Tuesday 15th – 23rd January

The Big Fat Lie You’ve Been Fed

Believe it or not there’s one person more responsible for our obesity, diabetes and cancer crisis than any other.

His name was Dr. Ancel Keys and he made one of the most colossal mistakes in modern history when it comes to our health and wellbeing and we took it as gospel.

The problem?

His hypothesis was utterly and incredibly wrong.

With over 2/3’s of adults in the U.S. alone overweight or obese and facing a lifetime of struggle with chronic conditions that are related to obesity, you owe it to yourself to see exactly why he was so misguided…

And what you can do to turn your weight and health around for good.

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Episode 1: The Big Fat Lie – the history of the low-fat diet with Dr. Cate Shanahan

“Food is more than calories,” she explains.
“It’s chemical information that changes
you at a cellular level.”

Episode 2: Montel, Metabolism and Muscle - pointing your head and your heart in the right direction - what’s best for your body.

Episode 3: Thomas Seyfried reveals the two types of fuel that Cancer Cells require - and if you deprive them of those two types of fuel they die naturally

Episode 4: Change Your Metabolism For Good! The unique set up of interviews tonight is packed with game-changing information.

Episode 5: Change Your Metabolism for Good - a unique set of interviews to explain how all of this information works together to make you slimmer, healthier, and yes…..even younger looking!

Episode 6! This one’s all about how to heal your body, kick disease to the curb, and triumph over your weight

Episode 7: Listen to Randy Hartnell founder & CEO of Vital Choice Seafood, Dr. Bland the reason that omega oils are a household name & Dr. Udo Erasmus a pioneer in the field of essential fats

Episode 8: Learn about healthy rhythms, cycles, and movement—and how they impact your weight and vitality!

Episode 9: Hear from Dr. Kellyann Petrucci who wrote “Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet”, Dr. Kenneth Ford shares about AI—Amplified Intelligence & Ben Greenfield, who has developed some powerful small changes that can add up to big results +…

To learn more about How we went so wrong… Register for The real Skinny on Fat HERE