By Ildiko Scurr

I'd like you to imagine a lake with a leaf gently floating on the surface. Now imagine that you throw a pebble in the water and the ripples spread out. What happens to the leaf? It gets rocked by the ripples maybe even capsized and perhaps gets caught up in a flow of water going in another direction. The leaf represents us and the pebble represents significant disruptive experiences in our lives. We are often not aware of the deep changes that throw us out of harmony on every level.

20 years ago I felt like that leaf. Little did I know how much I had capsized. One ordinary day I woke up with no warning that my life was about to descend into a nightmare. On that day I just seemed to lose my mind. I had no warning that I would suffer endless panic attacks, high anxiety and a feeling of disconnection to the people in my life. I could not guess at how fearful I would become of life and that I would no longer see the world around me as a safe and stable place. On that day I did not know that this situation would last for many years. I was just 24 years old with my life ahead of me and I felt as if that life was over.

What I did not realise then was something I know now. There were plenty of warning signs about what was going to happen to me, I knew that the pebble was going to be thrown in, I just did not know how stop it from happening. Nobody had taught me how to be consciously aware of the state of my body, mind and spirit.

When you are suffering you will naturally look for a way out of that pain. I spent the next 6 years trying out many therapies to find that solution. I began to learn that the way the world had been explained to me was not how it worked at all.

· It is not alright to shove all your upsetting feelings down and pretend you are fine.

· It is not good to eat everything even though your body is crying out through physical symptoms that it does not get on with what you are putting in your mouth.

· It is not acceptable to allow others to impose their will on you and force you to give up your dreams and goals.

Somewhere, sometime the day of reckoning will come. I learned that I had been accelerating towards it for many years and so it was no surprise that my system had finally overloaded. Our bodies give us clear messages of whether we are doing something which is life-affirming or life-negating.

I have to be honest, I did not find any modality I tried which made a significant change to my pain, until I looked into Energy Psychology and that started me on a journey of my own deep healing and at the same time, developing a system which would become Life Retuning. Through many years of study I discovered that thoughts and emotions are patterns of energy. We all have an energy field surrounding our bodies, it is called the aura. The aura is an unseen database where every single experience you have ever had is recorded. The data is recorded as energy waves and can be accessed in a very scientific way through our bodies. Not only can the ripples from the pebbles be traced with total accuracy, but also what happened to the leaf.

In other words, the reasons for current problems like distressing emotions, upsetting thoughts and physical discomfort can be found and released from our systems. The result is that the problem disappears. The beauty of reading the data from the aura is that the logical mind can be bypassed with all its mechanisms of going into denial, illusion and avoidance which makes many other modalities of treatment difficult to accomplish successfully sometimes. With Life Retuning, there is no need to even remember an experience in the conscious mind as this does not form part of the treatment. Instead of asking the mind to bring up biased information about a problem, in Life Retuning the aura reveals the chain of events leading to the current problem, in this way nothing important gets missed out. The result is that people experience big changes in their lives on a fundamental level, like stepping out of a cloak of pain. Many testimonials of previous clients confirm this. It is as if the pebble got thrown into the water but it did not cause any ripples.

Einstein said 'everything is energy and that is all there is to it. There is no matter.' I believe that energy reveals the truth of our lives and is the route to finding our answers to our health and wellbeing. I use Life Retuning every day to reveal those answers for my clients. If you are ready for a big transformation in your enjoyment of life then contact me and find out more about how I can help you achieve it.

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Ildiko Scurr

Ildiko Scurr is the Founder of a self-empowerment system called Life Retuning.

Life Retuning is where Quantum Physics meets ancient Metaphysics in a system using energetic information to remove mental blocks, self-sabotaging behaviour and distressing emotions.

She describes it as 'Quantum Wizardry for this Age.' She is a Master of Energy who has been in private practice for over 10 years and set up the Life Retuning Academy which serves to offer global certificated training to qualify others in her system.

Ildiko is passionate about facilitating others to access their own truth and inner resources. Her mission is to play her part in relieving human suffering and raising the energy frequencies of global consciousness.

You can find out more about Ildiko and Life Retuning on her Website: ​ - for training and LRA membership and hub site for information about Life Retuning Practitioners​

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