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Your brain is under attack; disorders like depression, anxiety, headaches, ADHD, memory loss, epilepsy, dementia and other neurological disorders are MORE prevalent than ever before.

Compared with other disease areas, central nervous system disorders have had the HIGHEST failure rate for new medications in advanced clinical trials. Most of the drugs meant to treat diseases associated with the brain, including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, MS, ADHD, autism, anxiety and depression, fail. Period.

We cannot count on a single pill to solve our health problems. But, hope is NOT lost!

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What is "superhuman?" 99% of the population is focused on treating the symptoms of brain-based diseases and disorders. Remarkably, the 1% who focus on cultivating a healthy, high-performing brain often see symptoms disappear as a side effect of getting healthy and restoring function.

"Super" can be simple.

Choose to live ABOVE the status quo by addressing brain health from a different perspective, with superhuman upgrades!

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The Superhuman Brain Masterclass will help you:

  • Excel with enhanced brain function
  • Find natural solutions to help heal brain diseases
  • Eliminate brain fog and ADHD
  • Protect / reverse effects of an ageing brain
  • Rapidly recover from concussion, brain injury and trauma
  • Prevent and reverse depression and anxiety
  • Identify foods that DESTROY your brain (and fix it instead!)
  • Use technology, nootropics and lifestyle strategies to achieve
  • And more!

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It's time to become SUPERhuman, it's the upgrade you've been waiting for, whether you're in need of healing OR enhancing your brain!

The Superhuman Brain Masterclass is online and free from 13th – 19th April 2020!

Brain diseases and disorders start 15-40 years before they're diagnosed. At the SUPERhuman Brain Masterclass, you'll learn the best ways to prevent these disorders by upgrading your brain to SUPERhuman.

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How to Avoid and Heal the Toxic Brain

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How to Upgrade Your Brain

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DAY 1: APRIL 13, 2020

  • Ryan Wohlfert, DC, CCSP & Isaac Jones, DC, BS - Essentials for Brain Nutrition
  • Tom O'Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN - Leaky Brain: Foods That Destroy Your Brain (And How to Fix It!)
  • Jeffrey Smith - Critical First Step for a Superhuman Brain
  • Kimmye Bohannon - Low Glycemic Juicing to Heal Your Gut & Brain
  • Nagina Abdullah - Use Spices to Maximize Energy & Mental Clarity
  • John Dempster, ND, FAARFM, ABAAHP - Connection Between Gut Health & Brain Performance
  • Nykki Hardin - Ayurvedic Herbal Cleanse to Reset Your Brain, Body & Mind
  • Partha Nandi, MD, FACP - How Your Microbiome Can Optimize Brain Health

Day 2: APRIL 14, 2020

  • Michelle Sands, ND - Fix Your Hormones to Overcome Brain Fog & Fatigue
  • Edward F. Group III, DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM - Eliminate the Root Cause of Brain Dysfunction
  • Ryan Wohlfert, DC, CCSP & Isaac Jones, DC, BS - Brain Hygiene to Eliminate Toxic Exposure
  • Jonathan Landsman - Dangers in Your Mouth Threatening Brain Health
  • Michelle Jeffries, DO - Reversing Skin Inflammation & Aging to Maximize Brain Function
  • Marcelle Pick, MSN, OB-GYN, NP - Balance Female Hormones to Upgrade Brain Function

Day 3: APRIL 15, 2020

  • Ryan Wohlfert, DC, CCSP & Isaac Jones, DC, BS - Fitness to Build Limitless Brain Power & Health
  • Ryan Wohlfert, DC, CCSP & Isaac Jones, DC, BS - Brain-Balancing Fitness Solutions
  • Ryan Wohlfert, DC, CCSP & Isaac Jones, DC, BS - Holistic Sleep Optimization for Peak Brain Repair
  • Krista Burns, DHA, DC, CPX, CPN, CErg - Better Posture for Better Brain Performance
  • Mike Headlee, DC - Beginner to Advanced Sleep Techniques
  • Jeff Styba, DC - Essential Oils to Boost Focus, Attention & Performance
  • Robert Richman - Create a High-Performing Environment for Your Brain

Day 4: APRIL 16, 2020

  • Ryan Wohlfert, DC, CCSP & Isaac Jones, DC, BS - Brain Detoxification & Healing Strategies
  • Jonathan Otto - Protect Your Brain from Alzheimer’s, Dementia & Autoimmunity
  • Peter Osborne, DC, DACBN, PScD - Autoimmune Influence on Brain Disorders and Diseases
  • Wendy Myers, FDN-P, NC, CHHC - How Toxic Metals Impact Brain Performance
  • Christa Orecchio, CN - Whole Food Brain Nutrition & Lifestyle Hacks
  • Jodi Cohen - Natural Tools to Activate Your Vagus Nerve
  • Elena Villanueva, DC - Leaky Brain: Cause of Mental Health Disease

Day 5: APRIL 17, 2020

  • Ryan Wohlfert, DC, CCSP & Isaac Jones, DC, BS - Reprogram Your Subconscious Brain for Clarity & Focus
  • Heidi Hanna, PhD - Train Your Brain to Use Stress as Fuel
  • Dan Engle, MD - Concussion Repair Tactics & Brain Optimization Solutions
  • Ben Lerner, DC - Winning the Inside Battle of Health & Wellness
  • Brian Grasso - 4 Steps to Finally Achieve the Goals You Set
  • Titus Chiu, MS, DC, DACNB - 6-Week Plan to Recover from Concussion, Brain Injury & Trauma
  • Eva Detko, PhD, MSc, BA (Hons), mIAHT - Strengthen Vagal Tone to Upgrade Your Brain

Day 6: APRIL 18, 2020

  • Ryan Wohlfert, DC, CCSP & Isaac Jones, DC, BS - Productivity Hacks for Brain Performance
  • Ryan Wohlfert, DC, CCSP & Isaac Jones, DC, BS - Brain Supplements & Nootropics
  • Evan Brand, BCHN, CFMP, NTP - Causes of Brain Dysfunction & Incorporating Nootropics
  • Dave Ruel - 4-Step System to Organize Your Brain
  • Daniel Stickler, MD
  • Future of Nootropics, Biohacking Technologies & Genomics
  • Ben Greenfield - Advanced Brain Biohacking Tech, Nootropics & Strategies

Day 7: APRIL 19, 2020

  • Ryan Wohlfert, DC, CCSP & Isaac Jones, DC, BS - Superhuman Brain Lifestyle Habits
  • David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS - Keto and Fasting for Next Level Brain Performance
  • Rudy Mueller, DC, IFMCP, FAARFM - Protect & Reverse the Effects of an Aging Brain
  • Peter Kan, DC, DACNB, FAAIM - NeuroMetabolic Roadmap for Enhanced Brain Function
  • Kirk Gair, DC, IDE - Laser Photobiomodulation to Help Heal the Brain
  • Ryan Cedermark, DC - Insights on Brain Analysis & Treatment

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