Saturday 9th December ~ 11am PST – 2pm EST - 7pm

Journey to Meet Your Spirit Teachers in the Lower, Upper & Middle Worlds

What if you could journey to the Lower, Middle, and Upper Worlds… and connect with your spirit teachers?

Time-tested shamanic practices can open you to receive clarity and wisdom from your personal guides — to heal yourself and others, transform your work life and relationships, and fulfill your life’s mission.​

And you can explore this fascinating possibility on Saturday 9th December, during a FREE online event with Hank Wesselman, world-renowned shamanism teacher, anthropologist, and bestselling author.​

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For the past 40 years, Hank has melded traditional shamanic teachings with anthropological insights. And during Shamanic Journeying to Meet Your Spirit Teachers: Accessing Higher Realms for Wisdom, Healing & Re-enchantment, you will:

​     * Receive key instructions for shamanic journeying to specifically visit your spirit teachers

​     * Gain an understanding of The Lower World, the dreaming of Nature; The Middle World, the dreaming of humans, our everyday world, the Bardos of the afterlife; and the Upper World, the dreaming of the gods

​     * Discover how to open to direct experiential insights about your soul’s experience over multiple lifetimes

​     * Connect with your spirit teachers and other guides

​     * How to use journeying so you can be of sacred service to others, through offering your soul’s gifts

It’s sure to be a mind-expanding hour with Hank, who is the author of the seminal Spiritwalker trilogy and has helped lead the rediscovery of traditional shamanism — now a major facet of the spiritual awakening taking place in the Western World.

Join Hank Wesselman on December 6 and open the portal to healing wisdom in the unseen realms and higher levels of reality.​

Register here for this FREE online event: Shamanic Journeying to Meet Your Spirit Teachers: Accessing Higher Realms for Wisdom, Healing & Re-enchantment.

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.​