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Too many people have had mystery illnesses FOR YEARS, only to have multiple doctors tell them to just "take some meds."

Toxic mould is one of the possible reasons why your illness is a mystery. The unrecognized consequences of this toxicity can create hormonal imbalances, brain disrepair, chronic gastrointestinal issues and multiple autoimmune conditions.

Join The Toxic Mould Summit and learn how to determine (or eliminate) whether mould is the cause of your suffering!


Almost 20 years ago, your host, Dr. Margaret Christensen, was a successful OB-Gyn with a booming practice. She began having debilitating fatigue, was unable to think straight and her body hurt all over -- so much she closed her practice.

Her family also showed symptoms: learning difficulties, insomnia, severe mood swings, migraines, ADD, asthma and bronchitis, tremors, sinusitis. After 8 years of sickness, they finally found toxic mould in their water-damaged house.

It could be mould toxicity if you are, or someone you know is:

  • Suffering from sinus infections, bronchitis and migraines
  • Weakened by gut issues, brain fog, fatigue, neurologic symptomsConstantly challenged with sleep issues
  • Enduring terrible mood swings, anxiety and/or depression
  • Reacting to chemicals, smells, foods, medications
  • And more!

Receive Dr. Christensen’s vital eGuide, Got Mold, Now What?, and discover how to identify symptoms and diseases associated with toxic mold!

The Toxic Mould Summit health experts and air quality / remediation specialists will help you identify exposure, set a course for treatment (for consumers and practitioners), and deliver the latest knowledge, tools and techniques for dealing with toxic mould.

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There's an epidemic of persons with chronic sinus infections who have spent years on antibiotics (which don't seem to help). Toxic mould exposure may have triggered (and continues to trigger) these infections -- there's help to be found!

Receive Dr. Christensen's Free eGuide, "Got Mould, Now What?" and discover how to identify symptoms and diseases associated with toxic mould!

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