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In this series Sheelagh Maria & Caroline Oceans Ryan shared wisdom from two collective energies - two groups of higher beings dedicated to helping us live more fully, joyfully, and abundantly.

They are 'the Three' -- three beautiful, wise higher beings channelled by Sheelagh Maria Wright, and 'the Collective' -- a group of caring and compassionate Galactic and Angelic beings channelled by Caroline Oceana Ryan.

This is much more than just visualising constantly or saying affirmations you don't fully believe. Practical spiritual tools will be given that you can use every day to create outer results.

In this series Sheelagh  channelled advice and guidance from Archangels Michael, Gabrielle & Jophiel.

She focused upon how they can help you in practical ways to manifest outcomes that have remained elusive.

The Archangels focused upon detailing what life purpose entails and helping you to understand where you are on yours.

The guidance that is given will be applicable to everyone and will help you to live your life purpose right here right now.

Sheelagh’s work is all about helping you discover your next step so that your purpose may become clear.....

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