Amazing Online Event for Changemakers – Get Ready to Be Inspired

Tuesday 5th – Thursday 7th December

It’s easy to become disheartened by the injustice, tragedies and natural disasters unfolding in our communities and around the world…

If you find yourself asking How we can possibly turn things around?, you’re not alone

​There are millions of people like you who are not only asking this question… they’re stepping up to answer the call and participate in manifesting the changes we need and are ready for!

​This is a time for out-of-the-box thinking, startups and unprecedented ideas.

​What would happen if, together, we envisioned (and executed!) breakthroughs in the thorny areas that we’re facing — from homelessness to racism to war to poverty to sustainability?

And what would happen if we aim to create these major changes by the year 2020… for ourselves, our communities and for the rest of the world?

​The answer is: something very inspiring and potentially world-changing!

​You are invited to join the Vision 2020 summit, presented by The Shift Network — December 5-7, 2017 — where you’ll discover a laboratory for the future, an incubator of genius, a catalyst for birthing new possibilities to create a world that works for ALL.

Participating will give you hope, wisdom and more power to make a difference in your life and the lives of your community and our world.

​Together, we have a chance to light the path to a brighter future…

You’ll find more than 60 leaders — including Dolores Huerta, Marianne Williamson, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, Sister Jenna, Stephen Dinan, Rev. angel Kyodo williams, Joan Blades, Shariff Abdullah, Michael Lerner, Andrew Harvey and many others — revealing bold visions and strategies for shifting our world, scaling up our influence and impact and making new possibilities as attractive, successful and imitation-worthy as possible.

Here’s some of what the brilliant speakers will be sharing with you…

​     * Dolores Huerta focuses on the power to end racism and create a nation of equality and true freedom. Each person truly can make a difference!

​     * Marianne Williamson calls us forward to step in and stand up for our country’s founding principles, and the sacred commitment that ALL people are created equal.

​     * Jennifer Siebel Newsom calls on you to find and use your voice to stand up for what you passionately believe — to challenge stereotypes and cultural norms, and create equality for all

​     * Sister Jenna offers a dynamic, enlightening transmission on how our thoughts have the power to create our reality — demonstrating that the awakening and shift in our country requires the transformation of our inner world

​     * Stephen Dinan discusses Vision 2020, a powerful movement to educate ourselves and each other — a solution-focused resource for designing and activating the more beautiful world we all know is possible

​     * Rev. angel Kyodo williams shows how the “American Dream” has been a nightmare for all non-Caucasian people throughout our country’s history — while inspiring you to envision and create a brave, inclusive, new American Dream

​     * Joan Blades with John Gable introduce a powerful practice for healing relationships that are broken or diminished because of divergent political orientations — offering communication techniques that build understanding across divides

​     * Shariff Abdullah addresses the complex topic of racial injustice… and expresses a vision for a future of equality and economic stability for all socioeconomic classes

​     * Michael Lerner with Cat Zavis emphasize the importance of creating social change movements grounded in empathy and infused with love, compassion and spiritual wisdom and practices

​     * Andrew Harvey offers insights on sacred activism and how it can lead to deep shifts in our political evolution

​     * And so many more!

Join this one-of-a-kind online event (at no charge) to discover the very best in societal transformation married with inner growth so that, together, step by step, we’re shifting the way we do things personally and collectively to create a more compassionate, peaceful, accepting and just world.

During this one-of-a-kind 3-day gathering, you’ll discover exciting initiatives in these key areas:

​     * Racial & Social Justice

​     * Immigration

​     * Education Reform

​     * Resilient Community-Building

​     * Climate Change & Green Energy

​     * Women’s Leadership

​     * Youth Leadership

​     * Social Impact Entrepreneurship & Economic Justice

​     * And so much more!