A Winter Solstice Healing Experience

The event where our tribe gathers around our healers and leaders–experts like Kelly Brogan,M.D. RFK, Jr.Zach Bush, M.D. and more.

These health and wellness trailblazers will headline a FREE, Five-Day Summit that features documentary films, exclusive interviews and world-class speakers.

It’s called The Event.

The Replay will be available from 26th - 28th December

  • When 100,000 people come together as one, to build the future we all envision.
  • A future that’s filled with free and sovereign souls.
  • Who are all in control of their health.
  • This is the event we’ve all been waiting for.
  • The event where health freedom meets lawful solutions.
  • Where we discuss everything from unschooling to homestead farming–to dozens of other topics that will help liberate humanity.

This is The Event that was destined to happen and you’re invited to join.

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