This new Conscious Parenting Docu-Series covers many different areas to support, Children, Parents & Grandparents, there is something for everyone.

This series is bought to you by Dr. Pedram Shojai and Nick Polizzi (both parents to young kids and natural health pioneers).

In their daily quest to be conscious parents, they sought out and interviewed many diverse PEDIATRIC health practitioners and combined all their findings into...

This FR*EE documentary series called: “Conscious Parenting: A 9-Part Docuseries on Raising Resilient, Whole-Hearted & Empowered Kids.”

  • Health Oriented: Health Experts Share Strategies For Keeping Kids Thriving & Safe
  • Food: Note to kids: no natural food is neon coloured!
  • Parent Personal Development & Self-Regulation: Do your children trigger you?
  • Screen Time & Social Media & Relationships: Screen Time & Kids, What to consider, When is Enough? Screen Time vs Face-to-Face
  • Child’s Autonomy: Helping Your Child Navigate Peer Pressure
  • For Grandparents: Are You Helping Raise Your Grandkids?

Below you will find a little information on each aspect to help you decide if this docu-series is for you. Enjoy

Health Experts Share Strategies For Keeping Kids Thriving & Safe

How do you handle health and safety choices for your kids in today’s world?

As parents, we are navigating:

  • Environmental toxins..
  • Air quality
  • Nutritionless food
  • Inadequate sleep
  • And so much more

Seems a bit overwhelming, doesn’t it?

Well, what if you could gather a bunch of experts in childhood health to share their best advice for offering your kids healthy choices?

Everything from clean water and skincare to plastics and cleaning supplies.

That would be cool, wouldn't it? Well guess what? Here it is

Our food choices today are bigger than any one grocery store can ever hold and navigating all those decisions with kids is an extra challenge.

Whether you’re walking down the aisles with your 2 year old who melts down if they don’t get the shiny candy or packing lunch for your child’s 15-minute school meal time or getting your teenager to help make dinner for the whole family, Food is foundational to your family’s health and wellbeing.

The nutrients children eat are the building blocks of everything, brain, gut, focus, disease and more.

Good news is that as a parent, you can find a strategy that works for your whole family and each individual in it.

Sure, it takes a more holistic, “conscious” approach but these efforts will help your kid their entire lives.

Their growing bodies will have more energy and they will develop habits that nurture their bodies into adulthood and you don’t have to do it alone.

And that’s just one part of this exciting 9-part series on raising resilient, whole-hearted & empowered kids.

Do Your Children Trigger You?

“One of the most generous acts of love we can provide for our children is to do our own emotional work.” -- Sam Rader

Start with the breath, create the intention, and Reserve your seat TODAY.

Parenting can be one of the most amazing (and intense!) courses in personal development. After all, before we became parents, we were first children ourselves.

We inherited patterns, beliefs and problems that often become ingrained habits. Habits we may not even be aware of can get triggered in unexpected ways that lead to

  • Yelling
  • Nagging
  • Punishing

Things that may be hard to admit even to ourselves but our children observe it. They are our biggest mirrors, after all.

Thankfully, with skills like self-regulation and presencing, we can change our responses.

We have the daily opportunity to ask:

  • “Is this what I really believe?”
  • “Is this what I choose?”

We can relive these triggers or resolve them and this is how parenting can be transformative for both you AND your children. Together, we learn how to handle big emotions!

No matter what happened in your past, you can calmly look beyond your child’s behaviour:

  • Help them feel into their emotions…
  • Find words to express themselves…
  • And make healthy choices.

It’s a phrase we have all become quite familiar with. In roughly one generation, “screen time” has become a bit of a mantra (and a major concern) especially among parents. Questions around:

  • How much is enough
  • Effects on the brain
  • Reduced empathy
  • Cyberbullying

These screen time concerns are very real as we raise the next generation heavily influenced by what they see on monitors. Yet, we also know that “screen time” can be beneficial:

  • Educational programming
  • Visiting with distant relatives
  • Family entertainment

Raising technology-literate children seems vital in today’s world. The topics covered much wider issues around:

  • Relationships
  • Presence
  • Connection
  • Natural Rhythms
  • And so much more!

Screen Time & Kids, What to consider, When is Enough? Screen Time vs Face-to-Face

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Helping Your Child Navigate Peer Pressure

Join Pedram and Nick for a FR*EE screening of “Conscious Parenting: A 9-Part Docuseries on Raising Resilient, Whole-Hearted, and Empowered Kids.”

Differentiation! Often starting LOUDLY at around 2 years old, growing up can seem like one big lesson in differentiation.

Discovering where one person ends and another begins, it's a skill that becomes ever more complex and important as kids develop relationships outside of the family.

So how, as parents, can we help nurture our children’s sense of:

  • Self
  • Inner confidence
  • Autonomy
  • Internal validation
  • Contribution?

How do we raise our kids to be independent, empathetic and fully functioning adults?

Are You Helping Raise Your Grandkids?

Parenting never really ends but when your children reach adulthood, the dynamics certainly change.

  • They move on to new adventures…
  • They find jobs and relationships…
  • Perhaps even have kids of their own, making you a grandparent.

And all that you taught them circles back again.

Some traits, you are happy to see repeat to the next generation and other traits you wish could change.

After all, we are all only humans learning from our mistakes.

Plus, over the last 20-30 years, a lot of new research has come out about childhood development.

Join “Conscious Parenting: A 9-Part Docuseries on Raising Resilient, Whole-Hearted & Empowered Kids. to learn more.

Whether you would like to:

  • Have a conversation with your kids about parenting
  • Or are helping to raise your grandkids…
  • Or are just interested in what’s new in conscious parenting currently...

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You could even share the link with your kids and learn together.

Peek into what you will discover in Conscious Parenting

Episode 1: What is conscious parenting?

Episode 2: Early childhood development: making room for intentions and flexibility

Episode 3: Technology: a love/hate relationship

Episode 4: Education: beyond school

Episode 5: What’s hurting our kids: strategies to nourish wellness

Episode 6: Too much stuff: when do you stop?

Episode 7: Needing nature: a visceral sense of health & wonder

Episode 8: Empowered parenting: new rhythms, routines & boundaries

Episode 9: Existential threats: tools for young minds to process a complex world

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