14th - 18th January

Discover the keys to radiant health & wellness

Are you weary of the latest trends and workout fads or confused by conflicting nutrition advice?

Do you struggle to find effective, alternative treatments that can help you heal and prevent illness as well as increase your vitality and support you in navigating daily life with greater ease and grace?

Are you fascinated by the expanding fields of integrative, energy and herbal medicine — and looking for vetted teachers, reliable resources and proven methods?

If so, I hope you’ll join me for the Winter of Wellness where 30+ leading doctors, teachers, healers, coaches, and practitioners will show you how to SUPERCHARGE your whole life and revitalize your wellbeing on every level.

And if you’re a healing practitioner or a coach yourself, you’ll tap into a diverse array of wellness resources and innovative techniques during this comprehensive series that’ll support you in your work with clients and patients.

Free Online Event
Winter of Wellness
January 14-18, 2019

Presenting at this unique, 5-day series are Gregg Braden, Dr. Sue Morter, Daisy Lee, David Crow, Holly Tse, Arjun Das, Alison Armstrong, Wendy DeRosa, Koya Webb, Tom OBryan, and many other top experts in their fields.

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Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Healing with medicinal plants & herbs
  • Applying essential energy medicine principles & techniques
  • Eating for a thriving body, community & planet
  • The health benefits of true romantic intimacy
  • Using herbs and essential oils for musculoskeletal pain and inflammation
  • Treating chronic illness, pain & fatigue
  • Activating the creative brilliance inside you for your neurological and psychological wellbeing
  • Combining neurology, integrative medicine & mindfulness for optimal brain health
  • The relationship between our health & the health of our planet
  • Healing your children of chronic health issues due to toxins in our environment
  • And SO much more….
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I hope you’ll join me and discover how you can experience the freedom and joy that’s available to you when you are living in alignment with your entire being… body, mind, and soul

Register Here for Winter of Wellness — at no charge

Trailblazing health practices….

  • Plant Medicine
  • Energy Medicine
  • Cutting-edge Neuroscience
  • Mental Clarity & Focus
  • Inflammation & Autoimmune Disorders
  • True Love & Intimacy
  • Creative Expression
  • Healthy Eating

With groundbreaking information in these essential areas, you’ll discover integrative methods that support ALL of you…

Join me to discover the healthiest happiest YOU!

Register here for Winter of Wellness — at no charge