energies from the past, free up your energy and live more fully
  • Experience a Dream Planting practice to set an intention, transmute the energy of a current challenge and manifest a more desirable outcome

Sergio will also share about the prophecies of the suns, teachings from the Toltec and Aztec calendars that perceive the movement of the Sun over thousands of years as holding profound wisdom about the transformation of the Earth and humanity.

You’ll discover how these ancient teachings foresaw our present global challenges and that the Sun’s current movement, from the Fifth to the Sixth Sun, signifies a shift in human consciousness, including our understanding of how we relate to ourselves, each other, the Earth and the cosmos.

You’ll also learn how Toltec Dreaming can help you navigate these challenging times and manifest a better future using the new energy and opportunities the Sixth Sun brings.

You can Register for free HERE

In Toltec Dreaming & the Prophecies of the Suns: Ancient Dreaming Practices to Release the Past, Heighten Intuition, Heal & Manifest, you’ll discover the once-secret dream wisdom of the Chichimeca and experience a powerful dream practice to transmute the energies of a current challenge and manifest a more desirable outcome.

Even if you are unable to catch the event as scheduled, if you Register and miss it, you’ll receive a downloadable recording as soon as it’s available.

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