Natural, Science-Backed Heart Health Practices

Replay Weekend 25th & 26th February ~ All Episodes Free to Watch

Here’s one of the BIGGEST concerns I want YOU to think about between now and the Live event:

If you’ve ever felt like your cardiologist is avoiding some of your questions and not listening to you… 

And you’d rather live a healthy and peaceful life where you’re not only surviving but also thriving – naturally…

Then you absolutely don’t want to miss Your Path To The 100 Year Heart, where we’ll:

  • Host a seven-day Live summit with more than 30 world-class health experts as we show you everything your cardiologist and big pharma don’t want you to know about your heart health.
  • Reveal more industry-leading, natural, and science-backed health secrets – like the ones you’ve seen in this email.
  • Unveil some of the most powerful, hushed-up remedies to help prevent, treat, and reverse cardiovascular disease.
  • Explain how you can do it while significantly reducing your dependence on expensive pharmaceuticals and dangerous surgeries.
  • Share science-backed studies on how to potentially reverse heart disease, reduce or even eliminate your reliance on risky pharmaceuticals, and avoid dangerous procedures.
  • Show you why you don’t have to gulp down handfuls of dangerous pills every day, or go through highly invasive procedures to live healthily.
  • Explain why chiropractors have the power to create a massively positive impact on your heart health.
  • Reveal today’s most powerful – and effective – holistic healing and integrative heart-health methods… including acupuncture, breath work, essential oils, functional medicine, and MUCH more…
  • Tell you how everyday heart health dangers are hiding in plain sight and reveal their impact on your sympathetic nervous system. (HINT: You’ve seen at least one of them in the last 24 hours).

All of these and more when you join this 7 Day Health Summit along with 30+ Globally Recognized Heart Health Experts, starting on: Monday 16th February.

Day 1 

  • Introduction To Your Path To The 100 Year Heart – Dr. Jack Wolfson
  • Grains: It’s Not Just Gluten That’s The Problem – Dr. Peter Osborne
  • Advance Nutrition, Fasting and Autophagy For Better Heart Health – Dr. David Jockers
  • Vitamin C, Immune Function, & The Heart – Dr. Thomas Levy
  • Biohacking For Heart Health – Dave Asprey

Day 2

  • Environmental Toxins, Mold, Heavy Metals And Heart Disease: Margaret Christensen
  • The Role Of Endothelial Function In Cardiovascular Disease: Dr. Mark Houston
  • Hidden Dangers In Conventional Oral Health:  Jonathan Landsman
  • Sunlight Wavelengths: Illumination Essential Nutrients: Ari Whitten
  • Using Your DNA To Reverse Or Prevent Disease: Kashif Khan
  • Why Everyone Needs Chiropractic Care For Heart Health: Tabor Smith

Day 3

  • Why Wheat & Other Grains Raise Cardiovascular Risk: Dr. William Davis, MD
  • Is Individual Medical Treatment In Jeopardy?: Dr. Peter A. McCullough
  • The Heart Brain Connection: Patrick K. Porter
  • Detoxing For Heart Health: Wendy Myers
  • Ocular Health: What The Eye Can Tell You About Systematic Health: Dr. Kerry Gelb
  • Addressing Root Cause Emotional Trauma Through Cutting-Age Technology: Drs. Tiffany and Gabe Roberts

Day 4

  • Fast Like A Girl: A Guide For Women On How & When To Eat: Dr. Mindy Pelz
  • Lifting For Life: Using Muscle As Medicine: Dr. Tyna Moore
  • Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Changing Hormones As We Age: Dr. Anna Cabeca
  • Paleovalley: A Trailblazer For Nutrient-Dense Affordable Meat: Autumn Smith
  • Combining Functional Medicine With Acupuncture To Achieve Optimal Health: Dr. Hadar Elbaz

Day 5

  • The Truth About Statins: Risks and Alternatives To Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs: Barbara Roberts, MD
  • What Is Trauma And How Does It Make You Sick?: Elena Villanueva
  • Essential Oils To Support Heart Health: Jodi Cohen
  • The Mouth Health – Heart Health Connection: Al Danenberg
  • Solutions For Toxic Sleep: Claus Pummer
  • Cardiologist To Cardiologist: Being Your Own Medical Advocate: Howard Elkin

Day 6

  • How To Improve Your Health One Breath At A Tim: Sachin Patel
  • Homeopathic’s & Minerals For A Century Of Heart Health: Robert Scott Bell
  • The Energy Source Of Your Heart: Michael Karlfeldt
  • The Health Impact Of Environmental Toxins: Evan Brand
  • How Sunlighten Saunas Can Impact Heart Health: Connie Zack
  • Chiropractic Perspective On Eating, Living, And Thinking Well: Justin Marchegian

Day 7

  • Sunlight VS. Diet: Which Is The Real Priority: Jack Kruse
  • Embodied Neuroscience: Combining Modern Tools With Ancient Wisdom To Elevate Your Life: Dr. Monique Andrews
  • Tongue-Ties: A Common Condition With Massive Implications For Your Health: Richard Baxter
  • Melatonin: The Miracle Molecule: John A. Lieurance
  • Vibrant Wellness: The Best Modern Lab Testing For Functional Practitioners: Suzanne Barker
  • How Electromagnetic Frequencies Impact Your Health: Lloyd Burrell

Discover why chiropractors have the power to create a massively positive impact on your heart health

Uncover today’s most powerful – and effective – holistic healing and integrative heart-health methods…including acupuncture, breath work, essential oils, functional medicine, and MUCH more

Understand the “hidden” heart health dangers such as “invisible” environmental toxins, heavy metals, mold toxicity… and their impact on your sympathetic nervous system

Become empowered with science backed studiesand see how to potentially reverse heart disease, reduce or even eliminate your reliance on dangerous on pharmaceuticals, avoid dangerous procedures, and more

Get to the root of the lesser-known, underlying causes of cardiovascular diseases and discover why the solutions do not that need to be that complicated – or expensive

Understand what to do when you or your loved ones feel fearful – or even powerless – of heart attacks, strokes, or even sudden cardiac deaths, and other types of cardiovascular disease