Starts Monday 30th January – 10th February

There are a growing number of athletes/sports deaths related to heart-related complications whilst training and during matches and they are being attributed to “covid clot shots” the c-19 vaccine.

And these are coming on suddenly…

That’s why Jonathan Otto and his team are working tirelessly to find out the exact solutions that are helping to reverse the risks that are leading to these sudden and deadly cardiac events…

There have been many cases where people felt totally fine and then suddenly suffered from a serious health episode.

This is one of the reasons top health experts are emphasizing that if you’ve been vaxxed, you need to start detoxing as soon as possible!

The good news is that you can get access to these life-saving protocols in the latest 9 Episode docuseries, Absolute Healing.

Jonathan has interviewed esteemed and highly respected health experts and researchers from naturopathic doctors and integrative medicine doctors to health advocates…

And they’ve shared advice that every single person needs to have access to right now.

Because he really want everyone to have these vital tools, he’s giving you the chance to sign up to watch all 9 Episodes totally FREE.

Click the link below to watch the trailer and reserve your viewing now:

Watch the trailer for Absolute Healing

The solutions being shared with you are safe and highly effective…

They are the very same protocols that top experts have been using to reverse serious cases of vaxx-related injuries, symptoms post-exposure to shedding, life-threatening diseases and more.

When it comes to your life, it’s not worth the gamble.

Remember, you only get one body and it’s up to you to make sure you do what you can to protect it from life-sucking toxins - including the deadly spike glycoprotein.

If you’re ready to unlock the tools to get rid of the toxins from COVID bioweapons from your body and prevent serious disease processes…

Which will ultimately give you the gift of a life spent in great health and happiness…

Reserve your viewing now for the most influential and life-changing docuseries of 2023 - Absolute Healing

Comment from Sara Jane founder of Gift of Healing TV;

I personally heard the information about the blood clotting from an NHS (UK Health Service) Nurse who had done her own research into the vaccines and what she discovered made her decline them.

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