Energy is the foundation and key to all things in life and when you learn to direct the flow of energy in yourself and in those you love, the world will open up in powerful ways.

Join Tom McCarthy and Master Chunyi Lin as they start a global shift in energy, a spark for global healing at the Global Energy Healing Summit. More than 40 energy healers are coming together to teach you how to harness your Qi (life force energy) to build a life you love.

  • A life with purpose and drive.
  • A life with abundance and wealth.
  • A life with health and healing.

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There is no better place to learn to harness your Qi.

The hosts and experts will cover topics like:

  • Boosting your happiness “set point” so you can feel happier in any circumstance
  • Healing past trauma and pain in the etheric body to move forward with positive energy
  • Using the akashic records to create a life of purpose and intention
  • Becoming the healer for your home and local community
  • Sending the ripple effects of positive energy into the world to heal the planet
  • Channelling success & abundance so you can build generational wealth
  • And more

Every presentation is available for 24 hours so that you can watch them at your convenience.

PLUS, just for registering, you’ll get instant access to bonuses from the speakers such as:

  • Activate the Healer Within – a daily meditation to help you ignite your full energy healing potential
  • Nine Energy Systems – A comprehensive guide to your body’s nine energy healing systems and how they function
  • 10 Self-Care Techniques For Relieving Everyday Aches & Pain
  • How to supercharge your energy with PEMFs (Pulsed Magnetic Energy Frequencies)
  • 45 days of FR-EE ACCESS to the “Perfect Health” online course
  • Plus, even more content and LOTS more presentations.

The weeklong summit runs from September 24- October 1, 2021, if you love working with Energy or are just starting out and wish to learn more, this is for you.

Save your spot for this life-changing event HERE

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Meet The Speakers


  • Master Chunyi Lin: The Science Of Remote Healing
  • Donna & David Eden & Feinstein: Energy Medicine
  • Dr. Alex Loyd, PhD, ND: Heal The Root Of Any Issue – In Minutes.
  • Ashok Gupta: Neuroplasticity And Brain Retraining For Chronic Conditions
  • Stacy McCarthy: Master The Big 3! How You Move, Eat & Think
  • Dr. Leta Jussila: The Power Of Plants As Medicine
  • Rachael Dardano: Releasing Energy Through Cleansing For Better Health


  • Dr. Cathy Goldstein: The Secrets To Anti-Aging
  • Dr. David Berceli, Ph. D: Tremoring: Explaining The Body’s Ancient Wisdom Through Modern Science
  • Ken Klee: Advanced Modalities For Using Energy To Heal
  • Deanna Hansen: Fascia Decompression - The Missing Link In Self-Care
  • Dr. Linda Howe: Energy Healing Through The Akashic Records
  • Patrick McKeown, M.A (TCD): Atomic Focus- Concentration, Attention Span And Flow States
  • Harry Massey: Tapping Into The Power Of Bioenergetics


  • Jason Prall: Longevity
  • Dr. Deborah Rozman, PhD: The Heart Brain Healing Connection
  • Dr. Bradley Nelson, M.D.: The Emotion Code & Body Code: Unlocking Your Body's Ability To Heal Itself
  • Dr. Emmett Miller, M.D.: Meditation And Beyond, To Deep Healing Of Self And Planet
  • Tina Zion: How To Become A Medical Intuitive
  • Shelly Lefkoe: Eliminating Beliefs - The Power To Heal


  • Nathan Crane: The Energy Of Cancer: How To Avoid And Transform It Completely
  • Dawn Crystal: Discover Sound Energy Healing - To Increase Your Life Force & Heal Your Body, Mind & Spirit.
  • Dr. William Pawluk, M.D.: PEMF's: The Ultimate Healing Device
  • Dr. Sue Morter, DC: The Energy Codes And Creating The Life You Desire
  • Master Chunyi Lin: Six Major Cause Of Energy Blockage


  • Bobbi Vogel: Spirit Science And Medicine
  • Anat Baniel: Harness Your Brain’s Transformational Power For Learning And Healing
  • Dr. Dawson Church, PhD: The Science Of Energy Healing
  • Jeffrey McDonnell: Personal Spiritual Awakening And Transition From Corporate To Eden Method
  • Lynne McTaggert: The Power Of Eight With Lynne McTaggart


  • Dr. Joe Vitale: Living From Zero: The Story Of Ho'oponopono
  • Ocean Robbins: The Food Revolution
  • Eileen McKusick, M.A: Electric Body, Electric Health
  • Tom McCarthy: Creating Breakthroughs In Your Health
  • Dr. Cheng-Huai Ruan, M.D.: The Science Of Energy Medicine
  • Devaraj Sandberg: Stimulating The Body To Heal Itself Emotionally


  • Marie Diamond: Your Home Can Heal You
  • Dr. John Demartini: How To Use Energy To Heal Mentally
  • Deirdre Hade: Why Accessing The Inner Divine Healing Light Is The Most Important Thing You Can Do To Live A Joyful Life - Attaining Manifestation Consciousness
  • Marci Shimoff: How To Be Happy For No Reason
  • Natalie Ledwell: The 6 Steps To Manifest Healing
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