Thursday 23rd May - Sunday 26th May ~  Live from 12am EDT Each Day - 5am BST

A Simple Way To Get Rid Of Stress

How often are you confused or struggle with feelings of helplessness during your week?

With all the politics and bad news - not to mention all the things you try to cram into your day...

It’s easy to become distraught and overwhelmed by modern life.

Meet Dr. Wallace J. Nichols.

Dr. Nichols is a PhD marine biologist who studies the effect of one particular molecule on the human brain.

It triggers a neurological response called “Blue Mind” that cools your jets, so to speak…

It allows you to relax…find peace…and finally live your life free of the anxiety holding you back - that’s also known as Red Mind.

You’ll even be able to supercharge your happy hormones and prevent a whole slew of chronic diseases.

You’ve probably NEVER heard of using this specific solution for your anxiety and stress before…

Even though it’s in your home RIGHT NOW.

You see, it’s 100% natural

Dr. Nichols wants to reveal ALL the details to you.

He’s even scheduled a huge free limited-time online event where he will show you EVERYTHING you need to know.

(Click the image above to attend this event)

Click HERE to get started on your journey to peace in a world full of madness.

Dr. Nichols has a FREE eBook all about Blue Mind waiting for you on the next page. Please hurry & Click HERE Now so you don’t miss out.

Take a look at the brain scan below…

On the left in red is a vulnerable stressed-out brain and on the right in blue is a calm focused brain.

The calm brain is in a state of "Blue Mind.”

Click here to find out how to change your "Red Mind" to "Blue Mind.” You’ll discover it for yourself when you download this special FREE ebook.

 After all, his first book is a New York Times Best Seller! He knows what he’s talking about…

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The Blue Mind Health Event will be available to watch starting May 23rd at 12am EST! Each episode will only be LIVE for 24 hours, so be sure to watch while you can!

Thursday May 23rd - LIVE from 12am EST

Episode 1: Blue Mind Health: Water is Medicine

Let Dr. Wallace "J" Nichols show you the remarkable human connection to water and the tremendous physiological, emotional, and mental changes that occur when you’re in, on, or around water. How Blue Mind can make you happier, healthier, more connected, and better at what you do. #waterismedicine

Episode 2: Blue Mind A Deep Dive

Discover the incredible origins of the Blue Mind concept that has already changed lives and brought millions together in a common pursuit of #waterismedicine!

Friday May 24th – Live from 12am EST

Episode 3: Get Your Blue Mind On: Blue Mind 101

Everything you need to know to achieve and apply Blue Mind in your own life…right now! You don’t want to miss this incredible conversation with Dr. Wallace “J” Nichols!

Episode 4: A Healing Voyage

Meet the amazing Special Operations combat veterans who were inspired to transform the health of our planet’s marine resources and use the power of water to heal their minds and bodies as they heal the environment.

Saturday May 25th Live from at 12am EST

Episode 5: The Force Blue Team: Mission Therapy

You loved the team in “A Healing Voyage” – discover how Force Blue provides "mission therapy," for these special men and women by retraining them from combat fighters to our ocean protectors. You won’t be able to get enough of the Force Blue Team!

Sunday May 26th Live from 12am EST

Episode 6: Live Blue: 7 Ages of Water

Discover how water directly influences every stage of your life from birth to death and how you can harness that natural power for better mental, emotional, and physical health right now!

Episode 7: A Flowed State of Calm: Depression & Blue Mind

The depression epidemic is rocking the world and impacting the quality of life of millions every day. Find out how Blue Mind can help ease the symptoms, manage the disease, and give you back control of your life.