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More energy, better health and longer life (from FAT!)

Many people across the world are hopelessly and tragically addicted to carbs and sugar.

It’s contributing to the obesity epidemic and causing numerous autoimmune disorders and chronic conditions like Type 2 Diabetes.

Most of us think of carbs and sugar as something we need to naturally consume to get energy – but the problem is, it’s NOT the most efficient energy source our body can use.

In fact, it’s the SECOND-best source of energy in the body.

The best?

FAT! That’s right – did you know that carbohydrates have four calories per gram and fat has a whopping nine! That’s five additional calories per gram your body can use to fuel itself.

A “fat adapted” body is incredibly efficient at processing not only fat but other nutrients because it reaches a state of metabolic flexibility.

There’s a simple way to turn your own body into a “fat adapted” machine that burns fat as energy providing you with optimal weight, focus and health for the long term.

See why you need to become “fat adapted” right here

Don’t miss these power-packed episodes:

Episode 1: The Low-Fat Lie, Tracing the Obesity and Health Crisis to its Root - Host Naomi’s story, Ancel Keys and how the Low-Fat Lie began

Episode 2: Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat, Metabolic Flexibility, Fasting, Enhancing Athletic Performance - Montel Williams, fat doesn’t make you fat, Keto diet

Episode 3: Emotional Traumas, Why Vegetable Oils are Toxic, Medical Breakthroughs in Cancer - Dr. Shanahan, keto diet, Atkins diet research

Episode 4: Autophagy, The Importance of Sleep and Gut Health - Dr. Gersh, fasting, circadian rhythms, detox

Episode 5: Fasting, Intermittent Fasting, Diabetes, Paleo, Vegetarian and Vegan Diets - Dr. Fung, fasting mimicking diet, food as medicine

Episode 6: How the Gut Microbiome and Detox is Critical for Health - Dr. Bush, gut microbiome, autophagy

Episode 7: The Power of Good Fats and the Dangers of Bad Fats - eff Bland, good fats, Alzheimer’s disease, omega oils

Episode 8: The importance of Sleep, Circadian Rhythm, How to Exercise the Right Way - America’s Sleep Doctor, circadian rhythm, importance of walking

Episode 9: The Incredible Power of Bone Broth for Health, Burning Fat, Looking Younger and Feeling Amazing - Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, bone broth for healing, functional medicine

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