There are 35+ disorders that doctors misdiagnose as “IBS”

Holding back on life because of the pain and embarrassment of cramps, bloating, diarrhea, constipation and/or GERD? Tired of searching for answers to IBS, SIBO or leaky gut?

Many suffer in pain and silence and just live with their symptoms because they can be such taboo topics. Not only that, but even if you’ve seen a doctor, it takes the average patient seven years to get an IBS diagnosis.

Learn how you can take back control of your gut health and get your life back!

Find solutions for gut health when you attend this complimentary, online event!

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Why attend this important health event?

Your host, Shivan Sarna, became a health advocate after finally being diagnosed with SIBO in 2015. Before her diagnosis, she had been struggling with digestive issues her entire life. She always thought she just had a “sensitive stomach” and “had to be careful” while suffering through the pain and embarrassment of it all during many of life’s pivotal moments (including her honeymoon!).

She tried almost everything she could think of to get rid of her chronic digestive issues, a long list of conventional and alternative treatments, but only with limited success.

Realizing there wasn’t much accurate, useful information available on leaky gut, IBS or SIBO, she got serious about getting to the root cause of her symptoms so that she could take back control of her life. Once diagnosed, Shivan finally started finding the relief she needed and realized that there were millions of other people around the world suffering the same as she once did.

She’s here to help you by sharing what she learned.

The Digestion SOS Docusummit will help you with:

  • Understanding gut health and immunity
  • Discovering underlying causes
  • Testing for gut-health issues
  • Dietary protocols for gut health
  • Pharmaceutical and natural treatments
  • Alternative therapies to try (and avoid!)
  • And so much more

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Each day's episode is on demand for a 24-hour period beginning at 10:00 A.M. U.S. Eastern.

DAY 1: JUNE 21, 2021

Episode 1: The Center of Everything: Understanding Your Gut & What Can Go Wrong with It

What You'll Learn

  • Why you can’t ignore your gut issues
  • Misconceptions about IBS and leaky gut
  • Do you have SIBO?
  • Getting real about embarrassing bathroom symptoms

DAY 3: JUNE 23, 2021

Episode 3: The Results Are In: Finding out What You Really Have with the Right Tests

What You'll Learn

  • Selecting the right test on your first try
  • Traditional vs. alternative lab testing
  • Is it SIBO, leaky gut or IBS? (or all 3!)
  • Lesser known lab tests that can transform your healing journey

DAY 5: JUNE 25, 2021

Episode 5: Food Is Medicine: How Diet Can & Can’t Heal Digestive Disease

What You'll Learn

  • Dietary protocols for healing SIBO, IBS and leaky gut
  • The Low-FODMAP trap and how to avoid it
  • Carbs, fiber and your gut: friends or foes?
  • Histamine, salicylate, oxalate and sulfur intolerances

DAY 7: JUNE 27, 2021

Episode 7: Is It All in Your Head?: The Truth about Your Brain & Gut

What You'll Learn

  • Discover your “second brain”
  • Is IBS really a mental health condition?
  • Impact of stress and harnessing your mindset for optimal health
  • In-depth look at the nerve that connects your brain to your gut

DAY 2: JUNE 22, 2021

Episode 2: Why Me? The Surprising Real Causes behind Digestive Issues

What You'll Learn

  • Become a “digestion detective”
  • Discover the underlying causes for your symptoms
  • Connection between gut health and autoimmunity
  • Strategies for healing

DAY 4: JUNE 24, 2021

Episode 4: An Apple a Day: The Controversial Truth about What to Eat for Lifelong Health

What You'll Learn

  • Learn which diets are actually good for your gut
  • Truth about elimination diets, intermittent fasting, coffee and gluten
  • Why do healthy foods make you feel worse?
  • HOW you eat is just as important as WHAT you eat

DAY 6: JUNE 26, 2021

Episode 6: When Food Isn’t Enough: Using Rx Meds & Natural Supplements to Heal the Gut

What You'll Learn

  • Is an antibiotic the secret to healing your gut?
  • When to use natural vs. prescription medicine
  • Getting help when you feel “incurable”
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about probiotics

DAY 8: JUNE 28, 2021

Episode 8: Health Cascade: When Gut Issues Spiral out of Control

What You'll Learn

  • Link between your gut and endocrine system
  • Gut, thyroid, adrenals, sex hormones and fertlility
  • Autoimmune-gut connection (MS, lupus, Hashimoto’s and more)
  • Avoiding gut-triggered health decline

DAY 9: JUNE 29, 2021

Episode 9: Chew on This: Oral Health & Your Gut

What You'll Learn

  • Deep dive into your mouth and oral health
  • How cavities, root canals and implants affect total body health
  • Alternatives to traditional dental procedures
  • Heal your mouth to improve your digestive system

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