Heart disease in women is on the rise [now 1 in 4]!

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There is no greater misunderstanding in conventional medicine than caring for a women's heart that's in poor health.

A man and a woman complaining of the same symptoms -- chest pain, light-headedness, trouble breathing -- will likely receive entirely different treatments.

He'll have his heart evaluated.

She'll get a prescription for indigestion.

Heart disease is the number one killer of women, outpacing breast cancer, diabetes and stroke. In fact, 1 in 4 women will now receive a heart disease diagnosis in their lifetime.

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Women experience A FAR DIFFERENT set of heart disease symptoms than men. Yet, nearly all the major studies conducted on heart disease have favoured male participants. And, women MUST receive different protocols for prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Doctors just don't know enough about women's hearts -- and, in women, heart attacks are on the rise.

When your host of The Women's Heart Health Summit, Dr. Mark Menolascino, was in med school, he cared for a woman who came in for nausea and abdominal pain. She was scheduled to have her gallbladder removed, even though the tests were not conclusive that this was her problem.

A heart condition was NEVER considered as the problem.

Turns out, her nausea and stomach pain were actually a heart attack and her heart had been slowly dying over the previous few days while she was waiting for surgery.

Everyone missed it.

Her heart was damaged and never the same, while her gallbladder was fine.

Since then, Dr. Mark has made it his mission in 35+ years of practice to help women with symptoms and illnesses that stem from poor heart health.

He's here to share that wisdom with you.

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More WOMEN die of heart disease than ALL CANCERS combined, yet we continue to think of it as a MAN's problem. It's time for that to change when you Register for this Summit Today

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Day 1: Learn how nutrition, inflammation and stress influence the female heart!

Day 2: Clearing up the staggering misconceptions around heart health relative to #cholesterol, statins and surgery.

Day 3: How inflammation travels between systems and breeds dysfunction!

Day 4: How metabolic dysfunction, low-grade allergic reactions to food and chronic stress can lead to poor health.

Day 5: Learn how balanced hormones are critical to whole-body healing!

Day 6: How food can be medicine for one person and poison for another!

Day 7: The future of medicine as a partnership between practitioners and patients!

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