Encore Weekend 29th & 30th August


EPISODE 01 - Why Am I Exhausted?

Why IS there such an epidemic of fatigue and exhaustion in our society? 10 ways you may be unknowingly depleting your energy reserves and what you can do about it starting today

Where does energy in the body actually come from? This plan of action recharges your body’s ‘power plants’ to boost your energy

Take back control of this hormone and help regulate your metabolism, lower stress, sleep better and get your energy back

EPISODE 02 - Food As Energy

What really happens in the body when we eat too much sugar and processed food. (Yes, we all know junk food is bad for us but how about the hidden dangers in so-called health foods)

The #1 visible sign your body is not using its energy efficiently. Fix this and your metabolism kicks into gear: melting fat, boosting energy and allowing deep, refreshing, rejuvenating sleep

Specific food lists that flush out toxins, defending against chronic disease and causing a surge in energy levels

EPISODE 03 - Energy Thieves: How Your Energy Is Being Stolen From You

Exposing the hidden energy thieves. How common possessions in your home could be zapping your energy

Create your own personal ‘bioshield’. Many environmental toxins are unavoidable. Here’s how to defend against them

Back from the brink of collapse: Health experts Mark Hyman, Cassie Bjork, Joe Cohen and more share their heart-wrenching exhaustion survival stories.

EPISODE 04 - Autopilot Energy: Banish Frustrating Fatigue—For Good!

The #1 best thing we can do for our overall health. It’s free, it’s natural, and it rejuvenates the body’s cells…

How to care for the 2nd biggest consumer of energy in our body and enjoy more energy, deeper sleep, better self-esteem, AND stronger resilience…

How to breathe correctly. You’re doing it wrong and it could be screwing up your sleep, your mood, your digestion, your brain and your nervous system.

EPISODE 05 - Zapped To Zestful:
How Rebalancing Our Hormones Can Restore Youthful Energy, Vigor, And Alertness

Feeling fat, foggy and fatigued? Do this to rebalance your hormones so you can lower stress and drop
excess fat

This tiny beanbag perched atop your kidney is ignored by most doctors yet practically controls the health of your entire body!

Escape chronic stress and anxiety for good. So many of us live in ‘fight or flight’ mode. Here’s how to reset your body to its natural ‘rest and digest’ state of being

EPISODE 06 - Gut Instinct: How Your Body’s Microbes Hold The Key To Endless Energy

Meet the microbes that hold sway over your energy levels AND emotions. (Plus, why that pot belly is likely NOT your fault)

3 warning signs you have an unhealthy gut microbiome. Plus, one simple trick to rebalance your gut microbes for superior health and vitality

The remarkable discovery that helps your gut dissolve food in seconds, maximize nutrient absorption, and unclog your colon

EPISODE 07 - Suck It Up: The ‘Human Vacuum’ Dictating Our Energy Levels

Never eat these foods if you want all-day energy

How the liver fuels energy levels and what to eat to keep it in prime condition

The absolute worst time to eat if you want your body to burn fat

EPISODE 08 - Exercise = Explosive Energy

The amazing body chemical that delivers more energy, strength and endurance to the body (and how to make more of it)

How to protect, nurture and care for your body’s strongest (and most important) muscle

Introducing… Qi Gong: The Medicine of Tranquility. Let Pedram guide you through this ancient science of Chinese energy healing.

EPISODE 09 - Test, Boost, And Overcome

Take this test: Discover specifically what’s making you so tired all the time

Natural ‘at home’ remedies that can sustain endurance and soothe stress

This ‘science of scents’ can alter brain waves and electrify energy levels

Dangers of Low Energy & Benefits of Boosting Energy

What's the real "cost" of having low energy?

  • Well, getting up each day with low energy can make you feel like you didn't get enough sleep.
  • Or like you got out on the "wrong side of the bed."
  • Then if you have low energy throughout the day
  • You can feel cranky
  • Irritable
  • Mentally not quite with it
  • Maybe you feel achy
  • And you don't quite have the motivation to get on with certain things that need to get done.

We can put all that down to having a bad day, can't we?

But what if that's a typical day?

What if most of your days are low energy days?

Ah, well, that's a bit more of a problem isn't it?

Because if most of your days are low energy days you're never going to have an exciting or productive life.

If you live with an extended bout of low energy

Your motivation, your willpower and your ability to succeed in life go AWOL.

The result?

Dreams, goals, ambitions become a thing of the past.

And you miss out on so many possibilities and opportunities in life.

If you have consistently high energy, day in, day out, you have the key X-FACTOR few people talk about or even understand.

Yet, those that do understand know that having consistently high energy is a game-changer in every area of life.

With high energy you think better

  • You’re fun to be around
  • More creative
  • More productive...
  • More able to face and deal with the challenges of life
  • And, ironically, having good energy makes you more relaxed in your body
  • People notice all that
  • People are drawn to it

But you can't "miracle pill" your way to being a high energy person.

Instead, you need to take a more comprehensive, more holistic approach. An approach based on working with the biology of your body and brain.

Admittedly, that can be a challenge if you don't know where to look for the best information or how to synthesize all the information together to work best for you.

You can get the best, most up-to-date “complete body” approach to UPPING your energy levels by watching this NEW documentary by Dr. Pedram Shojai (New York Times bestselling author) and Nick Polizzi (acclaimed documentary filmmaker).

The Series premieres on August 18 at 9pm EST and it’s completely free to watch for a limited time.

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Nothing compares to feeling like you have all the energy in the world to do anything you want.

YOU can have that feeling, too. This surprising, revealing Documentary makes it possible for you.

WATCH this "energy replenishing" documentary and you’ll be streets ahead of 99% of people out there who don't know the TRUTH about regaining, restoring and replenishing their natural energy.

Throughout “EXHAUSTED! you will hear the "energy regaining" stories of people like:

  • Mark Hyman (and how he got back his energy after mercury poisoning)
  • Mariza Snyder (and how she regained her energy after feeling crappy for years because her hormones were out of whack)
  • Cassie Bjork (and how she eventually replenished her energy levels and lost weight after counting calories caused her to pile on 25 unwanted pounds)
  • Maggie Berghoff (and how she reversed major exhaustion and got off meds by getting her adrenals working properly)
  • Joe Cohen (and how he got rid of IBS, brain fog, fatigue and major inflammation by following much of the same info in the series)
  • Darin Ingles (and how he got rid of Lyme Disease; an energy draining autoimmune disease)
  • Dr. Deborah Matthew (and how she got over hypothyroidism)
  • Udo Eramus (and how he cured his own chronic exhaustion and fatigue after his marriage fell apart).

Hear all their personal stories throughout the FREE docu-series called: EXHAUSTED! How to Regain, Restore and Replenish The "Endless Energy" You Thought Had Been Lost Forever

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