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The Untold Story About Vaccines...

For decades, vaccines have been the proud standard of medical advancement.	
Vaccination programs are given credit for eradicating some of the most devastating illnesses of the past, like polio, diphtheria, and smallpox.
But they’re no longer immune to controversy.			
In recent years, concerns about vaccine injuries, mercury toxicity, and autism have increased substantially.	
And many parents are becoming resistant to follow the recommended vaccine schedule for their children.							
Some are refusing to vaccinate their kids at all, and others are doing it selectively, depending on the risks and benefits of each vaccine.							
Meanwhile, public debate and controversy stirs, and every year there seems to be public panic and disease outbreak somewhere in the world.							
The simple fact is there are viable arguments on both sides, but most parents are caught in the middle, and don’t know how to make the right decision for their families.								
That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about a brand new documentary mini-series that’s about to air on January 25th.												
It’s called The Truth About Vaccines and you need to see it.														
Filmmaker Ty Bollinger, the man behind the popular “Truth About Cancer” series, has done it again, this time taking a hard look at the vaccine industry, its history and its influence on your children.														
He’s put together an all-star list of 60 of the top medical experts on the planet to take an honest look at BOTH sides of the debate.															
And did I mention he’s releasing the whole thing commercial-free?																	
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If you’re a parent or would like to be someday, you need to see this.
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