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Tuesday 17th July

Wednesday 18th July

Thoughtful Nuggets & Pearls ~ 7.30pm BST

Values & Morals

Sara Shares her thoughts on " Values & Morals"

“When you have to start compromising your values & morals…

It is time to make changes”

~ Jaki Bent/If Everyone Cares

Thursday 19th July


Friday 20th July


Saturday 21st July

Sunday 22nd July

Monday 23rd July

Tuesday 24th July

Wednesday 25th July

Thoughtful Nuggets & Pearls ~ 7.30pm BST

Rock Bottom

Sara Shares her thoughts on " Rock Bottom"

“You know great things are coming when everything seems to be going wrong. Old energy is clearing out for new energy to enter.

Be Patient”

 ~ Idil Ahmed

Thursday 26th July

Friday 27th July

Saturday 28th July

Sunday 29th July

Starts Monday 13th August

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