Thursday ​20th January – 5.30pm PST – 8.30pm EST

Experience A Powerful Multisensory Journey Into Your Cellular Memory

The trillions of cells in our bodies know everything about our magnificence, according to Marie Manuchehri, a clairvoyant energy medicine healer and registered nurse.

They hold what she calls cellular memory and when we learn how to work with our cellular memory to align with our psychic abilities, we can empower and embolden our higher, most authentic self in ways we never thought possible.

We can boost our capacity for self-healing, manifesting abundance, achieving our soul’s desires, connecting with allies on the other side and for living a fuller, happier life.

On Thursday, January 20, in a fascinating hour with Marie, you’ll learn how your cells can provide you with psychic information you’ve accumulated throughout your lifetimes, help connect you with allies from other realms and help you live your life at a higher vibration, which, in turn, attracts situations and people to you necessary to manifest what your soul knows from your many reincarnations (what you truly desire and need), to step into your true purpose.

You can Register Here for Explore the Wisdom of Your Cellular Memory Through a Multisensory Experience for Deeper Intuition, Manifestation & Self-Healing.

During this extraordinary hour, you’ll:

  • Learn about cellular memory and how you can boost your energetic vibration and psychic abilities and have a stronger connection to the spirit world through your cells
  • Experience a cell activation and guided journey into a human cell to tap into your cellular memory, release old energies and reprogram your cells to help you express the truth of who you are
  • Explore the impact that negative thinking and talk can have on your cells and how clearly, positively speaking your truth attracts the opportunities you need to manifest your desires
  • Discover how you can catalyze a reparative energetic effect in your tissues, muscles and bones through the reprogramming of your cellular memory, releasing past-life trauma and hastening physical and emotional healing
  • Understand how our cells connect us to our deceased loved ones. a fascinating perspective that goes far beyond the science of DNA

Learning to work with your cellular memory gives you direct access to experiencing yourself as the powerful being you are. It allows you to draw valuable knowledge from your higher self as you tap into the infinite nature of your soul.

You can Register for free Here

In Explore the Wisdom of Your Cellular Memory Through a Multisensory Experience for Deeper Intuition, Manifestation & Self-Healing, you’ll experience a cell activation and guided visualization with Marie Manuchehri into a human cell for a powerful multisensory experience of your cellular memory, which holds the key to what you need to be happy, healthy, and fulfilled.

Hopefully you are able to catch the event as scheduled. But if you Register and miss it, you’ll receive a downloadable recording as soon as it’s available.

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