The Chatter Relaxer

By Tommy Stoffel​

How to Understand Every Human Being

After asking what I did for a living, an air traveling Grandma pondered my reply for 20 minutes. Eventually, she turned to the lady on her other side and whispered, “I think I might have Chatter!” Many people don’t even realize those voices in their head are something they ‘have’ and not something they ‘are’. No less realize the negative impacts this harmful self-talk and chatter directly has on their life. After finishing a relaxing Thai lunch one day, I cracked open the cookie to find this fortune, “When it comes to friends, the voice in your head is rarely one of them.” Right!? And even when someone wakes up to the fact they’re not the thoughts in their head, and then they decide they want to do something about it, where do you go for help to change these little buggers from foe to friend?

Being in the ‘How to Be a Human Being’ business, perhaps I’m overly sensitive to the constant outward chatter I hear that mimics the troubling inner voices. Things like, ‘Worry is just part of life.’ ‘Stress is part of being human.’ ‘Anxiety comes with the territory.’ ‘Everyone gets angry--It’s human nature.’ And even, ‘I’m destined to suffer.’

Lie. Lie. Untruth. False statement. And JUST NOT TRUE!

None of these stresses, behaviors, or conditions comes to us naturally. There's nothing natural about it. Nature doesn’t create stress, worry, or fear. Only humans create these abominations, and only in our heads are they first imagined and then brought to life. Truth is, they're Not unavoidable conditions, or 'human nature', as some would have them self and you believe. They’re actually the furthest thing from Human Nature.

Fact of the matter is, at our core, at our essence, at the root of our true human nature, is an abundance of peace, courage, confidence, and presence. And all we need to do is clean off some of the crap blocking it. Like wiping grime off a dirty mirror.

In comes The Chatter Relaxer. A simple, profound, easy-to-follow step-by-step do-it-yourself self-study program specifically designed to remove the crud in our heads and expose the bright, intelligent, intuitive Human Being that IS your Nature. Simple as that.

And when you do, you'll not only be back in touch with the amazing being you deep-down know you are, but you'll get an amazing bonus as well. For when you understand yourself, your true nature, you'll also understand the true nature, and not-so-true nature, of every human being on the planet.

And how much more effective will you be on earth with that little tidbit of wisdom?

Look forward to Seeing You . . .

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Tommy Stoffel

As a rocket scientist, military officer, and high-tech manager, Tommy was doing his best living life.

As with all of us, he had his ups, and he had his downs.

A few of these ‘downs’ sent Tom looking for a change, and after years of searching he found the awesome power of a calm mind and clear thinking.

Tom now shares what he’s gathered from great teachers across time with those seeking true and lasting peace of mind — A gift with amazing benefits.

He simply and logically shows what makes up the noise in our head and offers fun, practical tools for relaxing and reducing that troublesome inner chatter — For GOOD!

You can find out more about Tommy and The Chatter Relaxer on his website​

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