Intuitives, Sensitives, Psychics and more share their gifts, knowledge and wisdom with you.

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Be A Guest on Gift of Healing TV's New "Intuitive Healing Channel"

What are the benefits to you?

    * Increased exposure on an already established platform

    * Your program information will be shared on the Gift of Healing TV website for 6-8 weeks before the live program.

    * Your program will be shared in the Gift of Healing TV Newsletter, as an Event on Facebook and on our Facebook page.

    * Your Bio and website details will be shared on the About Us page for the week before and after your program

    * Your program will be featured on the Home page of the website for the week before your program.​

    * The recording will be shared on YouTube and the link to it shared on the Catch-Up pages of the GofHTV website

    * Your website details will be shared under the YouTube Video

    * You get the links to the video to share as you choose, an excellent marketing tool showcasing your work

    * Share your website information

    * Offer a free gift and/or a book/course/session/cd/mp3 download/etc for sale

    * Share a blog on the Gift of Healing TV blog page to promote your program and your work

Cost for all this only £57 GBP

Email Sara Jane at with the subject “Be a Guest on IHC” to organise a Skype call with Sara